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Ah yes, May 18th 2020. About two weeks before my 26th birthday. And a little over a month before I’d be Thanos snapped by panorama work wise.

I don’t really remember listening to this album right when it was released. I went back through my blog to fact-check myself and see what my initial thoughts were.

I guess I didn’t do my monthly faves post until June 2020. Lmaoooo. I should know that. By then TXT had started promoting “Puma” which I did talk about (mostly Yeonjun) in that post.

In my 2020 favorite albums post, I ranked The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY as my third fave album of the year. I still stand by that. It’s such a solid album from start to finish.

Going back to the panorama, TXT helped me through the late spring, early summer of quarantines and lockdowns.

“Puma” made me go back and revisit TXT’s discography. I forgot when I eventually got to “Can’t You See Me” I when I did, I was officially a MOA. So let’s get into it!


Before we get to “Drama”, I have to talk about the concept trailer. I don’t usually pay attention to these, but when I was on my TXT binge I watched this video too.

I love the remix/instrumental version of “Drama” at the beginning. It’s so sad and somber. And they visual of the members getting further and further away from Soobin hurt my heart.

Why’d they do that to him? Round of applause for actor!Soobin.

Then the lights in the background looking like puma eyes. Love that foreshadowing. Something I never looked into deeper until now is the second song that plays about halfway through the video. It’s by Yoon Sang (윤상).

The English title is “Someone A” (available on Spotify), Korean title “어떤사람 A”. This song slaps. I listened to the song alone then went back to the concept trailer, and they didn’t really alter it like how they remixed “Drama”.

I love the inclusion of “Someone A” because as a 2010s Kpoppie and non-Korean, I like having exposure to older Korean songs. It’s like BTS’ cover of Kim Sung Jae’s “As I Told You” or Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man”. Like yaas kings, culturally enlighten me with the classics.

“Drama” has a Japanese music video because HYBE decided to use it as the lead single for their Japanese debut.

I highly recommend checking it out because it encapsulates the theme of “Drama” so well. The whole main character syndrome thing.

Also, as a Beomgyu gal, we win with him being the main focus of the video. It’s silly but is TXT at their finest.

“Drama” is my second favorite song from Eternity. It’s so upbeat and fun.

I can’t help but to dance and vibe when it comes on. I’m enjoying life for the entire 3 minutes and 30 seconds it’s playing. Definitely one of my favorite songs period.

Can’t You See Me?

I talk about how “Puma” sucked me into TXT for life. But really it was “Can’t You See Me”. This song has crack in it. If I were to recommend one TXT song to someone, it’s this one FOR SURE.

The first time I heard them sing “together together woooahhoo” and “we forever forever you knoooww” I was hooked.

Oh, and the “muneojin moraeseong, who’s a liar” and the dance that follows!! So many parts of this song I love, happening back to back.

Music video wise, we pick right up from “Run Away”. Shout out to that continuity. Also shout out to purple hair Soobin. Lololol I’m such a Soobin girl in this post.

I’m going to betray him later. They really tore up this house in the video, huh. Worst Airb&b guest ever. Their black outfits are my favorite in this video. Soobin’s lil skirt.

Yeonjun’s white outfit in the previous group looks is really cute, and I love his black vest blazer thing he wears in the second look.

Hair wise, I love everyone’s look. I’m trying really hard to wait to talk about lemon lime Yeonjun. Let’s move on to the next song.

Fairy of Shampoo

This isn’t a bad song, but I never listen to it. I don’t really have a reason for that. Actually, this has been popping up more on shuffle, so I’ve been listening to it a lot more. It’s a slower pace, but I really enjoy the horns in this song. I’d say now it’s one of my favorite TXT songs.

This is another one lyrically idk what’s going on. This is just a song you can vibe too, like Mon.g in that “Jealousy” video.

Maze in the Mirror

I fooking love this song. My favorite slower TXT song. Third fave from this album, but it could easily tie for second with “Drama”. It’s kind of a sad song too, but we love a sad song we can vibe too.


Alright it’s time. Lemon lime Yeonjun stans RISE!!! This Yeonjun also convinced me to join the MOA train. This is very much his video and song.

The IT boy energy was starting to shine here. I was and still am obsessed with mister Yeonjun, this era. I remember really loving the leopard print clothing they wear in the music video. Big cat energy all day, every day.

Beomgyu just chillin when all those arrows are shot at him? BDE. If you know, you know. The choreography, I say this a lot but is on point. I’m engaged the whole time.

I don’t think I’ve said anything really about Taehyun’s red hair, but I’m here for it. I like HueningKai’s shorter hair cut here. Same with Beomgyu.


Oh yeahhhhh I totally forgot about this song. I remember the long ass music video. This is another one I never listen to. It’s fine.

I like the flow change about 1:30 in. I’d probably be bored if they did a shorter video with this song.

Music video wise for “Eternally” it’s a wild ride I won’t spoil. Just set aside 19 minutes to watch the whole thing. Cinema in its purest form.

And we’re done! I hope y’all enjoyed this post! This is my last group related post of the year. I’m happy to end things with one of my favorite albums ever.

I feel like this era overall is slept on. TXT and Big Hit/HYBE gave us everything we could ask for.

I hope as TXT continues to grow in popularity, this era will get more praise. They totally deserve it.

Anyway, next up is my December faves (which is a verrry short list lmao).

I have a few more throwback review posts I didn’t get to this year. So I’ll be continuing this into 2022. Don’t worry. If you haven’t read my reviews on Star and Magic, check those out as well.

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