It feels like I just made the March post, wtf?

April was a stressful and busy month for me. I’m so glad it’s over. 3/10 don’t want to go back or talk about it, lmao. Anyway, due to me going through it instead of around it, I ended up listening to most of the April releases over the last two days.

With today, May 3rd, being my deep dive day. I’m gonna keep it real with ya chief, this is gonna be a short post. We’ve only got 5 artists to cover today. I’m sad about it, but May is looking to be quite busy.

I’m always hype for May because, 1 it’s my birthday month, and 2 it’s the cusp of all the fun summer activities. Blockbuster movies, festivals, concerts, all the junk I like.

Along with not really feeling most of the April releases, I just found myself listening to March music and older stuff. I’m tempted to pad this post with some western music, but I won’t. So let’s get into it.

Kwon Eunbi – Glitch

“I’m that glitch.” HELLO?? How can you not stan miss Kwon Eunbi after this? My favorite release this month. Hands down. I wanted the rest of this album to sound like this song, but it was mostly boring ballads.

The album is excellent if that’s your cup of tea. I just wanted more of a party album. The music video for “Glitch” is perfect. I love the different words rhyming with glitch. This song is easily one of my favorites this year. Everyone needs to hear this.

VERIVERY – Undercover

I almost didn’t check their comeback out. VeriVery is very very hit or miss for me. They make one song I like every year, it seems. Last year it was “Get Away”. This year, we have two… I hope that doesn’t mean it’ll be dry next year.

I think it’s illegal to make a trash song called “Undercover”. A.C.E and SHINee are my sources for this information. “Undercover” is sooooo catchy. I was hooked by the first, “hi hola hola”. They did what they had to on this one. *slow clap*


Now, of the two songs on this list, “O” is my favorite. This is one of those songs I feel was specially crafted for me. It’s not as bombastic as “Undercover”, but it’s a song you can sway to. The music video is also kinda dark. Idk what the current storyline/theme they’re going with atm, but I’m kinda here for it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this album. I felt like it was a bait and switch. These are the best songs on the album, and nothing else comes close. So that sucks. Maybe the next one will sound more like these two songs.

SoyouBusiness (Feat. BE’O)

I wasn’t expecting to like “Business”. Soyou has such a beautiful voice, but her solo music steers more towards ballads. “Business” is more upbeat, so it’s right up my ally. Not as dancey as “All Night”, but not a sleepy song either. I put this on my midtempo playlist so fast.

ONEW – Love Phobia

My favorite solo Onew song. I liked the music video for “Dice”. There was just so much going on. But it wasn’t something I knew I’d need to listen to again, not like “Love Phobia”. It’s such a good song. I kind of wish this was the title. Or at least a double title track like what SM just did for Suho. But oh well. This one too went on my fave midtempo playlist.

Just B – Reload

I watched the music video to this song before listening to it on its own. At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked the song or not. After listening to it and the album while reorganizing my room for the second time this year already, I decided I did enjoy the song and would save it on Spotify.

I like this music video for “Reload”. Idk Just B keeps making enough music for me to like to check out what’s next like a carrot dangling above a bunny. “Reload” also reminds me of NCT Dream’s “Ridin”. Maybe it’s all the car imagery and vibes. I’m here for it, though.

And that’s it. It’s a wrap. I’m still buzzing from seeing CIX live last night. That was such a fun concert. I missed going to smaller venues like that. It’s just so much more intimate than a stadium. Not that I don’t enjoy being in a building with thousands of other fans singing along to our fave songs, it just hits differently in a smaller place.

I wished they performed “Round 2” and “Move My Body”. But I got every other song I wanted to be performed and some surprises. So far, May is off to a good start. I’m excited to check out LE SSERAFIM’s debut.

Plus TXT and Woodz comebacks, omgg. I need to listen to everything as it comes out, or at least within the first 48 hours. I sense a ton of spring/summer bops imminent.

How was your April? What were you listening to last month? Let me know in the comments!

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