Group photo of BLACKPINK at Coachella.

I can’t believe we’re at the 7-year anniversary of Blackpink’s debut 🤯.

I meant to cover more Blackpink on here, but the further we got into their music career, the less I liked their newer releases. This is probably going to be a shorter faves songs article.

I think my last music release as a super involved Blink was in 2019. 2019 was such a great time for me as a Blink because I had seen them live with friends, and we had a great spot.

The Pinks were phenomenal live. They looked like they were having so much fun, and they were absolutely gorgeous.

So, like with all of my previous fave songs article, I gotta include some type of disclaimer. Normally it would be that this isn’t a complete list, and that there will likely be part 2, 3, etc to these.

But because I haven’t really liked anything new BP’s done lately, this might be the definitive list, for me at least, when it comes to my favorite Blackpink songs. So let’s get started!



It feels like decades since I’ve last watched this video. Whenever there’s dual title tracks, there’s always one that gains more traction than the other, but I feel like these both equally changed the game.

Discogs has a few different genres and styles listed. Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, trap, Electro House, Pop Rap, Dance-pop and of course K-pop.

“Whistle” is the quieter of the two. Both songs are uptempo and have Hip Hop and Pop parts to them. And of course both have Teddy as writer and producer. B.I also participated in creating the lyrics. I think I knew at the time B.I helped in creating “Whistle” but I forgot about that as time passed.

But the intro and prechours are so dang catchy. Even if you didn’t like what you heard, you’re gonna have, “make ’em whistle like a missle, bomb bomb. Every time I show up, blow up, uh” it’s impossible not to get it stuck in your head.

Styling in this music video is fine. My favorite group look is the all black one towards the end of the song, where they have the chandelier above them.


The song, the girl of not only the day or hour, but century. The first time we get, “BLACKPINK in your area.” Then Lisa comes out swinging with fire lyrics, and it’s a wild ride the next four minutes of your life.

Things truly have not been the same since. The farting horns work so well with this being a debut song. You can’t not pay attention to them. They’re here, and great times are to be had.

The styling in “Boombayah” is something I still associate with BP. I love the edgy school girl look. And the choreography for this song!!!! Man, they really went all out on this one. Easily one of my favorite debut songs and concepts ever.

The EDM and fast pace delivery adds to the charm of this song. Teddy and Bekuh Boom made this one. Just a banger. If you have a Kpop club anthem playlist and don’t have this song on there, idk what you’re doing.


Playing With Fire

Ahhhh I love “Playing With Fire” and Square Two. I love this slightly softer side of BP. The choreography and styling are both on point. I still like these loud and bright patterns on the girls.

This time we got a Tropical House track from Teddy and R. Tee. I love the instrumentals on “Playing With Fire”. My second favorite instrumentals.


My favorite Blackpink song. I’ve loved “Stay” since I first heard it. I loved hearing this folk/country like track from them. It’s officially labeled as Folk-pop on the Wiki.

I wished for the longest time that we got more songs like this from them. Not necessarily as titles, but b-sides would be cool.

But there was so much hate thrown towards this song for the longest, and now I’m seeing people claim it’s their fave song, and they’ve always liked it. So someone(s) is lying! But I’m glad some of y’all changed your ways, lol.

Now when it comes to title tracks, I have a different fave, but we’ll talk about it later.

Discogs doesn’t have much to say about the sound of Square Two. So I’m heavily relying on Wiki for this one, lol. But all they really have to say is Kpop, Tropical House, and Folk-pop. This single album just sounds so different, but was a refreshing change for their catalog.

As If It’s Your Last

As If It’s Your Last

Another loud banger of a song. I forgot we got school girl fits this one too. I remember being obsessed with this song and visuals, this era. They all look amazing. I really loved that scene where Rosé writes her name in lipstick and the flower neon lamp.

Jennie’s hair with the blonde highlights is still my favorite like “fun” hair color on her. It’s so summery and just suits her. Lisa’s bright orange hair also looks amazing and suits her incredibly well. Burgundy Jisoo and dark brown Rosé are chef kiss too. Just a great time to be a Blink.

This song has a mix of styles. Synth-pop, Dance, House, Reggae, and something called Moombahton. Short version, it’s a subgenre of Dance, but with Reggae and EDM mixed in.

We have the usual crew on here in the credits, but a notable mention is Brother Su.



🎶 Ah yeah, ah yeah 🎶. My favorite title track!!! My favorite BP album. This was peak Blackpink for me. Everything has been quickly being refined and elevated with every comeback.

This was the first song I was rewatching the video and listening to the album constantly. I was completely hooked. My Tumblr was full of BP at this time.

I forgot this was around the time the lightstick arrived!!! Still one of my favorite lightstick designs. I know they have a version 2, but I love the original has a stand at the bottom of it. The squeak kills me every time.

The visuals again are perfect, and I love the styling here as well. I’m not a huge fan of Jennie’s first dress, but from the waist up it’s fine. All her other fits though? A million out of 10.

You don’t really get much plot in these videos compared to other groups. Idk what the setting is really supposed to be most of the time. Like that Colosseum in AITYL.

The instrumental carrying the chorus works for me. I forgot how much. I love the choreos in these songs. BP had me wanting to learn alllll their dances.

This album in general leans more Hip Hop, R&B, and Dance and maybe that’s why I vibed with this album the most. I like “Forever Young” and “See U Later” but I want to focus on my favorite b-side on this album. But first, let’s talk about the remix.


I’m jumping ahead a few years, but I decided this was the best spot to put this. I first heard this live when I saw them back in May 2019. I was shook when they dj played this in between outfit changes. I didn’t listen to it much before the show, but after it was almost my preferred version.

They managed to take an amazing song and make it even better 🤯. If you haven’t heard this version, I need y’all to check it out now.

Okay, now the fave b-side.


Probably my third favorite Blackpink song. “Stay”, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, then “Really”. I just love everything about this track. I loved it instantly on my first listen. I just love when Lisa and Jennie take turns talking shit and Jisoo and Rosé come in with this bright vocals. Then they switch it up.

There’s something funny to me to with their delivery of the word “really”. Like sometimes they’re over it and it cracks me up.

I couldn’t wait to hear this one live. It was total worth the wait. I had so much fun dancing along and screaming the lyrics along with them. This is just a fun song to vibe to. It’s one you gotta blast in the car.

Okay, now time for Miss Kill This Love.

Kill This Love

Kill This Love

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The f***ing horns in this soooooong. You just knew it was about to down. This is my mom’s favorite Blackpink song, lol.

We’re not talking about Lisa’s hair in this video, we’re just not. That’s the only aspect of this video I didn’t care for. And not even…bye, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it, but let’s get into it.

I’m upset not because of the cultural appropriation, because I’m tired or rather was tired of them giving Lisa these like bottom of the barrel looks when we know models should be glad she chose music instead. #JusticeForLisa #LisaProtectionSquad.

I’m slightly joking, it is frustrating to me when the company/stylist whoever is like, “yeah let’s take this idol with out of this world visuals and nuke them. Make them less stunning for no reason other than to make them look quirky or some shit”.

If Lisa doesn’t renew with YG or TheBlackLabel, I wouldn’t be surprised based on the clothes they gave her, lmao.

Anyway, back to the song and video. So that Jennie Tomb Raider look was amazing. I loveeee that scene with the Pinks. A love a good shot of the choreo and outfits like that.

Good times, good times. Now let’s get into the collabs.

Yeah…uh this is the last BP song I was all in on Blackpink for. I didn’t really care for the rest of the album. But I did love some other releases they had.

Kiss and Make Up

Kiss and Makeup (Dua Lipa)

Okay, here me out. I almost HATE these Western collabs. But every once in a while, the stars align, and it works incredibly well. Dua Lipa and her team not only understood the assignment, they got extra credit here. One of my favorite Kpop/Pop collabs EVER.

The balance of the Pinks and Dua Lipa is perfect. The mix of Korean and English flows just as if it was a Kpop song.

If there’s one thing about Dua Lipa, is sis knows her dance tracks. She knows how to make a bop and banger. They just knocked it out of the park with this one.

Idk why people don’t talk about this one more.

Sour Candy

Sour Candy (Lady Gaga)

I say this a lot, but man, f*** COVID. Chromatica was supposed to be Lady Gaga’s comeback era to Pop music, and COVID poo poo’ed all over it.

This is another flawlessly done collab. It’s more of a feature than “Kiss and Makeup” but it still fantastic. BP’s music is mostly dance/house tracks, so I think that’s another reason why both of these songs work so well.

I want more collabs like this for the girls. Let other people make music for Blackpink, lol.

Solo Songs


I wasn’t going to include any solo songs at first, but idk if I’m going to come back to make an article about these separately. So I’d rather talk about them now.

“Solo” is my favorite of the solo debut songs. Rosé has always been my favorite member. She still is. Jennie be getting the best outfits tho and she really has strong It Girl energy. I gotta give respect.

The way “Solo” played out was pretty perfect. The song is catchy, the visuals are beautiful, I love seeing Jennie doing her thing at her own pace.

I’m assuming we’ll get more music from her in the future, but “Solo” was a great jumping point.


Now, why is the play button covering her face? 🤣 I swear, she can’t get a break. Anyway, AGAIN ignroing her hair, my thoughts on “Money” has changed some. It’s not a song I really listen to much, but there are parts of it I like. I listen to it now on NYE for good luck.

I like her in her “7 Rings” Ariana Grande energy. But unfortunately, I like Ari’s execution more. So I’m still gonna listen to that one more. But the hype and viral-ness (not a word, but I’m going with it) can not be understated. People love a Lisa solo and I can’t wait to see more from her and all the Pinks.

And there we have it! A bit of a short list, but I hope y’all enjoyed it. Tell me about your fave BP songs. Are you a new Blink or were you there at debut?

Next up is WayV fave songs.

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See y’all then


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