August 2023 Best Kpop Comebacks & Debuts

So much good music this month, omgggg.

We’ve officially reached that part of the year where it just continues to zoom on by. I love the last quarter of the year. Fall and Winter are two of my favorite seasons.

I prefer fall a bit more now that I live in a place where the leaves change, but man I love a crisp winter day. Especially when I don’t have to go out, and I can spend time by the fire and play on my Nintendo Switch.

Anyway, my August went by so fast. I got a few things done on my monthly goals list, but September I’m gonna try to make up for the last few months I’ve been slacking, lol.

How was y’alls month? What were you listening to? I still listened to a ton of July releases.

Which means now I’m probably going to listen to a ton of August stuff in September.

I have two major concerts this month that I’ve super excited about. Although, LOOSSEMBLE has me a bit nervous because they canceled a date due to low sales.

I’m hoping mine still happens 🤞🏾🤞🏾.

Alright. Let’s get started with the music!

Kwon Eunbi – The Flash

Idk what I thought “Flash” would sound like, but I like it. The instrumentals have so much going on. I think that and Eunbi’s deliver sell me on this song.

I like parts of “Comet” but “Flash” is my fave from this single album.

I love the simplicity of the music video. Mostly Eunbi looking gorgeous the whole time, but the dance scenes were my favorite parts.

DPR IAN – Peanut Butter & Tears

It’s good. I like it. Sounds like his previous releases. So if you like those, you’ll love this one. My favorite look is the one in the thumbnail.

RIIZE (라이즈) – Memories

I was loving “Memories” but I hate that rap towards the last like 40 seconds of the song.

So I’m gonna try to avoid that part in the song, lol. I didn’t care for “Siren”. I just don’t like these noise music “Sticker” clones SM is pushing, lmao.

I love this music video. The switching between the film and digital scenes are so good. I love that grainy look.

Jaehyun – Horizon

Another chill R&B track from Mr. Jaehyun. Love to see it. There’s a hint of jazz to it. But again, he understood the assignment.

Also, Jaehyun hanging around Italy?!!! The greyscale? AHHHHHHH. They’re just making things for me now 😭.

Jo Yuri – LOVE ALL

Oh, I love “Taxi”. I looked to see what the last release was of hers I enjoyed, and it was “Glassy” back in 2021, omggg it’s been too long.

I love a good summer jam. And “Lemon Black Tea” also fits the vibe for summer.

You want your playlist to have songs you can dance to and songs to chill out under a beach umbrella. Such a solid album. Added to my faves of 2023.

I’m so enamored with the styling in this video. It’s sooooo good 😭. I can’t even decide on a favorite look. They’re all so cute.


“Artificial Heart” is a chill album opener, I like it. “Heartbeat” sounds like a mix of like “Superhuman” by NCT 127, and something else from like 2018 Kpop, lol.

Maybe something SF9 would make. It’s fine but distracting with how much it sounds like something I’ve already heard, lol.

“Tarzan” is my favorite of the unit songs. It’s catchy.


I like “Outlaw”. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I was hooked by my second listen.

Re-release of “Close Your Eyes” was a good move. That’s still my favorite song of theirs.

“Find You” is good. Wait, that’s also an old song? What the heck is going on? Well, this is awkward…


It’s ight. Nothing I’m gonna save to listen to again.

Catchy, but not that memorable or legacy having. “Be Mine” is my favorite song off the mini.

Jiselle – Steamy Hot

Like it. Reminds me a bit of FLO. Early 00s R&B Pop vibes to it.

I’m never gonna turn down a new Jiselle song 🤷🏾‍♀️. She just gets it.

Jihyo – ZONE

I was listening to Jihyo’s while driving to & walking around Kroger. I love it. Wishing on you is my favorite song atm. Looooove the music video for “Killin’ Me Good”.

Again, the styling choices this month are killer.

I’m obsessed with all her outfits in the video. I’m enamored with all the different performance versions of “Killin’ Me Good”. 1000/10 era.

I bought the Y version of her album and it’s so pretty. I now have a mini Jihyo on my desk.


“Oh Ma Ma God”, yooooo it’s a tune. I love songs like this. “Slay” is fine. And so is “Make Me Feel”.

I’m just happy they’ve been getting music show wins, and they’re coming to my city on November 🥳🥳🥳.

I wanted to see them so bad in 2020, but I skipped it because of COVID. I’m happy they’re coming back.


“Performer” slaps. Fun upbeat song. Nothing too special. Kinda reminds me of SF9’s Wave Of 9. Sounds like something from that album.

The rest of the album sounds similar to “Performer” in a good way. “Savor” is a slower paced song. And re-releasing “Form” was an interesting choice.

I know them from “Do Better” (which still slaps) but they must have a lot of faith in it. Second group on this list to have a re-release track on the album. Love that.

Yerin – Ready, Set, LOVE

This album is good. There’s a bit of a retro (80s) sound going on here, and it really reaches its peak with my favorite song, “The Dance”.


Obsessed with “Starlight”. Y’all know I love a space concept. The b-side “Crazy Love” is good too.

Idk Secret Number keep getting better with every release.

GEMINI – Up Late

Chill song. I like it. I uh, don’t have much else to say. Mr. Gemini doesn’t miss.

NCT – Golden Age

Loved Golden Age way more than I was expecting. It fells like a slight return to form. Slight because I hated “Baggy Jeans”. I know there are NCTzens that love this sound, but I am not one of them, lol.

There are a few songs that sound similar to “Baggy Jeans” so do with what you want with that information. I liked and saved 6/10 of the songs.

I haven’t decided on a favorite song yet. I think I’m still in the shock that there was a full unit album I enjoyed. This hasn’t happened since Empathy.

Also, not me tearing up a bit during the music video for “Golden Age”. We’ve come so far 😭.

cignature(시그니처) – Us in the Summer

Love love love “Mess With My Mind”. It’s the midtempo sound I’ve been waiting for them. A bit more mature of a sound, but still something you can dance to easily.

“Smooth Sailing” is a perfect addition to your summer playlist. Super refreshing and upbeat. I’m incredibly impressed with this album.

Lim Youngmin (임영민) – ROOM

Not bad. I like “Let Me Out”. I had a feeling there was gonna be a sound change compared to what he was doing with AB6IX and MXM.

His prerelease stuff released earlier in the year has more of a rock sound to it. And so does “Let Me Out”. And he’s singing versus rapping.

“In My Room” sounds more like his Hip Hop & R&B side we’ve seen before. “Broken Wings” slows things down and has more of an Indie/Rock vibe.

And “Again” is a midtempo song the album ends on. Idk how popular this album is gonna be, but if you were curious, I like it.

And that’s it for August! It was somehow a long but short month at the same time. I’m excited for September because I know it’s also gonna be packed with bangers.

I hope y’all had a good summer, I know technically fall doesn’t start until like the end of September, but Pumpkin Spice Lattes are at Starbucks, so it’s basically fall.

I think next article is the start of the TWICE fave songs. I’m estimating three articles, but it might be longer. We’ll see.

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Take care!

Ash 💫

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