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Another Seoul Fashion Week is done!

I remember seeing the official Seoul Fashion Week Instagram announcing the dates for the Spring Summer 2024 collections.

And I thought, “Wow, that’s so early. I’m probably gonna forget that.” And low and behold, I did, lol.

I fell into a rabbit hole last week with changing some things around the site to make it run and look better. So I ended up not writing any new articles. I also waited to binge all the collections on the same day. So let’s talk about it!

This year, I really wasn’t that impressed. Not at first at least. It’s not that the first day or two had bad designs or themes for their shows, it just felt like they were meant for fall/winter. There were multiple collections where you might have had one color and everything else was a neutral. And to me, army green is a neutral.

There were also a few collections like ULKIN and BLR who had this like, 2000s Nu Metal alternative vibe to their collections. I liked them, and they’re very on trend, but it didn’t feel spring like at all. Other than the low rise jeans and crop tops.

Actually, some of that BLR stuff looks like that ATEEZ photoshoot now that I think about it more.

Okay so honorable mentions:

  • KUMANN YHJ – I liked the draping and shapes/construction. I like the colors used in this collection as well.
  • SAINT MILL – Fine. Basic but nice construction. Lots of navy and dark neutrals. I think I meant like black and dark grays when I wrote that note, lol.
  • MAISON NICA – Looooved the leopard print and polyester, crunchy, leather like textures going on. Both 80s and late 00s, going to like mid 2010s vibes going on here.
  • BIG PARK – Love the gowns and suits. Feels super fall like.
  • HEEYONGHeE – Silks dresses, blazers, and pants look sooo comfortable to wear for warm weather. See through outfits and baby pink.
  • PARTsPARTs – Silk and other high quality looking materials with simple silhouettes. Ugly bags.

Okay, let’s get into my favorite collections!


Let me start with this logo they have going on. I haaate it, lol. It looks like LOE not LIE. I get what they were trying to do, but I feel like we could get something more easily readable.

On to the actual review, lol. Finally, COLOR THROUGHOUT the show!!! Stuff you’d want to wear on vacation and make you excited about warm weather. I could do without the clear raincoats with the blue trim.

I’m not a fan of this like alien look some of these designers have had on their models. It’s a recurring thing with some of these collections. And it’s okay. I like it more on the alternative collections. On the contemporary and more sterile collections, it just feels out of place.


Tan, white, black blue and light green are the main colors. A little bit boho. Nice mix of patterns and color throughout.

I really like the cowboy boots in this collection too. Like in the thumbnail.


Feels like spring. Had some boring suits and neutrals, but bright colors, prints and ruffles.

I didn’t have much for notes on this one, but I really enjoyed watching it start to finish.


My fourth favorite collection this year. Classy, simple, and sleek. Interesting pattern work. Feels like summer. Burnt orange, magenta, light and dark blue, red, pink, lilac.

I loveee the purple sequin skirt in the thumbnail. Same with the final look that’s in the center of the thumbnail.


My second favorite look. Always beautiful. More navy but mixed with white. Feels springy, especially with ruffles and tulle. Some of the denim looks feel a bit fall like, but pink roses mixed in some of the other denim looks bring the spring vibes back.

More chartreuse, and I love that. Oh, and that orange leather dress was super cute.


They just don’t miss. Pinks and corals. Loved the palace background. I think the jewelry was South East Asian inspired? Incredibly beautiful.


Also feels like a fall collection, but I like it. Nothing to write home about, but I would wear anything from this collection. Absolutely solid.


Love the men’s designs leaning into a more feminine designs. Very Kenough of them. The crochet, tank tops (that orange one, 10/10), and those vibrant eggplant purple pants were my favorite looks.

This was my favorite men’s collection.


My favorite collection this year!

My favorite of the pattern looks was the ones with the spots. It starts around the 5:40 minute mark. Love the tulle see through looks. This collection felt so unique and entertaining.


SLAY!!! My third favorite collection. Feels like a mix of clothes for multiple seasons here, colder spring days and warm summer outfits.

Late 70s and early 80s vibes going on. And the sequin suits!!! This show must have been fun to attend in person.

And that’s it for this season. I’m curious to what fall winter 2024 will look like. Spring summer looks so much like fall winter so much.

I caught a little bit of the red carpet streams of different celebrities and idols before the shows. But I didn’t keep up with it daily. What are y’alls thoughts on this season’s showcase? Let me know in the comments.

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Next post will be on Twice! Until then,

Take Care!


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