It’s fantastic to see more designers participating this year 🥰

I think it’s safe to say I only keep with up Seoul Fashion Week now. Not that I don’t care what’s going on with New York, Milan, London, and Paris.

I think it’s just easier to access them because of how popular they are. You can easily go on YouTube and watch Fashion Feed or FF Channel to catch up on everything. I love binge-watching whole ass collections on either channel.

Just hours and hours straight of fashion shows. Then reading peoples reactions in the comments.

Fortunately Seoul Fashion Week also has a YouTube channel now where it’s super easy to watch every collection from this season. I saw a few videos of Fall Winter 2021 in my recommendations, but I didn’t see these on the Seoul Fashion Week YouTube page.

Turns out they don’t have a playlist for that season. You have to go to videos to see previous seasons and designer interviews.

You can still watch older collections on V Fashion, but I think it’s safe to say they won’t be uploading future videos on there.

There were sooooo many collections to get through this year. I got it all done in a few hours, but I totally wasn’t expecting that.

It’s great to see more designers being showcased as SFW grows and things start going back to some normalcy. So let’s get into the performances first, then to my favorite collections this year!

Ambassador Kai Welcomes You To Seoul Fashion Week

So Mr. Gucci himself, Kai, is the ambassador for SFW. I’m not sure if he’s just the ambassador for this year, or if he’s got a deal with them for multiple years.

There are photos and videos you can check out on insta if you want more Kai content, lol. SFW also has a website too. I think I knew they had one, but I love the way it’s designed.

DPR LIVE Opens Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022

I don’t think I’ve had much opportunity to talk about my love for DPR LIVE on here, but yeah, gotta lotta love for him and his music. He performed “Laputa” featuring Crush, “Martini Blue” maybe my favorite song of his, and “Hula Hoops” featuring Beenzino and Hwasa.

Solid set. I loved the outfits he wore throughout the perfomance. He had three outfit changes. I think he wore Vegan Tiger and Seokwoon Yoon?

But my rough translation for the text that mentions them also said the day the designer was showing their collections. So idk.

I think in order of fave to the least favorite outfit, which none of them were bad, would go all black fit (Laputa), blue and white fit (Hula Hoops), and black and white checkered fit (Martini Blue).

My favorite part of the black outfit, well, I think it’s black. The lighting makes it difficult. They could be navy, lol, but I’m going with black. Anyway, my favorite part of that outfit is the black multicolor faux fur bucket hat.

I need that. I love the oversized leather jacket. The light color stitching makes it stand out more to my eyes. Same with the patchwork pants. They’re also oversized and they look comfy.

In my notes for DPR LIVE’s second look, I said, “Naruto headband like belt”. Whatever designer he was wearing, I’m pretty sure he wore two different pairs of pants from them during this performance because the white pants looked similar in the belt area.

They were just a different color version. I like this outfit, even though I rank it last. I think the black and white with some flower accents(?) is cute. I noticed with this outfit he had more jewelry. In the first outfit he wears boots, in the second and third outfits he wears sneakers.

This was also when I noticed his hair. He’s got this blonde and black buzz cut that’s growing out look going on, and I love it on him.

And for the last look I keep referencing, he wore a similar outfit to the second look. A light blue button down long sleeve shirt and oversized white pants. There’s also more sliver jewelry with this look.

If you aren’t familiar with DPR LIVE’s music, this performance was a great selection of music that showcases his style and talent. You’ll enjoy it. I know it.


I talked about NOT KNOWING back in F/W 21. They’ve pretty much continued from where we last left off with them.

Again, the collection feels like it could be for any time of the year (minus the like halter tops). Which speaking of halter tops, I love that NOT KNOWING is bringing them back for S/S.

Print wise, there’s a lot of paisley print. Or like a print similar to it. Love that. I love that it comes in both red and black. I’m obsessed with all the light wash denim.

There are also a couple of matching sets, like pants and jacket, jacket and mini skirt, and jacket and long skirt. So many options.

There’s still that mix of punk/eboy vibes here. A little bit of American West vibes, a little 1970s. It’s just great.


Another repeat from F/W 21. I’m really loving the direction HOLY NUMBER 7 is going in. It’s just a mix of so many things. It’s fun, my eyes were darting around everywhere trying to absorb everything going on.

I forgot A.C.E members Chan and Byeongkwan walked in this. Loved the crop top outfit with the body chain they put Chan in.

Keep putting Kpop boys in crop tops!!! I had NO idea woo!ah! had members walking too. Nana, Wooyeon, and Minseo walked, and I love that for them. Everyone was great.

Back to the clothes. Clothing wise, I noticed there were numerous collections that had this green M&Ms color in their collection.

Idk if that’s a Pantone color of the year for 2022 or if everyone just loves that color for next spring.

More black leather and more 1980s geometric print, but in black. And the shooooooooesssss. I’m obessed with the shoes in this collection. I need all the boots.

HEIZE Performs AT SFW Semi-Opening

You remember that Weight Watcher’s commercial where Oprah’s like, “I…Love..BREAD.” That’s me but with HEIZE lmaoooo.

I talk about my love for IU, HyunA, and every once in a while HOODY (I don’t talk about her enough tbh). But HEIZE is totally in my top 5 favorite Korean solo female artist. Idk who five is. Anyway, I’m not sure what SFW meant by a semi opening.

Because HEIZE’s performance was after DPR LIVE’s. And typically, a semi opening or soft open happens before a store or business opens fully. So maybe it was a translation error? Like they meant something else. Idk.

So, like with DPR LIVE, HEIZE performed three songs and wore three different looks for each song. HEIZE performed “Happen”, “Why”, and “You, Clouds, Rain”. Again, another solid group of songs that showcases HEIZE’s sound to new audiences.

But also fan faves. And by fan faves I mean stuff I love. HEIZE’s music all kinda sounds the same, but in a good way. If you enjoy chill, kinda jazzy music, she’s totally up your alley.

My favorite outfit is the one she wears during “Why”. It’s a C-ZANN E dress. It’s soooo gorgeous. Spoiler, but C ZANN E has my favorite SFW SS 22 collection.

I love the light lilac color. There’s polka dots, but they’re also kinda faded. It just gives me fairy vibes. The all black outfit for “Happen” I think is my second favorite outfit.

I’m a sucker for ruffle dresses. The black mini coat is really cute too. It’s simple but stylish.

The last outfit is a mostly tan outfit. I noticed a ton of tan in everyone’s collections too this year. This last outfit is a bit more casual.

Well the jacket is what makes it super causal. The pants are a bit oversized and also add to the casual vibe. But not as much as the jacket to me, at least. I like it. Not as much as the other two, but it’s fine. I’m mostly here for the chunk platform shoes with this look.


A ton of white. White was another color (along with black) there was just so much of in multiple collections this year. You can’t go wrong with white.

So I’m not complaining. Although it is nice when you have spring summer collections that take advantage of other colors. I want to see pinks, blues, greens, and light yellows.

There was also this trend of like acid wash prints in a couple of collections, MUSÉE included. I really enjoyed the different shapes of the cut-outs in the clothing inMUSÉE’s collection.

They played with flowy fabrics, loose and tighter fitted dresses. Loved the belts and the items with the blue stripes.


My only complaint with this collection is that it has zero spring/summer vibes to it. Which is fine.

You want a collection where you have pieces you love and can wear whenever (except for like short shorts, peacoats, items weather exclusive like that). That didn’t stop me from enjoying this or NOT KNOWING. It just makes it difficult when you look back at what season something was from.

Despite that complaint, I love the fit of the dresses and the pairing of bike shorts with long sleeve blouses. The collection is super cute.


Another gorgeous collection with pretty gowns. Lots of black and white. Dainty vibes. I don’t really have anything else to add to this one.

Sometimes a collection is just pretty. And you want everything there, but then you remember you’re not a socialite with numerous events to attend every year and everything would just sit in your closet until a wedding or something, lol.


This collection gives me such Anthropolgie vibes. It’s super cute. Bright ass colors I want in my spring summer collections, lol. We’ve got crochet, woven, and other different textiles here.

Love that. There’s such a blatant connection to art and fashion here. JULY COLUMN’s SS 22 has such summery vacay vibes to it. They understood the assignment.


AND SPEAKING OF UNDERSTANDING THE ASSIGNMENT!!! Miss Seojung Lee of C-ZANN E just fooking gets me. I love love loveeeee this collection.

I would take one of everything here. Totally knocked it out of the park. The fabric is perfect for summer. Everything is so flowy and breathable.

Color wise we still have a bunch of black and white, but we have some pink, purple, blue and greens. I’m obsessed and officially a fan. I need to get my hands on these clothes, STAT.


Cute, basic, spring summer ready. That’s what I wrote in my notes for TIBAEG. I don’t really have much else to add to that. It has what I want. Like JULY COLUMN, the clothes look super comfortable for warm weather.

There are cute hats. Yeah. I just think this collection is pretty. I especially love the plants and nature for the setting. It really doubles down on the time of the year. Like you couldn’t possibly think this was for fall.


And back to the punk/alternative clothing, lol. There’s a bit of athleisure in the mix, and I like that. And there are more men in crop tops.

Super love that. Again, not really your typical spring summer collection, but it works for the brand. So I get it and I like it.

OBSG – LEE HEE MOON CLOSE OUT Seoul Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022

Now, this is an artist/band I was not familiar with. I like how this performance was a mix of visuals of the band and a recap of all the different shows showcased this year.

You could almost get away with just watching this video to get a good idea of what happened in a brief video, lol.

It’s a different performance from HEIZE and DPR LIVE. I think it’s a wonderful way to wrap up SFW SS 22.

OMGGGG I had so much fun working on this post. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I’ve been talking a bit more time to get my life together. So, apologies again for the inconsistencies with posting.

I’m currently working on a schedule for November to get me back on track. Next up is TXT (for real), and the best of October. Idk anything after that. I guess we shall see when I get to that point.

What’s your favorite collection from SFW SS 22? Let me know in the comments.

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I’ll see ya next post!

Take care!

Ash ✨

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