I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with this title for future posts like these, lol.

Today’s post is the first of a new series I want to try on here. Every week I’ll do short reviews on the new releases from that week. Well, the ones I thought would be interesting and worth talking about on here.

So no ballads unless it’s from a fave or really blows me away. This week I’m covering the first week of December. I made a list of all the confirmed comebacks for December, so some weeks look a bit slimmer than others.

But as of typing this post, I don’t have anything on my list after the 19th. So I’ll probably just release some Christmas and end of the year posts the rest of the month. So y’all will have some content from me.

So with all that out of the way, let’s get started. I have 6 videos/artists to talk about. But let me get some out of the way.

VICTON was supposed to have a comeback on December 1st, but that got postponed. As of December 6th, we still don’t have an official comeback date, but when we do, I’ll do a review at that time.

Gunho and Taeyeon were on my list, but I didn’t realize it was a ballad until I clicked on the video, lol. Same with Lanalogue.

 NiziU was also on my list, but I forgot they’re mostly doing Japanese promotions. It was an alright song. Loved the visuals.

 Ravi released his single “Pause” which sounds like your typical Ravi song. I’m not a big fan of his solo releases, so it was meh for me. On to the list!

BoA – Better

Watching “Better” reminded me how badly I need to go back and dive into BoA’s music. I love her voice, and I always look forward to the styling and choreography in her videos. “Better” is another bop by the queen. My favorite comeback this week.


I like Oneus, but I haven’t had a title track of theirs I’ve loved like “Valkyrie”. I told a friend that I was going to dive into their music more. I think I’ll do that now before they release another mini album and I get further behind, lol.

VANNER(배너) – FORM(폼)

I like “Better Do Better”, Vanner’s debut song, but idk about “Form”. It just feels like another song that’s loud for no reason.

I do love the suits in this music video. And they always have these interesting adventures in their videos. So idk they’re probably a group I’ll continue to check in occasionally from a distance, but I doubt they’d be a fave.

Park So Yeon(박소연) – Flower

So from what I saw briefly in my “Who is Park Soyeon” search, she was a contestant on Produce 48. “Flower” is her debut song and I like it.

I wish the instruments weren’t so loud during the chorus because they over power her voice. And the garden scenes in “Flower” are soooo beautiful.

But I’ll definitely check out her future releases. Now I’m curious and interested in what she’ll release next.

NeD(네드) – TMI

This was a hidden gem, and I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. So “TMI” is a catchy song about NeD and the styling in this video is soooo on point. My favorite look is the one in the thumbnail, although I really love every look.

The tie-dye hoodie and overalls were a moment too. I’m gonna keep my eye on NeD and check out his previous releases. This is such a cute and creative video. You gotta check it out for that alone.

NCT 2020 엔시티 2020 – RESONANCE

So we finally got the NCT 2020 cheer squad video. I love the choreography and the styling in “RESONANCE” but I’m just not a fan of the song. It’s definitely one of NCT’s performance songs like “Black on Black” but idk it doesn’t hit the same for me.

My favorite part while I was watching the video though was seeing everyone’s new hair, lmao. For example, I love pink!Hendery so when he randomly popped up I was living. I haven’t really been a fan of long hair!Johnny so I’m happy he’s living. I love blonde!Johnny though, he can stay.

I hope y’all enjoyed this short recap. Was there anyone I missed? MAMA happened today, so I’m going to catch up on some one of those stages.

Raise your hand if you’re excited about Ateez and Stray Kids being confirmed for Kingdom with The Boyz!!! I’m sooo excited. I wasn’t planning on watching, but now that Ateez is in it… I gotta check that shit out.

Anyway, leave your thoughts or suggestions for future posts below. I’m still working on the next two How to Dress Like posts. We gotta get Blackpink wrapped up and talk about some other peeps.

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