This week was truly lackluster. I’m impressed by how boring this week was. So uhh here we go I guess…

I’ve been dragging ass on this post. I’ve been busy with things in my personal life. But I’m also just not feelin this week’s releases. So this might be a veryyyy short post. Just a heads-up in advance. Let’s begin!

IZ*ONE – Panorama

I haven’t been able to fully enjoy an IZ*ONE release since HEART*IZ. The group’s sound since BLOOM*IZ they’ve had a consistent sound. I just don’t love them as much as “La Vie en Rose”. So if you’ve enjoyed previous IZ*ONE release post “FIESTA” then you’ll love “Panorama”.

The girls are still beautiful, and the scenery is stunning. It’s still worth checking out the video just for the visuals alone. And that’s just a recurring thing with this week’s releases for me. Cool videos, alright songs.

THE BOYZ – Christmassy!

A cute song I’m probably not gonna listen to again other than to watch this video. I LOVE this video. It’s so fun and the prom theme mixed with Christmas is perfect. It shouldn’t work so well, but it does. The Boyz continue to deliver.

DAVII – I Gotta Sleep & Jamie Cullum

I saw DAVII on my Kpop December comebacks and debuts site I use, but I wasn’t familiar with him. I’m not 100% sold on him, but I’d probably just need to listen to more of his music to get a better idea of his own style. He’s produced songs for various artist like HEIZE and BEAST.

As of writing, DAVII currently has “Jamie Cullum” video up, but you can listen to both songs on Spotify and other outlets.

JUN.K – 20 Minutes

I’m still behind on his music, but I enjoyed “20 Minutes”. I love JUN.K’s “I fooked up, I miss you, I’m sorry” music. He has such a soulful and powerful voice.

Pick a random restaurant on Uber Eats, and he could make the menu sound like the best power ballad you’d ever heard. I’ll definitely check out this mini album.

Baek Yerin/Yerin Baek – 0415

This was a weird ass video, but I love it and “0415”. It has a deep house chill vibe to it. Very indie sounding and I live for it.

I haven’t really checked out Yerin Baek’s music, but now I’m hella interested. I watched the video for “Hate you” and she looks STUNNING. I love the extravagant scenery here too.


Another song I didn’t really like, but I loved the video. I don’t really have anything else to say on that. This is probably the last time I’ll mention Ghost9 for a bit. They’re not really my style. I’ll pop in randomly, like I do for other groups I don’t really care about. But I doubt I’ll have a whole post dedicated to them.

So that’s week two of December’s weekly review. I don’t have much lined up for next week so that one may also be a shorty.

I let me know what y’all thought of this week’s releases. Did I miss anyone? Gimme your thoughts below. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next post!

Ash ❤️❤️❤️

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