What a busy month ๐Ÿ˜ตโ€๐Ÿ’ซ

2023 has been a pretty good year so far for music releases. Or maybe I’m getting better at filtering which releases I think I’ll like, and actually end up liking them (overall). Whatever it is, I’m pretty hyped about this article. So let’s get into it!

oceanfromtheblue – oceanfromtheblue

Oh man, oceanfromtheblue’s album of the same name is amazing. It’s very jazzy, K-R&B, chill vibes to it. I haven’t listened to it as much recently, so I don’t have a favorite song picked out yet. But 7/12 songs I highly recommend. “Come Back Home” featuring Yeeun and “Scent” are also on this album, and I’ve gushed about those already.

I haven’t decided if I’m putting it on my fave albums of the year list yet or not. I just didn’t listen to it much after the initial release date of February 2nd. I do love it, I’ve just been mostly listening to “Stamp on it”, “Sugar Rush Ride”, and Kacey Musgraves’ “cherry blossom” and “breadwinner” on repeat, lol. I forgot how good Kacey Musgraves’ music is, how’d I miss this album when it dropped?

Oh, and I’ve been listening to Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin (the Game of Thrones guy) on audible too. I’m back in my audiobook era now that I got in on the discounted audible subscription, a few months back. But omgggg it’s soooo good.

I was watching House of the Dragon on HBO Max, and I’ve been wanting to check out the book series. My only regret is not starting sooner. I think I might listen to the remaining books this way. So yeah, that’s been taking up time away from relistening to albums I’ve enjoyed this year so far.

I will say if you’re looking for oceanfromtheblue’s music on YouTube, you have to type out everything in English, because most of these songs have been uploaded in their Korean titles. Like the one I included above, “30 feat Kuhyun”.


I knew I was gonna love this single album. I was and still am obsessed with “Just do it“. I remember they did an ot12 (S.Coups was on break at the time) version of “Just do it” when I saw them in concert back in 2020. “Fighting” feat Lee Youngji slaaaaps. I love her rap addition to the song. It’s just as fun and high energy as “Just do it”. “7PM” feat Peder Elias I saved just from hearing the first 30 seconds of the song, so good. “LUNCH” was also an immediate save.

I loved the pacing and different tempos songwise on this album. Seventeen just don’t miss. Even the subunits hit hard. Love that for us.

Ha Sungwoon – Snowy Stars

I think this is Sungwoon’s last release with this agency, right? I loveeeed this song. It gave me rainy weather vibes, my ideal situation to listen to slower paced songs. I really can’t wait for more music from him, but we’ve got a bit to go until he’s done with his enlistment.

I guess that means they’ve just been releasing stuff he recorded before he enlisted then. I didn’t really think about that until now, lol. Sometimes I forget when an idol/actor is enlisted. I just think, “huh, haven’t heard from ___ in a while. Wonder what they’re up to?”

And usually they’re literally just doing mandatory military service. Sometimes they’re waiting out a scandal, but usually miltary service, or sometimes both, like Yong Junhyung.

I still love “Go Away”, that song slaps. He hasn’t done much recently either. Wait jk he stealth dropped an album back in November. I gotta check that out, now I’m curious.

Anyway, waiting for Mr. Ha Sungwoon to return safely and healthy with more bops.

tripleS – ASSEMBLE

Album of the year contender right here. I loveeeee ASSEMBLE. I haven’t picked a fave song(s) yet, but I know I’m gonna be listening to this album a ton throughout the rest of the year. It’s sooo catchy. I guess this means I need to keep a closer watch on tripleS because I’m casually stanning now. I need more like this album.


Not this being one of the best collabs in a long ass time. When I first saw this being announced, I thought it was random. But in practice, this came out much better than what I imagined. I love the school theme in the music video.

The choreography is cute, and I love how well AleXa fit into the Just Jimins. This song and music video is just so cute. I haven’t been so eager to replay a video in a long time. 10/10 highly recommend.

STAYC – Teddy Bear

Uh, I hated “Poppy” but “Teddy Bear” put us back on course. I love this styling and choreography in this video as well. It took me longer than it should have to understand the plot, lol. But I had fun watching the music video for “Teddy Bear”. If there’s one thing about STAYC, is that the music video is gonna slay.

I just hope they continue to rise in 2023. I need the STAYC girls in my area. STAT.

TRI.BE – WOULD YOU RUN – Original Ver.

BAAAANGERRRRRR. I added this to my dance/house playlist after I heard the chorus the first time around. It’s funny that my favorite songs from W.A.Y are the ones starting with ‘w’ minus “We Are Young”. W.A.Y is fine, the music video is cute, but nothing I’m addicted to.

“WITCH” and “WONDERLAND” tie for my second fave song on the album. I’m actually shocked I enjoyed this album so much. TRI.BE hadn’t released a song I’ve liked prior to this release. And this album has three. So maybe there’s hope for me becoming a TRI.BE girl. I’m looking forward to more from them.


Cabin Fever has a lot of potential. I think their next release, if they continue this sound/vibe, I’ll be hooked. “agit” is my fave song from the album. I might come back to this album fully later in the year, but for now “agit” is my main fave. I wasn’t expecting to find PURPLE KISS music I’d like this year either, tbh.

TNX – Slingshot

Love Never Dies also has a ton of potential on it. Similar to PURPLE KISS, I liked the sound overall, but only one song really had me hooked. I love a good rap Kpop song. And that’s “Slingshot”. They did what they had to on that track.

I’m also a huuge fan of this album art. It’ll be dated as soon as the new iPhone comes out, but I love all the stickers and how stylized it is to what’s currently popular.

It also taught me what TNX stood for, we love a multipurpose design choice.


You ever see a group name and think, “omg that’s so cute? No one has used that yet?” My exact thoughts when I saw LIMELIGHT. We’ve really been blessed with excellent girl group releases this month. Not only were the clothes and accessories on point, but hair and makeup as well.

There were some really cute looks in the “Honestly” music video. The diamond crystal look over the eyelids? Iconic. The all white fits were my favorite. Another school themed music. But it was fun. I loved the dance/party scene at the end. The part when the girls start dancing in the library was a cute scene too.

I haven’t decided on my fave songs out of “Blanc Noir”, “Crystal”, and “Honestly” yet. But I’m excited to hear more from them.

E’LAST – Thrill

This is the first E’LAST song where I feel like I get it. I loveee “The beginning of spring” by E’LAST U. But this is the first full group song where I want more. I love the styling, I’ve been asking for more boy group members in crop tops and E’LAST gladly delivered. The leather, race car driver fit was my favorite of the looks.

My favorite part of the choreography is the part where they get on the ground and have a leg sticking out. 10/10.

Yeah, another group I wasn’t expecting to love the release after given them tries in the past, but I finally found something I enjoy.

THE BOYZ – Savior

I didn’t really care for ROAR. At one point one of the lyrics had someone singing, “yummy in my tummy” and I turned it off, lmaooo. Idk what’s going on with me and The Boyz, but I haven’t been feelin most of their recent releases much.

But I did enjoy “Roar”. They look aaaaamazing. Love the styling. Happy Eric is back and slaying with the blonde hair. Also, more crop tops!! They understood the assignment when it came to “Roar” and the video.

Savior” slaps and is easily my favorite b-side. I’m back to being a casual TBZ fan. Maybe the next album will have more songs I’ll enjoy.

Xydo – Sweet

Xydo’s most recent releases have been slower pace and not really my style. But “Sweet” works for me. Listening to it around the same time as “Snowy Stars” probably helped me enjoy it more.

Both are on the same playlist now on Spotify. I love the album art for this song too. I’ve been into warm tones lately. That or like pastel purple, pink, and blues. I keep getting off-topic, lol.


They are not playing around!! Another bop? So soon after “Higher”??? Loveee that for us. There’s also an English version of “Cupid” that sounds just as good. I think I’ll be listening to both versions frequently. Yeah, I’m incredibly hyped to see more from these girls.

Hwang Minhyun – Truth or Lie

That man is my girl. I don’t know why I underestimated Mr. Hwang. I thought he was just gonna give us like 6 boring ballads, and once upbeat song for the title. But start to finish, I love Truth or Lie. I was genuinely surprised with how much fun I had while listening to it. Not me enjoying this more than Baekho’s mini ๐Ÿ˜ฐ.

Immediately added this one to my fave albums of the year. I’ve only listened to it all the way through once, so I haven’t decided on a fave song(s) yet. But after listening to “Hidden Side” again, it’s growing on me even more.

Of course, I loved the looks Minhyun had in the music video. My favorite being the glittery long sleeve tight-fitting shirt. The color pallet was a bit boring, but I loved it. It made the items like the sequin leopard blazer stand out even more.

I also loved the black eyeliner in Minhyun’s lower eyelids. I’m just obsessed with this era. I need to watch more videos. I have his Studio Choom video saved to watch that later. I’m livingggg for him thriving like this. What a long time coming.

Alright! That’s it for February. A wonderful month for girl groups, I think that was subconsciously why I was so excited about this article. I like having more variety for y’all. I’m playing around with thumbnails for these articles, so tell me what you think about this and the artist covered in the post. Was there anyone I missed?

Oh, and my work situation has changed again (lol) so I’ll be posting more frequently again. I’m working on an article on my Daebak box that finally arrived a few weeks ago. But I think next article will be on Monsta X. I haven’t forgotten about that series!

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Take care!

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