Another month zooms on by.

This is why I journal, I barely remember anything that happened, lol. I think because I spent so much of the first half of June traveling and running around town. I spent the last weeks of the month trying to get back into a routine and chill.

How was your June? I’ve been watching Mid-year Freak out videos on BookTube over the last few days. The algorithm got it right this time. I’m so nosy, I love seeing what other people are reading and their thoughts.

I’ve been restructuring my reading plan, so I can get caught up on my reading goals for July.

Basically, I’m 7 books behind schedule according to Good Reads. I have some big books I want to get through this year, and my dragging earlier in the year to finish books is definitely haunting me now.

But I’m curious if y’all have read or watched anything noteworthy in June. Let me know in the comments.

So before we start, I want to give an honorable mention to SKYE (IN2IT) and NEW SINGLE「A New Beginning.

Did this get delayed? I was hunting for this song too, and I don’t see anything on their social media about it. I’ll still keep it on my to listen to list, but idk if this rebrand is a good idea.

Just searching for them under their new name, pulled a bunch of other artists. I’m wondering if that’s part of why they haven’t released this song yet.

Let’s get into the music!

Stray Kids – ★★★★★ (5-STAR)

“Item”, ”Collusion”, “FNF”, “Youthful” and “Topline” fave songs. “Collusion” being my most listened to song. I’m hooked.

I enjoyed “Topline” more than I expected, considering I don’t know any Tiger JK songs. Muuuch better album start to finish than Maxident. I’m back in my SKZ era (not that I really left).

Weird ass music video for “S-Class” but they look amazing. Need Lee Know’s shiny jeans. And now the SKZOO version of “S-Class” is out, and I’m listening to “S-Class” again. Not that it really left my mind. Damn you dance challenge videos. But not really.

MCND – Pop Star

Why doesn’t TOP Media want them to be great? This song is sooo good. Andreas Öberg appearance AGAIN?

Should have known. This was gonna be a banger from the jump. I could NOT find this song on Spotify, and that’s such a crime. We love an upbeat tune for summer. TOP Media, get it together, girl.


“SHALALA” I knew I wasn’t gonna like, lol. Taeyong likes to get weird and experimental with music, which is fine. I’ve decided I’m going to make a music video fashion review on “SHALALA” because there’s just so much going on here.

As long as it’s own your solo music, go wild. I wasn’t thinking there would be anything I really like, but I found two songs I liked from this album. “Move Mood Mode (feat Wendy from Red Velvet)” and “Virtual Insanity”.

I haven’t listened to these songs much after my first listen. I should get them back into rotation.

fromis_9 – Unlock My World

A long overdue album, but, incredibly solid start to finish. “Attitude” and “Prom Night” are my favorite songs from Unlock My World. “#menow” sounds like “DM” part 2 and I love that for us. I would have pushed for “Attitude” for the title, but “#menow” works.

It’s not too different from what they’ve released as titles in the past. But not really pushing any boundaries, either. “Wishlist” bring in English? Foreign stans won. I like this album a lot. It feels like more of the same in a good way.

“Wishlist” and “Eye Contact” were the only two songs I didn’t save. They aren’t bad, I just thought they were alright. Solid album. Idk if I’m going to add it to my faves of the year yet. I gotta give it a few more listens all the way through.

tripleS(트리플에스) +(KR)ystal Eyes – ‘Touch+’

They took forever to upload this onto Spotify and YouTube, lol. I was hunting for this song for weeks. I like it. A refreshing song for summer.

Every time I listen to a tripleS song, I want more. And this just continues the trend for me.

ACID EYES (tripleS) – ‘Cherry Gene’

Oh, I loveeee this. Kinda hard to mess up a song with cherry in it, typically. Super fun and catchy. I keep getting more and more excited about tripleS with every release, and this month we had two. Love that for us 🥳.


“Kick it 4 now” is soooo good. I love these boy group songs that take the 90s New Jack Swing sound and put a modern twist on it.

I’ve mostly been listening to the English version, I know, I almost never listen to the English version of the Korean one. But I’m obsessed with both. I love the Y2K scenes in the music video for “Kick it 4 now”.

And the rest of the album hits too, I’m impressed. It’s on the fave albums of the year list, so it looks like, 4 now, I’m going to continue to watch out for them. I forgot “Slingshot” was this year, I love that song too.


All English song?? “Wasteland” slaps. Okay Mr. Daniel. It’s been a bit quiet. I like this dystopian dramatic ass vibe. This music video for “SOS” was wiiiild. Gun and blood warning for that.

The vocals and instrumentals are on point. I’m here for it. This is the Kang Daniel album I’ve been waiting for. Guess I’m back in my KD era.

I love his dance tracks, but rock/alternative Kang Daniel isn’t something I thought I needed. Another addition to the fave albums list.


They filmed this at Disney? Slay.

Somehow I missed “Special Love”. That song slaps. I’m glad they included it on THROW A DICE. “Calling” is a tune. Didn’t care for the title “Throw a Dice” or much of the rest of the album. But there’s potential here.

VAV – Designer

…I’m not really sure what’s going on in this music video either, lol. VAV and Kang Daniel solidarity.

Oh my gooooooddd I love the chorus on “Designer”. I need this trend of excellent Kpop songs called “Designer” to continue.

The rest of Subcönscióus is pretty good too. But “Designer” for sure is going to be the one I’ll be listening to most.

REN – Ren’dezvous

I was prepared to not like anything off this mans album, lmao. I knew aesthetically it would slay. I’m obsessed with the play on his name and rendezvous. Big brain in the chat. I love Ren, he’s always been the most adventurous and flamboyant out of NU’EST imo.

So I was incredibly surprised to like this album for one, and two, have two songs I saved immediately. “Autofill” and “Lullaby (11:03)” are so good. I wasn’t expecting the kind of rock, indie vibes on this album.

I guess I wasn’t sure what his sound would be like. I guess I was thinking something more pop, maybe J-Pop leaning. He always struck me as someone who’d be more popular in Japan. But…yeah. I’m here for it. I think his solo has been my second favorite of the NU’EST lads.

DKB – I Need Love

Was NOT expecting a house track from DKB. I love “I Need Love”. And now I’m wondering why we haven’t gotten a song like this from them before. They killed this concept.

I saw a tweet where they showed this album being their highest album sales so far. I’m so happy and proud of them. I hope the success continues to roll in for them.

“More than 100 reasons” also had that New Jack Swing retro sound to it, too. The instrumentals are all over the place in this song, and I mean that in a good way.

&TEAM – First Howling: WE

This album fooking SLAAAAAPS. I didn’t care much for their first EP, but I absolutely love this one. SO maybe I need to give that another chance. I meant to watch the reality show they were on where this group was formed.

Like with I-Land which I still haven’t watched either, and apparently some of the members were on there too. So much for me to research at a later time. I’m not sure which is my favorite song yet. At the moment, I’m gonna say “Firework”.


“Voyager” is ight, “Wild Heart” is more of my speed. “Live In The Moment” and “XX” were my other fave songs from CONTINUE?. I think “XX” might be my favorite out of the bunch.


Idk the album isn’t bad. I don’t care for the first two songs, but I saved the others. “Bouncy” is really the only one I know I’ll want to listen to regularly.

The others feel kinda forgettable. Idk what’s missing, but something’s off. Love rapper Hwa. San continues to ruin the bias list, lol.

I think this album is gonna grow on me more. I haven’t really been listening to Ateez lately. And when I have, it’s mostly been stuff from 2021. 2022 ATZ isn’t really getting the job done for me, but 2023 feels like things are getting back on course.

Had to end this part with a pirate joke, lol.

Oh! And I can’t stop thinking about this WooSan fan art someone made based on the boxing scenes in “Bouncy”.

GreatGuys – LUV LUV LUV

Slay slay slay. I love the Korean version of “LUV LUV LUV”. I was hoping I’d love the next GreatGuys release, and they did the damn thing.

“Only You” was fine. Not my favorite, but I didn’t hate it either. I’m still excited to hear more from them.


Admittly, idk what’s going on in this music video either, other than Mr. I.M looks fantastic.

Another solo I wasn’t expecting to like. I’ve listened to other I.M solos while he was under Starship, and they were fine.

But as soon as I heard “OVERDRIVE” I was hooked. It’s so catchy. “Habit” is my second fave. Really the only songs I’m probably not saving are “Blame” and “Dumb” and not because they’re awful, they’re good, just not my jam.

I’m really feeling this album, though. I think I’ll be listening to it a lot in July.


I love “Sketch”. I haven’t listened to much 8TURN, but it’s safe to say that’s my favorite song of theirs atm. I like “ING” a lot too. I think I like more of their light/brighter songs.


I hate “HARD” but I hate “The Feeling” even more. “HARD” feels like “Sticker” by NCT 127 but a continuation of it. If we’re gonna give SHINee NCT songs, can we remake a good title track like “Limitless”? SHINee would have slayed that concept.

NGL they scared me with those first two releases, I sent a text to one of my best friends saying this might be SHINee’s worst album if it sounds anything like “HARD” and “The Feeling”, thankfully these b-sides are hard carrying this album.

“Like It” is my favorite song off HARD. “Sweet Misery” sounds like a Key solo song. Did he write it? No, Jo Yookyung did, and that sounds right.

Andreas Öberg is on “10X” and that’s my second fave track. A few familiar names on this album when it comes to SM production and writing, but ehhhh not my favorite SHINee release. I liked Don’t Call Me more by one song if we’re going based on the saved songs amount on Spotify, lol.

Han Seungwoo – Dive Into

“Dive Into” is my favorite song from Frame. I love these types of songs from Seungwoo. The rest of the album was ight. I like the rock elements on it. But I’m here for R&B Seungwoo personally.

Me made the right title track choice 🥰.

WEi – All Day With You

I was concerned I wasn’t going to like anything off Love Pt.3: Eternally, but then “All Day With You” came on. I loveeee that song.

I think it’s the first midtempo/chill song of theirs that has stood out to me. “End of The Day” was good, but idk if it’s something I’ll reach for anytime soon.

Love X Stereo vs DA1SY DØØM: / 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ /

If you missed my first article about Love X Stereo and DA1SY DØØM, I recommend checking that out for more context. “@traction” is my favorite song from the EP. There’s this retro, spacey, otherworldly vibe to their sound. I love it. I love a good snythpop moment.

It’s a short but good album. Completely different from everything else on the list. So if you’re looking for something new to vibe to for summer, check them out!

EXO – Let Me In

Stay Kids “Collusion”, TNX’s “Kick It 4 Now”, and EXO’s “Let Me In” are my top favorite songs from the month. I’ve talked a bit about “Let Me In” in My Other Fave EXO Songs. They make it difficult to have like 5 top EXO songs, huh.

These are some of my favorite types of EXO songs. No one does midtempo borderline boring ballads jams like EXO.

EXO – Hear Me Out

Oh Sehun kicking off an EXO song??? What timeline is this?? You could have told me that as a spoiler, and I wouldn’t believe you one bit. Then Chanyeol coming in singing following Sehun? Loveee that for us.

“Hear Me Out”…. I like this one. Slightly different sound for EXO but still fun and something to groove too. Not an instant love for me, but a grower.

This music video looks like it was fun to film. I love these chill, but goofy videos like this. This is what we should have gotten with “Ko Ko Bop” lol.

I’m just so so sooo excited for EXO’s comeback. I’m going to be so annoying about EXO in July.

Alriiight, another June Faves article down. June was a good music month. I know July is gonna be busy. I’m looking forward to it. Let me know your fave releases in the comments!

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