I spent so much of the early years of ATK talking about IU. And despite HyunA (I’ll mostly use the spelling of Hyuna for this article, like in my previous ones), being one of the first soloist I got into when I became a Kpoppie, I only have two articles talking about her.

Well, three, including this mini deep dive. I said I was interested in talking about the fashion in “Flower Shower”. But idk if I’m gonna go back to that one to review. Let me know in the comments if there’s any interest in that.

So I’m going to include a short quote from my “I’m Not Cool” article:

When I decided to go down the rabbit hole of Kpop back in October 2014, Hyuna was still riding the wave of “Red” and her third mini album, A Talk. I was OBSESSED (still am, tbh) with “Red” and black hair, Hyuna.

I couldn’t log into Tumblr without seeing gifs and pictures of Hyuna from the “Red” music video. My first actual comeback while being a Hyuna fan was “Roll Deep” and her fourth mini album A+.

Music Video Fashion: I’m Not Cool

And yeah, that’s basically the short version of how I got introduced and interested in Hyuna. I have about 20 Hyuna songs saved on Spotify. Today, I’m gonna talk about my top 11 favorite songs by her. Most of them are from 2014-2017. That was definitely my peak Hyuna era.

I’m gonna ruffle some feathers, but “Bubble Pop” isn’t on here. It’s iconic, and I have respect for her. But I never listen to that song, so it just doesn’t make sense to include her on here.

I will say honorable mention to “Trouble Maker” though, although technically a short duo project with Hyunseung of BEAST. Another classic.

I used to listen to “Trouble Maker” a tooon my first year of Kpop because I listened to Pandora a lot. And they had sooo much second gen Kpop on there at the time, with a few newer third gen like GOT7 (who will be covered on this Fave Songs series soon).

I guess I should also shout out “365 Fresh” and the 199X album by Triple H, the best subunit project Hyuna ever participated in. I gotta talk about that album in full to one day. I will never not be angry about how short-lived that project was, we were robbed.

I think that’s all the disclaimers for this article, let’s get it.

A Talk

Red (빨개요)

Oh, I fooking love this song so much. This song gets me so hype. I was immediately hooked at how catchy it is and Hyuna’s flow.

When I saw the music video for “Red” for the first time, I should have picked up on Hyuna being a Gemini. It’s always the duality. Of course, a Gemini would take a sexy concept and make it silly like this. But still be serious about it being well executed. Expected from a Sagittarius too tbh (like Nicki Minaj).

Doja Cat’s “Juicy” comes to mind, mostly the music video with its entertaining visuals. And just how Doja Cat also isn’t afraid to do something extra, despite it causing head scratches to many.

That’s really why I love “Red” so much. Yes, there can be a more of a sexy and serious concept, but sometimes the girls wanna have fun and do silly stuff like “Red”.

The chorus in English is, “a monkey’s butt is red, what” which is why there are red monkey butts in the video. I remember reading on Tumblr, someone said Hyuna was referencing a Korean children’s song there, and according to Genius, this is true.

Also check out Genius for the rest of the lyrics if you’re curious. Basically Hyuna is comparing things that are red, monkey butts, to her (in that she’s known for being sexy, like red lips).

This video set looked like so much fun to film. Kinda a trend with Hyuna videos. Pretty much every look in this video I would wear. I love the styling so much.

“Red” is just so fun and playful. A classic. I will always recommend this song to people just getting into Kpop or new to Hyuna.


Run & Run

I loveeeee a softer Hyuna song like “Run & Run”. This is one of those songs that I want a full three minutes of. As I mentioned earlier, this was my first full Hyuna album rollout/era I participated in. I was obsessed from the jump.

We get a similar vibe song to this on her next album though.

Cause I’m God Girl (feat II Hoon Jung of BTOB)

My third favorite Hyuna title track to date. “Red” is probably my second fave. I have to start with Hyuna’s blue, purple, and green hair in this video, one of my favorite looks on her ever.

I miss songs like this from her. One of the best club anthems in Kpop.

We need club anthem Hyuna back, I miss her. This chours?

It’s all because I’m the best
It’s because I’m pretty
It’s because they’re all jealous
Baby I’m bad all day
It’s all because I’m the best
It’s because I’m pretty
It’s because they’re all envious
Sorry, I’m a dope girl

Hyuna – Cause I’m God Girl

BAAAAAAAARRRRRRSSSSS then my favorite line and delivery:

You can’t touch me, Don’t touch me

Hyuna – Cause I’m God Girl

Iconicque. I can’t gush about this song enough.

Ice Ice

Aw yeaaahhh another catchy Hyuna song, but this time she’s talking her shit. Love that for her. I actually changed my Tumblr name to IceIceHyuna for a bit there. I love Ji Dam Yook’s addition to the track.

I feel like rapper Hyuna isn’t appreciated, sis got bars. My favorite line is still, “how can you catch me if I’m up this high?”

A deep cut I don’t see much talk about. I’m tryin to change that 😤.


U & Me

It’s so difficult to not just put this entire ass album on this list. It’s sooo good, my second favorite album from her. I love the different genres this album has. “U & Me” has some tropical house elements to it.

Idk I love when Hyuna is in love, but I love her “I am the best” concepts too. That’s mostly the types of Hyuna songs in this article, lmao.

How’s This (어때?)

Listen, LISTEN, I might not have “Bubble Pop” on here, but I would be an absolute fool to not have this banger on here. It’s similar to “Cause I’m God Girl”, yes, but why fix something that isn’t broke? LOL.

This is another music video set I would have loved to attend. I still want that fluffy wool like coat she’s wearing in this video.

Yeah, fun times.

Morning Glory

This is the song I was alluding to in with “Run & Run”. I forgot there was a music video for this song. I don’t have much else to say on this one.

I used to listen to it sooo much when this album first dropped. Not as much now. I think it’s just because Spotify’s shuffle kinda sucks, lol.

Wolf (feat Hanhae)

My favorite b-side from A`wesome. I ran this song into the ground when this album dropped. I still love it. Another one I don’t have much else to say but that, I love it.

I need people to know Hyuna makes other music than stuff like “How’s This”, that’s all, lol.



Hot take, maybe, but this is my favorite Hyuna song. It’s so different from her other title tracks. Even after this point. She hasn’t really made anything else like it. It’s so pop and catchy. When I think of the “Hyuna in love” song, this is at the top of the list.

Admittly, not my favorite music video of hers. There are some parts I like more than others, but it’s alright. My favorite part of the video sets up my favorite part of the song.

When the music is lowered and Hyuna gets into the elevator as the bridge of “Babe” plays omgggggg.

I can’t sleep today
Can’t sleep because of you
Cuz I’m thinking of your eyes
Cuz I’m thinking of the way you talk
I can’t sleep

Hyuna – Babe

I just love the drop and her singing here. Everything fall into place so beautifully. And the visuals show that so well. Like she literally transcends into another realm, that’s how down bad she is.


I haven’t really talked about people who worked on these tracks, other than Hyuna. But Shinsadong Tiger and Beom X Nang (who has tooooons of song credits, I didn’t know they also did BBOOM BBOOM by MOMOLAND) also wrote for “Babe” and produced this track. And that explains a lot.

I wouldn’t hate it if Hyuna’s next release sounded like “Babe”.


Following is the only physical Hyuna album I own, and it’s such a great investment, this album is huuuuge. I can’t even store it on my bookshelf with my other albums. It’s next to my Yes I Am Sana and Nayeon’s solo, place horizontally on top of each other.

This is my favorite Hyuna album to date. A`wesome being second and A+ being third. Like the others, it’s difficult to not put every song on this list.

But I love the continuation of Hyuna experimenting with other sounds on this album too. We get more house tracks like “Dart”. I love how much fun Dawn and Hyuna had on “Purple“. The instrumentals on “Purple” slap too. I wanted their music to be more like this. We didn’t really get that later on, lol.

Party (FOLLOW ME)” feat Wooseok of Pentagon also slaps. It’s like party anthem light. It’s a short album, but there’s a lot going on during this almost 17-minute ride.


And the last song on this list! My favorite b-side on Following. A little bit like “Morning Glory” and “Run & Run”. I still listen to this song frequently.

Hyuna sings almost exclusively on this track. The instrumentals again are superb. I love the production of this album.

It feels good to finally have this Hyuna faves article done. I keep saying this, but a very long overdue article. I am determined to have my second and third gen faves covered on this site if it’s the last thing I ever do 😤.

I have sooo much love and respect for Hyuna for what she does and continues to do in the music industry. I’m not as much of a fan of her newer releases, like not as much as I love the stuff I included here, but she’s still doing the damn thing.

I would kill to see her live in the States, I would travel to New York or LA to see her. Although, obviously, I’d really love for her to come to Atlanta. Like KCON isn’t enough, I need like a three-hour solo show just her, lol. Maybe a guest or two, but mostly just her.

Or maybe have her headline Coachella, that would be a blast.

Anyway, this is a Hyuna support zone, that’s my girl, and I’m always gonna be rooting for her success.

What are your favorite Hyuna songs? Are you a new Hyuna fan or long term one? I’m very curious to hear y’alls thoughts.

And if you haven’t read my other Hyuna articles, you can check out I’m Not Cool, and Good Girl.

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Next up will be a Music Video Fashion Review on Taeyong’s “SHALALA”. TY Track has inspired me to bring those back, lol

Until next post,

Take Care!

Ash 💫

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