I think this month is a bit shorter than last month.

May had a ton of comebacks I was excited for, but few really got replayed or stayed in my memory long. So today’s post will be on the artist whose singles along with b-sides I enjoyed the most and went back to regularly.

So no Taemin, TXT, NCT Dream, Oh My Girl, or WJSN THE BLACK (I’m so disappointed I didn’t like their subunit’s music this go around.).

No Woo!Ah! either, but I will say “Scaredy Cat” should have been the title track. If y’all are interested, I’ll make another post talking about the songs off those albums I did like, but the general theme is I didn’t like the title tracks and thought the albums were alright.

So let’s get into it! There are 8 different groups and soloist today. I think this one might be one of the few blog posts of mine where I don’t mention my go to 3 gen faves.

Kang Daniel – Outerspace feat Loco

Another bop that Universe has held hostage to their platform. You can listen to the song on Spotify and other places, but to watch the full video, you gotta go on the Universe app. Wack.

I do love this song with Loco. I think this is one of the first features he’s really been on since he’s comeback from the military. I like “Outerspace” more than “Antidote”.

But we knew what we were getting with “Antidote”. It was bound to be a direct follow-up to the series he began with “Paranoia”. “Outerspace” goes back to that r&b sound I love Daniel dabbling in.

Rocket Punch – Ring Ring

I think this is the first Rocket Punch song I’ve enjoyed immediately. I’ll have to go back and check out their other albums. “Ring Ring” is so catchy and good.

“Want U Bad” is my favorite b-side from their first single album (Ring Ring).

fromis_9 – WE GO

I’ve been craving a fromis_9 comeback since their last comeback. I love “We Go”. fromis_9 never misses with their title tracks.

It’s a perfect song for summer. Like Rocket Punch, fromis_9 also released a single album. 9 Way Ticket, was alright.

I liked “Airplane Mode”. It’s absolutely fitting for the vacation theme they’re going with this time. It’s more of a mid-tempo song. But still feels like warm weather season.

“Promise” was a ballad, and it was fine. Idk this album felt like it should have had more of a story to it and because it didn’t, it was super short.

Elast-U – 봄의 시작 (The beginning of spring)

I loveeeeee “The Beginning of spring”. I need to check out Elast’s other music. I forgot if I listened to them and liked them or not. But love a good mid-tempo r&b electronic tune like this one.

PIXY – Let Me Know

I love “Let Me Know” but the rest of this mini album was alright. “Let Me Know” piqued my interest in PIXY, so I’ll check out their future releases. And that’s all a title track really needs to do at the end of the day.


Literally one of my favorite songs at the moment. I’m OBSESSED with “Fever”. I talked about it my love for ENHYPEN’s recent album in my April post.

Since the music video for “Fever” was released in May, despite originally released on an April album, I included it on this list. It’s already a super short list already, lol.

GWSN – Like It Hot

GWSN is one of my low-key fave newer girl group. I’ve been excited for their comeback for a while as well.

I didn’t like “Like It Hot” or this album as much as their previous releases, but I enjoyed it overall. I’m still gonna listen to it frequently. “Starry Night” and “I Sing (lalala)” are my two fave songs from this album.

I wasn’t really a fan of the unit songs. But I appreciate the experimental aspects of the album.

“Like It Hot” still sounds like GWSN, but we could do without half of the songs on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON. So I’d rank this album as my least fave GWSN to date. But “Like It Hot” slaps.


Another group that doesn’t miss. I love “First” and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” from Last Melody. Similarly to fromis_9’s single album, there’s a ballad that I don’t care about. I also feel like this album is too short. I need moreeeee.

I mean to have this post up sooner, but my grandparents surprised us with a visit. So my “normal” routine is even more off than usual.

But I’m caught up on the music posts. So my next two will be music fashion reviews, I’ve wanted to talk about but haven’t gotten to yet.

Then the 100 post will be a special deep dive fashion review post…thing. Idk how to describe it without spoiling it. I think y’all will like it.

It will be a bit of a different post, but it’s something I haveeee to get off my chest.

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So until then,

Take care!


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