I’ve completed my deep dive of 10 of the 15 artist from my March post.

Usually I listen to the album the title track comes from before I write my best Kpop posts. It’s easier when it’s already groups or soloist I like because I’m already familiar with their style.

It’s harder to gauge someone’s style when you’ve never heard anything else by them. Just the one song you’ve stumbled across.

So that’s what this post is. A follow-up and deep (ish) dive into that artist’s discography. In some cases, I literally just listened to their most recent release.

If they mostly had singles (like Jiselle) and don’t have an album yet, I listened to all the singles. Other groups have been around long enough to where I’ve listened to every other album of theirs, so I didn’t need to dive as deep.

I think this is gonna be a shorter post. So with all that out of the way, let’s get started!


I loved “Get Away” but “Numbness” the other song off Series ‘O’, just doesn’t do it for me. There’s too much yelling in the song, and it doesn’t work for me.


I only liked “Not Over” from this album. The rest of the album sounds consistent to MCND’s sound, so if you like their previous releases, you’ll love this album. I’m not a fan of their previous work, so this wasn’t for me.

G-reyish – “M”

Overall, I really enjoyed G-reyish’s first mini album. My faves from the album outside “Breathe; Blood Night”, I love “Johnny Go Go – Version M”. It’s such a fun song that gives me second gen girl group vibes. “Kkili Kkili Version M” is a bop as well.


I didn’t like “Fine” or “LOVE IN THE AIR”. “CHEMICAL” and “MOON RIDER” totally slap. I’ll be replaying those for the next two months daily for sure.

YongYong – Vanillaryy

I mentioned previously how YongYong’s voice reminds me of Rosé from Blackpink’s singing style. Vanillaryy sounds mostly like Rosé‘s indie girl with a guitar music.

“baby i hate me now” is the most different sounding song on the album. It’s a hip hop and autotune song, and it’s like a sore thumb on an indie like album. It gave me whiplash.

I’ll pop back in for songs that sound like “baby i hate me now” from her, but in the meantime, it’s a nah for me. She does have a 2020 album and 2 singles I didn’t listen to. So maybe those are closer to what I like, but I’m in no rush to check.


Jiselle doesn’t have a complete album yet on Spotify (as of me typing this on June 6th 2021). But I listened to all her singles and songs she was featured on.

I loooooovvvveeeee her style. She kinda reminds me of Hoody. So we love having another solo r&b girl to jam too. Her music is very consistent.

I haven’t decided on a favorite song yet. But I’m soooo excited for her future releases. Best discovery on this list.

DRIPPIN – [A Better Tomorrow]

So this is Drippin’s second mini album, and they’re really on a roll. I love this one too. “Youngblood” is still my favorite from this album, but “Reach out your hands” is a close second.

“Without U” slaps too. I’m just so impressed with the momentum they’re keeping. So far, nothing but hits with these guys.

MIRAE – KILLA – MIRAE 1st Mini Album

Other than “Killa” I didn’t vibe with this album. It’s not bad, just not my style. The album has a consistent sound and isn’t boring. I just know I’m never gonna revisit it.

Weeekly – We play

This album sounds like the other Weekly songs, I don’t like lmao. So like with MCND, so if you like their previous releases, you’ll love this album.

I’m not a fan of their previous work, so this wasn’t for me. Other than “After School”, that song rightfully slaps.

DKB – Youth, LOVE, GROWTH, and The dice is cast

I listened to all of DKB’s albums up to their most recent one, The dice is cast. I like DKB, and I’ll casually listen to them. My favorite album from start to finish is their second one, LOVE.

Ironically, the only song from LOVE I don’t like is the title track, “Still”. I haven’t decided on a fave song yet from the album, but it’s between “Tell’em boys” and “Fondue”.

DKB for me has hits and misses scattered throughout their albums. Because their discography is so short as of writing, I recommend diving in to their music yourself.

I do recommend “ALL IN”, “Work Hard”, “Tell’em boys”, “Fondue”, “Curious”, “Rose”. “YOUTH”, and “Elevator”.

Alriiiight, a short and slightly different type of post today.

Next post will be May faves. And then hopefully I can get back to music video fashion reviews.

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Take care

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