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Idk where the time went. I look at the date on my phone, and it says March 31st. Then I look again, and it’s April 18th. As I type this. I’ve been so busy with things, it feels like I’m not really getting anything done. Anything major accomplished, at least.

I’ve created this cycle of moving things I don’t finish today to tomorrow, and over time it just snowballs into an avalanche of shit I need to do.

But I don’t feel like it. I want to do it, but it’s hard to convince myself to sit down and get it done…basically, ya girl is just going through it again.

Probably just undiagnosed depression, tbh. Anyway, let’s talk about music releases last month, lmao.

March was surprisingly really good overall. This was the first month in a while where I didn’t have to hunt too much for good music. I’m still behind of some albums, so this review will mostly just cover the single.

I may do a followup post on my thoughts on those albums if they were released on one later down the road. Or just talk about it on my podcast.

I swear it’s still a thing, I just haven’t gotten back to it yet. So let’s get into it!

ATEEZ – Fireworks (I’m The One)

One of the few posts I’ve completed lately. If you missed out on my review of “Fireworks” you can read that after this post. I’m not as big of a fan of this album compared to the previous one.

But I love the execution of everything. The hair, the clothes, the music video, the livestages, the Studio Choom video & bts. It’s a good era. Love Yeosang in the music video thumbnail. This was sooo his and San’s era, and I LOVE TO SEE IT.


My notes say, “Not someone almost stabbed by a fork, LMAO.” I literally haven’t looked back at these notes since I completely forgot I wrote that.

So I was like,” Uh, what??” There’s a lot going on in “Get Away”. The song slaps, and it’s been ages since VeriVery has released a song I care about. They’re on my list of March album to check out.

Yukika – 애월 (愛月) “Lovemonth”

So “Lovemonth” is a prerelease single. I loved it immediately. I wrote, “Continues to slay, City Pop queen ❤️” in my notes. I still stand by that statement. I also need to check out her first mini album.

Demian – LOVE% feat Dawn

In my Ateez post, I think, I said that I spent most of March listening to nothing but Ateez and The Boyz Breaking Dawn album. That was kinda a lie. I forgot “Love%” was released in March, and I’ve had it in rotation for weeks as well.

“Love%” is my favorite title track to date. “Yes” is still one of my faves as well. But I like this dancier side of him. Dawn’s part fits in so well. I love him on features so much. This is one of my fave 2021 releases, for sure.

Park Jihoon feat Lee Hi – Call U Up


Update April 10th, 2023: swapped out old video for the official music video. It’s been up for a while, lol. I’m just late.

Kakao M continues to be a pain in the ass for Ifans. Idk why they refuse to put the 1080p or higher resolution up on YouTube.

So you’re stuck with the 720 that I have embedded above, or to listen to the “official” version here on YouTube. Or on Spotify or wherever you listen to music.

Rant out of the way, I love a good Primary song. “Call U Up” is a chill R&B song. I love Jihoon’s doubling down on making R&B music. Lee Hi’s vocals add to the perfection of this song. On the parts where their voices are together, they blend really well.

MCND – Not Over

“Not Over” reminds me of something else. Like a blend of “Dope” by BTS and “Be Quiet” by Monsta X. But in a good way.

In my notes I wrote,”Excellent noise music, I love the instrumental.” I really like this song. I saw someone in the comments on YouTube say this song was from their recent album. So I guess I gotta go give that a listen.

G-reyish – Blood Night

“Blood Night” gives me Fiestar, second gen girl group dark concept vibes. I love that. Another album I gotta check out.

BDC – Moon Rider

Similar to MCND, BDC is a group I see, might have listened to a song or two but never really found anything that made me want to dive deeper, until now.

“Moon Rider” is really catchy. I don’t really know how to describe it. It has a little bit of a retro vibe to it with the strings.

But it’s not in a Hip Hop and R&B way. It’s very much pop and upbeat…just listen to the song. You’ll like it.

Yongyong – Baby I Hate Me Now feat DAVII

I stumbled across this one, and I’m soooo happy I didn’t skip pass. “baby i hate me now” is a chill trap song and I should hate the use of autotune, but it works so well here.

There’s an acoustic guitar on here too. Yongyong’s voice reminds me a little of Rosé from Blackpink’s singing style.

I wrote that in my notes, and I didn’t want to forget to mention that. I’m gonna check out more of her music.

Punch – I’m Jealous feat Real.be

When I say I’m obsessed with “I’m jealous”, I REALLY mean I’m OBSESSED. Punch put crack in this song. It’s just so catchy, and I can’t listen to it just once.

I have to listen to it at least twice in a row to feel okay and move on to another song. This song like Demian’s is not just a fave of the month, but of the year.

I also discovered the guy featured on here, Real.be (Kim Minjae), is an actor. I don’t think I’ve watched anything he’s been in yet. But love his delivery in this song.

Jiselle feat Changmo – Language

Like “I’m jealous” and “baby i hate me now”, I stumbled across “Language” and I’m happy I gave it a chance. I love the chill vibe of it. I added it to my K-Hip Hop & R&B playlist immediately. Gotta dive deeper into her discography too.

DRIPPIN – Young Blood

All I wrote was,” SLAPS!!” in my notes. Does future/present me have anything additional to add? Not really. I love the instrumentals.

It’s a simple song, but I love it. I’m incredibly impressed with Drippin’s music so far. Need to listen to the rest of the album.

MIRAE – Killa

Sometimes you have a simple debut song that isn’t anything too exciting, but it’s enough to make you look forward to that future of a group or soloist.

That’s what “Killa” is. The instrumental is what sells me on this song. Will dive deep into them as well.

Weeekly – We Play

*Gordon Ramsay voice* Finally some good f*cking food. Actually in my notes I said,” Finally a good title track”. Same energy. This is what I’ve wanted from them.

Something that I could see Fromis_9 preform with a little bit of R&B and Hip Hop influence. Now I gotta check out this album as well.

I almost teared up at how happy I was to genuinely like a Weeekly song. I’ve been wanting to like their music so badly, lol.

DKB – All In

Slaps. It’s sad boy midtempo hours, but I live for it. I love the all black leather fits. The neon green hair with undercuts, the bright red hair with an undercut, the longish hair slicked back on one side, a slight blonde highlight, like these are some excellent hair choices.

Good for them. The structure of “All In” reminds me of Brave Girl’s Deepened. Especially how the chours is set up. But both groups are under Brave Entertainment, so that makes sense. I’ll dive into DKB deeper as well. I like their song “Work Hard“. It has a similar vibe to “All In”.

So I guess I should mention why I didn’t include IU or Miss Rosé. I loved the clothing for Rosé‘s music videos, but I didn’t like the songs. So I didn’t want to make a full post going in depth. I knew I wouldn’t have much to really talk about, and it would end up being super short.

I guess I could combine the two in the future, but for now I don’t plan on covering it. Not like she needs my help to sell records anyway, lol. Now, me not liking a song or two doesn’t stop me from covering a music video. But I do consider that when I’m deciding on who to talk about.

I’d rather put my energy towards an underrated or underappreciated group or soloist, even if it won’t get tons of views. I’m not going to talk about someone or a group just because they’re popular. So yeah, that’s why there’s no Rosé.

Now for Miss IU, I like “Lilac” and “Coin” but I haven’t really listened to either since watching the music videos and listening to the album. Or wanted to listen to them again. I usually have to be in the mood to listen to IU’s slower songs.

But idk I’m in no rush to revisit these songs. Plus, I’m planing on talking more about these songs and the album in a separate blog post. I just haven’t gotten around to writing it yet. So tldr, didn’t like either song enough to add to the fave list.

Okay, finally got my March faves out of the way. The further a long I got in the post, the more I wanted to do a follow-up post of what I thought of everyone’s other music/albums. I think that will be a fun post. So please look forward to that.

We’re almost at 100 blog post on AshTalksKpop!! I didn’t do anything for 25, 50, or 75. But I have something big planned for 100. Well idk if it’s big big, but a post I’ve been wanting to do for EVER ago, but I keep pushing it back. It’s more of a sentimental/sappy post, but it needs to be done.

As far as my upcoming post schedule, I’ll be covering Seoul Fashion Week, then both IU posts (Coin and Lilac), and by the time those are done it will be time for April best post. Idk which soloist or group who had an April release I’d do a fashion review of yet.

I’m behind lol. But thank you so much for reading this post and being patient with me. My posting schedule has been all over the place. But I’d rather wait to post something good, then to update regularly with subpar content.

So until next post!

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Take care,

Ash 🦋

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