ATEEZ Group Photo during Fireworks (I'm The One) Red

It’s ATEEZ time *air horn noise*

It’s the first full week of April and my next like three post are on March releases lmaooo. I’ll get caught up eventually. But for now, let’s talk about ATEEZ and “Fireworks (I’m The One)”.

I’ve been hype for “Fireworks” and Fever Part.2 since they announced the comeback. 
Overall, album wise I like Zero: FEVER Part.1 more than Part.2.

Like musically, I listen to Part.1 more frequently. I still listen to “INCEPTION” and “THANXX” daily, whereas with Part.2

I mostly go back to “Fireworks” and “Take Me Home” and the remixes (well ones a remix and the other is the “English” version) of the two.

Idk it’s a different sound and ATEEZ don’t really make the same album twice. They’re always experimenting with their sound. I

t’s probably my least favorite mini album of theirs at the moment. Which is still not that bad. I think I’d like this album more live. There’s a lot of bass and edm elements that I know sound better in a concert setting.

I also think they’ll do a comeback with “Take Me Home” because they’re kinda acting like the song doesn’t exist even though they know we love it.

I remember in an interview, Hongjoong said he loves the saxophone solo at the end of “Take Me Home”. I think Yunho and someone else mentioned they like “Take Me Home” a lot, but for the most part, we haven’t gotten much love for it yet. 

Clothing wise, I love every fit in “Fireworks”. There are three major looks I’ll take about in this post. There’s soooooo many outfits they wear for the live stages.

I’m planning on doing a ranking post of all the outfits they wore during “Fireworks” promotions. That’s on my to write list, lol. Anyway, let’s jump into the first look!

Look 1

I have a ton of thoughts on this group look. It’s my least favorite of the bunch. I think the colors are so bright.

The accessories aren’t really balanced. There’s just so much going on. My eyes and brain hurts when I think too much about this look.

I wished they either chose to go with a pattern like the gray suits, one color like pink, and one neutral like black. Or they went with all bright colors like Wooyoung and Hongjoong’s suits.

Jongho’s teaser pictures are actually my favorite out of all the members. But outfit wise, his suit is so normal looking, he looks out of place next to the others. I love hair pushed back, Jongho.

San and Seonghwa have these odd plushies attached to their jackets. Omggg let’s first segway to talk about Seonghwa’s three-piece suits he’s been wearing this era!!!

I LIVEEEEEE. Anyway, I don’t remember exactly when Seonghwa was aware we liked his interactions with this pink turtle, but he ended up naming it, and then he started hanging out with this little green turtle named 북북이 (Ppukppuki) and it’s been great. 

San I think had a name for the little buddy on his jacket, but I don’t remember what it’s name was. I really like the pink and gray with black stripes going on with his look.

I’m just not as big of a fan of the doll hanging off his jacket. I love Yunho’s coat he’s wearing here. They always put him or Mingi in these types of looks, and it sends me every time. I’ve noticed Jongho loves him a long coat moment too.

I like the blue shirt Yunho wears because it goes with Hongjoong’s look. Ooo let’s talk about Hongjoong next.

So I love his cobalt blue suit, but I don’t like this hat with it. I want to see his undercut!!! The glasses are a bit odd too, but it wouldn’t be a Joong fit if he wasn’t wearing something odd.

The pins are more of my speed. Yeosang’s outfit works better for me. His beret and the jewelry hanging off of it looks good. I love the oversized suits color.

It’s such a bright red. It’s a great fit on him, too. He’s just slaying this look. Wooyoung’s outfit is fine. It ties to Jongho’s and is bright like Hongjoong and Yeosang’s. I wonder what they would have put Mingi in if he wasn’t one break.

Maybe a purple long coat similar to Yunho’s with like a white shirt and purple pants to match. Idk this was just an odd mix of ideas for this group look.

And there’s slight variations in the music video. But the agreed upon explanation for that is that it’s Halateez. Anyway, let’s move on to the second one. We’re only going up from here.

Look 2

My second favorite group look in “Fireworks”. I love this distressed denim and materials used in these outfits.

I’m going to start in left to right order. So Mr. Yunho… I like this look on him. Kinda dabbing in the eboy life with this fit.

My favorite part is the leather shirt. The pants are interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen men’s pants with elastic bunched up like sweats at the bottom like these. Like they’re a hybrid pair of pants. 

Shout out to San for continuing the guy’s in crop top trend. I love this outfit so much. I love the poofy denim sleeves. I love the ombré Frankenstein jeans he’s wearing. It’s all amazing.

Yeosang’s matching jacket and pantsuit here is chef kiss. It’s similar to Seonghwa’s outfit. And at first I thought they were wearing the same thing.

Hongjoong’s jacket has buckles hanging off of it like Yeosang’s and I like that a lot. His jeans also kinda got an ombré look going on, just a subtle version. I love this outfit on Wooyoung sooooooo much more than his first look. This one just suits his vibe more. 

Speaking of Jongho in long coats, here we got him in one for this second look. Like with Wooyoung, I just love this look on him more.

Lastly, we have Seonghwa in his matchy matchy denim suit. I need to mention his denim chaps he’s wearing over black leather pants. Love that.

I haven’t really talk about their hair yet. I like the styling here than in the first look, so I’ll talk about it now. I love undercuts, and Seonghwa’s and Hongjoong’s look absolutely amazing. Shoutout to Seonghwa bringing back the “Wonderland” hair.

Shout out to Hongjoong rocking leopard print spots on top of platinum blond hair, what a fooking legend for that.

Big brain mans in the chat. Jongho’s red hair with the slight mullet has stuck around so long, it’s the main look I associate him with. I like when it’s parted, but mostly when it’s pushed back. 

I love love love Wooyoung’s subtle blonde highlights with his black hair. It looks fantastic on him. I love dark hair on him. I’ve already talked a ton about Hongjoong’s hair.

He’s worn it down, and it looks like a bowl cut, and I’m not a big fan of that version. I like it pushed back, like when Seonghwa has his hair pushed back. They both rock that look so well.

Yeosang also has been wearing his hair slicked back more, and I like it. I’m just happy he’s got dark hair again. It suits him so well.

There hasn’t been a bad look with this hair that I can find. And like Yeosang, I have zero complaints with San’s magenta hair. I love it so much.

He’s worn it so many ways, too. I don’t think there’s a color I wouldn’t like on Sannie.

Last but not least, black hair!Yunho is back and I’m so happy. Yunho is one of the few idols I love with blonde or black hair. Usually I feel very strongly about my favorite look on my fave, like black hair is my ultimate favorite color on S.Coups from Seventeen.

But I don’t have a fave color for Yunho, blonde and black are tied for me. Although I did like his cotton candy blue hair he had for a moment. Okay, on to look 3!

Look 3

This is my favorite group look in “Fireworks”. Mostly because of Seonghwa’s red leather outfit. Definitely one of my favorite outfits he’s ever worn PERIOD.

It’s just so shiny. And the jacket is cropped as well. He just looks amazing.

My second favorite is a tie between Yunho’s and San’s. Yunho’s look has similar bunched up pant bottoms like his second look.

It also has buckles hanging off it, like Hongjoong’s jacket in the second look. It’s great. Yunho never looks bad, huh. I love the combination of red and black.

San’s look is so clubby and different from Yunho’s lmaoooo. We love a tight leather pants moment. They threw him in another cropped shirt and a black leather jacket.

He’s also wearing gloves, but some fingers don’t have covers. Idk what’s up with that but uh A+ look regardless.

Yeosang’s outfit is also clubby like. But much more subtle. I like it as well. Nothing noteworthy, but a good fit. Hongjoong’s outfit is different, but I like it.

I like the metallic red and black pants. This kinda gives me Blade vibes with this long black leather jacket. Well, it’s more medium length, I suppose.

Jongho’s looks is probably my next favorite outfit. I liiiiive for these pants here. The pairing with the black shirt, gold necklace and red velvet blazer??

Genius. Lastly, we have Mr. Wooyoung. I love this outfit on him. It’s like the quintessential Wooyoung fit. It’s simple, like Yeosang’s, but I love it. 

I’ve been loving this era so far. I’m happy with my first ATEEZ comeback as an ATINY. There’s just sooooo much ATEEZ content to watch.

There’s like three new reality shows including Kingdom… it’s a bit overwhelming, but we’ll get through it, lol. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Next up is back to back IU post.

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ATEEZ Fever Pt 2

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