Do you love blue hair on IU as much as I do?

I always look forward to Miss IU’s comebacks. I never really noticed until my BBIBBI post how stylish IU is and the creative ways she and her team put her looks together. Once I started watching the music video for ‘Blueming’, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

‘Blueming’ is the title track from her fifth mini album ‘Love Poem’. ‘Love Poem’ itself was released on November 18th, 2019. ‘Blueming’ contains 9 looks, some of which I found exact names and prices thanks to kfashion_style on IG. So let’s get started!

Look 1

The first outfit in ‘Blueming’ is a cute spring/summer outfit. She wears a blue Polo Ralph Lauren shirt ($128), green shorts, yellow Gucci socks ($122), and some leopard print fluffy UGGs ($100). I’ve actually had my eye on these UGGs and $100 is about right. However, $122 for some socks is absolutely wild.

They’re cute, but that’s a hell nope for me. I love how comfortable this first look is. There’s a spring theme throughout ‘Blueming’, so I think this look with its bright colors sets the scene well.

I also enjoy the setting. The blue accents against the gold and brown walls is so pretty. I kept finding my self looking at the furniture and other details in the background on my rewatches of ‘Blueming’.

Look 2

My second favorite look in ‘Blueming’. I’m a sucker for Clueless inspired looks. I’m also a huge fan of the matching jacket and skirt trend.

I love a good knee socks and thick headband and most of all, y’all know I love monochrome outfits. So this Grey Lab tweed outfit was a home run in my book. I’m not sure how much the suit cost because it’s sold out according to kfashion__style’s IG.

Look 3

Look 3 is my second favorite look in ‘Blueming’… I didn’t plan this lol. Like with the first look, this just looks like it would be nice to lounge in. I love the primary colors going on here with this look.

IU wears a red oversized Boston College sweatshirt, and her flannel shirt underneath has red and blue in it. Obviously her hair is blue, but we also get a shot of her nails which match her hair color and scrunchie. She brings back the knee socks look in this outfit, but this time they’re white.

Look 4 & 5

Now I purposely put looks 4 and 5 together because there isn’t much to say about them. So let’s talk about what I call look 4 or the Granny Disguise.

I think it’s cute despite it being part of a gag. I think you could break this outfit up into cute modern looks. That hat would be a bit of a challenge to style though.

Look 5 is another cute college/school look. I feel like only IU could make some baggy khakis cute. I love this purple, green, and white sweatshirt. The stylist did an excellent job with the color pallet in ‘Blueming’.

Look 6

The main parts of look 6 consists of a gaudy Gucci shirt ($2,200) and a magenta blazer. The shirt and blazer is alright. But my favorite parts of this look include the accessories.

I love the scarf in IU’s hair. The pins and brooches on the jacket are cute too. And I love the use of pink and green as complementary colors here.

Look 7

My favorite look of ‘Blueming’!!! It’s simple but I loveee it on IU. The dress is an embroidered black butterfly from Dolls Kill ($88).

The beret is by Awesome Needs (₩ 62,000 or about $50). IU pairs these two items with a cropped denim jacket and fishnets. I think she’s also wearing some Doc Marten like boots. It’s kinda hard to tell because we don’t get much time to analyze it.

Look 8

These gifts I made don’t really do the transitions of looks 6-8 justice. You gotta watch the music video to really appreciate it. This is the last look of this dress up scene.

With look 8 IU goes a bit more glam, but it’s my least favorite look of the entire video. The hair accessory gives this look a 1920s vibe. I like that. I like the pussybow detail, ruffles, and oversized shoulder pads but thrown together on this dress…it doesn’t work for me.

Look 9

The last look of ‘Blueming’, look 9. This part of ‘Blueming’ is stunning. I love the color scheme. It’s so bright and simple. There’s only 3 colors repetitively used here.

The dress IU wears is by Cecilie Bahnsen, and it’s $1,655. The embroidery in the dress matches the flower covered wall, and it just blows my mind the details put into this look and scene.

Alriight I finally got another IU fashion review up and ‘Blueming’ finished! I tried out a more condensed review with this post. I think it’s nice to have some shorter reviews to break up my longer ones. Anywho what do y’all think of ‘Blueming’? What’s your favorite look? Let me know in the comments. Follow me on Twitter, and I’ll see y’all next post.

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