I ain’t forget about y’all, I’ve just been busy with work, and having family in town, lol. I thought I had the October faves post done except for like 4 or 5 releases, but when I did my final sweep, I found a few more releases I wanted to check out.

Then I started this 8-5 (some days are 8-4 and some are 9-5), and I’ve been struggling to get anything done once I get home and have free time to myself.

Then the weekends lately have been a blur. I get some stuff completed off my to-do list, then add more to it, and it just ends up evening out.

SO! I had a few ideas, well 2 really. Combine my October and November faves together, or still post them separately and just have October live suuuuper late. Obviously, I chose the latter. So this is my uber late October 2023 monthly faves article. Let’s get into it!

NCT 127 – Fact Check

This song and album feels like it happened ages ago. I wrote a first impressions article on this entire album, here. I haven’t listened to it much since I wrote that article. But “it did”Fact Check” did pop up on shuffle on my drive home today. I like “Fact Check” more on each listen. So maybe the other songs will grow on me more as well.

Xdinary Heroes – Livelock

Rhyming ready with Freddy had me immediately sold on “Freddy”. The instrumentals on this song are so good. I always miss Xdinary Heroes.

“Pluto” slaps. I love the simplicity of the music video for it. I don’t really care for the rap about halfway through, but it ends quickly, lol. I do like the light use of autotune throughout the song, though. Soild album. More of the same in a good way from XH.

POW – Favorite

I really love the instruments in “Favorite”. I felt it was familiar, and I thought I talked about it last month when it released. Idk sometimes my notes get lost. This album, Favorite is good background music.

Chill and easy to listen to without completely taking your attention away from whatever you’re working on. “Dazzling” is my favorite b-side. Similar vibe to “Favorite”. “Amazing” is good too. The most dancey track on the album.

“Slow Dancing” isn’t bad, but it’s my least favorite on Favorite. I like the English beginning, though. Solid album.

JINI – An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove

“Here We Go Again” I love it. So catchy. I feel like it’s TikTok viral material. “C’mon” feat Aminé might be my favorite on An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove.

What an album title, btw. I never followed Jini prior to her solo work, but I love what I’m hearing so far. Looking forward to what’s next.

EVOLution (tripleS) – MUJUK

Oooo “Invincible” is good. Addicting. The harmonies are angelic.

tripleS really don’t miss. “37.5 Celsius” is my favorite from MUJUK.

Seo In Guk – THE X

“Don’t Be Jealous” is nice. Chill vibes. I wasn’t even expecting a Seo In Guk album. I love his music. “Flavor” slaps. Still midtempo, but good.

TXT – The Name Chapter: FREEFALL

Oh hey, it’s my most listened to artist of 2023. Not too surprising, lol. I’m really deep in my back in MOA mode, era rn. Top 3% fan too 😅.

I also wrote an article talking about my thoughts in further detail. I think I love this album even more the more time passes. All I can say is that I’m ready for the 2024 world tour.


I had given up on IVE making music I’d like. But they finally made a song I like. It’s not a on repeat all day and night song, but a tune. Something that’d pop up on shuffle and I wouldn’t skip it.

And that is “Off The Record”. I like “Payback” as well. But those were the only ones I see myself coming back to. So maybe there will be some IVE songs I’ll like in the future if they keep things up.

YOUNITE – 빛 : BIT Part.2

I was afraid I wasn’t going to like this album, with “Chili Pop” leading the album. But “Love It” is much more my speed. Love a good R&B midtempo track. “Fizzy Soda Love” and “Cupcake” are fine.


And my most recent first impressions article topic. Unfortunately, I haven’t gone back to listen to this album much. I’m still listening to FML on repeat 😅.

PIXY – Truth or Dare

Love “Truth or Dare” and the English version is just as catchy.

HeeJin – 𝓚

Algorithm” is fine songwise. I’m obsessed with the music video. I love the instrumentals. I think it’s a grower for me. “Sad Girls” is my second favorite song from K. “Video Game” is my favorite song off the album and I immediately added it to my fave songs atm playlist. “Addiction” and “Nokia” are good too. Solid debut. Can’t wait for more music from Miss Heejin.

Alriiiight October is finally up! How was y’alls October? It already feels like it was three months ago for me, lol. Spotify Wrapped dropped today. Here’s my top artists if you missed my Twitter post.

I think the only real surprise here is Stray Kids, because I haven’t loved their newer releases as much as I did in 2021, but I do still listen to a ton of their older stuff. What were y’alls most listened to songs, artist, genres, etc. I’d love to know.

I’m gonna try to get November faves out in the next week or two. I got a lot to catch up on 😖.

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Until next time,

take care!


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