I love a good bright Seventeen concept. Seeing memes on Twitter about that flower had me rolling.

And my favorite one. I couldn’t find the original tweet, so I made a recreation of it.

Carats are soooo funny. I loved seeing all the hype for SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. I already talked about how much I loved FML back in April. That’s still one of my favorite Seventeen albums and one of my favorite albums released this year.

So my expectations for how well SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN would follow it were pretty high. I’m still celebrating them breaking the record for highest stock preorders in Kpop history with this album. I still need to get a physical of FML.

So, despite all that, I’m not that impressed with this album. It’s fine. FML is the stronger and more musically cohesive album of the two.

I did my usual listen of new music in the car while being out and about. The first four songs on SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN are good. But nothing that had me click replay or really stayed in my mind long term.

“SOS” (Prod. Marshmello) slaps and combines Seventeen’s sound with Marshmello’s perfectly. We love a collab where each artist retains their uniqueness in said collab. I wasn’t expecting another all English song. That was cool.

“God of Music” feels like the easiest choice as the title track. It’s upbeat and reminds me a bit of “Oh My“. I gotta get in a SVT deep dive on this blog omggg. I also gotta slip in that I LOVE the crochet looks in “God of Music”. The concept photos for this comeback are perfect for summer going into fall. But I don’t have much to say about “God of Music” musically. It’s upbeat, there are some horns, it’s catchy, but not an ear warm addicting. If I were to put it in a tier, I’d say B tier title. Not awful, but I’ll probably forget about it outside its achievements and historical relevance in Kpop and Seventeen’s career.

I just can’t stress enough how important them breaking records like this is. I’m so incredibly proud of Seventeen. I’ve long said they’ve been slept on and underappreciated for their talent and visuals (some of my all-time favorite music videos are Seventeen’s). No one is doing it like them. And I’m glad they’re finally getting their well deserved recognition for their hard and fantastic work.

So I can’t say I’m that salty, I wasn’t really vibing with this album. It felt like filler to me. This is a b-side album. But I’ve said previously that even if I don’t really like a Seventeen song or album much (not a common occurrence, but not impossible even with them being my most musically consistent group), that it’s still pretty good.

A bad day for Seventeen musically is a B-. There are groups I haven’t been able to even give them a B rank. Not one album of theirs I’ve like. Is there a possibility I change my mind on this album? Sure, it’s happened a few times with my faves. But I like to document my feels at the moment then be able to go back and say, “actually I fook with this heavily now”, or “nah I still don’t like it, lol”.

I love a song that references the group or artist’s past, or something closely tied to their identity. “Diamond Days” was an immediate add to my library. Probably my favorite song off the album. I’ll be listening to that a lot.

“Back 2 Back” is my second favorite song from SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. This is what tf I’m talking about!! I love the instrumentals and the slightly distorted vocals in certain parts of the song. I like when the boys have fun in the studio like this.

“Monster” I was expecting more umph with it. You can’t release a song with a title like that and not expect to be compared to other songs with the same title. I will say I like the instrumentals a lot on it.

“Yawn” is a funny title because it’s not an SVT album without a boring ballad. Of course, vocalline did the damn thing again. I like it, but I’m not going back to it.

“Headliner” is the last song on the album before we get the instrumental version of “God of Music”. It’s fine. It’s another one of those sentimental thank you to the fans songs. Another one I’m not going to listen to again anytime soon, but because of preference. Not quality.

And those are my quick thoughts on SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. What did y’all think about it? What is your favorite song. And if you bought a physical copy, which did you get?

My schedule has been all over the place this past week and a half. My dad came down to visit and apparently my granny is coming to visit in about two weeks.

And I’m starting a new job soon, so I’ll definitely have to stay on a stricter creation schedule. But yeah, that’s where I’ve been lately. I haven’t even thought about that SF9 article, lmao. But it’ll get done eventually.

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See ya next post!


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