The time has flown by huh. It’s been a week since my last blogpost talking about my favorite Kpop music video fashion choices of January. It’s also been a week since I saw NCT 127 and it felt like it all happened so fast.

I got there around 5:15 and p3 wasn’t in the building until about 7:40. So there was barely enough time to go to the bathroom or get merch because around 7:45 they opened more of the floor so people could stand closer.

This almost caused a stampede. A girl in front of me almost fell and a girl behind me was trying to hold on to my shirt to keep her balance.

I didn’t like the way Coca Cola Roxy was set up compared to Cobb Energy. I still had a great time and met some nice people. I was originally planning on creating a separate post reviewing the concert. I didn’t get home until around 1:30 Saturday morning and I spent the rest of the day recouping before work Sunday.

I had yesterday and today off from work. I have some friends arriving Saturday for the Blackpink concert on Sunday, so I want to get a much writing in before the concert.

We have close seated spots, so hopefully I’ll be able to get better pictures and video. At NCT 127 concert, it was so hard to see, let alone film or take pictures. Anyway, enough of the concert talk, let’s get into my February favorites!

Piri by Dreamcatcher had creative styling but compare to What I wasn’t blown away. I love the song though. Butterfly by Loona is one of my most anticipated comebacks of 2019 and I wasn’t disappointed. The styling was safe, simple, and classy. I may keep it was a cosplay idea for KCON this year. We’ll see.

Trei is a new group under Banana Culture and their song Gravity isn’t bad. I liked the streetwear inspired looks they wore. My man Yoon Jisung debuted as a soloist with In the Rain. It was a boring ballad, but I liked.

Jisung looked amazing, and his brown suit and white turtle-neck look was my favorite. Lastly, Mr. Cloud Ha Sungwoon also had a solo debut and music show win with Bird. Like Jisung it was a boring ballad, but I listen to Bird more. The music video is cute, but there wasn’t one particular look I was over the moon for.

7.) (G)IDLE – Senorita

I love their stylist didn’t recreate a Carmen like costumes for the girls to go with the Latin inspired title track. They stuck with their G-Idle look of brightly colored, excessive ruffles, fur, dresses, thigh high boots, and designer clothes.

 I adore the Grinch crop top sweater in the video. There’s also a baby blue fur coat in the video, I needed in my closet this past winter.

I guess overall for me, this video had pieces within different outfits I loved, but there weren’t any absolute favorite outfits for me.

After finishing the video, I couldn’t say there was a look or more, I wanted the whole thing from head to toe in my closet. So that’s why G-Idle is ranked so lowly for me this time around.

6.) ONF – We Must Love

Now, normally ONF would have ranked higher. Every outfit the members wear is well put together. However, compared to SF9 and Vanner who I’ve ranked higher in this list, it was kinda safe.

Without spoling my reviews on Do Better and Enough, We Must Love had accessories in their outfits that made the outfits interesting but not enough to be edgy or fashion forward.

For example, in their white and black look, some of the members have on chains and ripped skinny jeans.

That’s pretty much the standard now for male idol group outfits. ONF looked basic is what I’m trying to articulate. Not in a bad way. They all looked great, but it just wasn’t anything that had me shook.

So why not include them in the honorable mentions? Well, I felt ONF was in this gray area of being safe but worth talking about.

I love the black and white and the red and black group looks. Actually, the red and black group look is why I included them in this review. I like the coats and layering done in this look.

5.) VANNER – Better Do Better

Can we start this off by me talking about how much I love the title and the repetition of better do better in the song itself? It reminds me of Y Teen (Monsta X and WJSN collab) and I hate how it didn’t gain more attention.

I think about Jooheon’s, “Gorl I’m doing much better than the other boys” daily. Also, do better is just a big ole mood.

So, when I saw one of the livestages of Better Do Better by Vanner I loved it instantly. I didn’t know who they were, but they were having fun, and I’m about that. Turns out they are a newly debuted boygroup. They kinda give me an Imfact vibe. I haven’t listened to the rest of the album yet, but I really need to.

Anyway, the clothes in this video are right up my alley. Y’all know I love when guys have fun with fashion. I love the bright colors and prints in this video.

There’s a little bit of 90’s revival fashion going on along with some current trends like berets pink/red sunglasses and undercuts.

I just found the styling here in one group look so much more interesting than the three in ONF’s video.

I think Vanner’s video does have more of an advantage of just telling a story in one setting instead of a more complex setting like in We Must Love.

4.) Sik-K – Addict

I didn’t know what to expect from Sik-K’s video fashion wise. So, when homeboy showed up in an iridescent suit I screamed. The bde this look gives is indescribable. The use of mirrors, lights, and red in this video is perfectly timed.

My attention never strayed because I kept wondering, “Okay and then what?” or “Wait what just happened?” I’m a big fan of these visuals in this video and this suit. Idk you gotta watch it for yourself if you haven’t checked this out yet.

3.) SF9 – Enough

Is anyone really surprised SF9 is ranked this high? I’ve become more of a Fantasy every SF9 comeback and I hate I couldn’t see them while they were here in Atlanta. I’ve been incredibly impressed with their styling.

I think they’ve finally found their style in music and fashion and now are just maturing into it. Enough is exactly what I wanted from SF9 following ‘Now or Never’.

They’re still including belts and harnesses. They’re still playing with different textures and layers. As long as they stay on this path, I’m here for all of it.

2.) Taemin – Want

This cancer man got me in my feelings again, send help!!! I’ve said this before, and I’ll continue to say it. It’s not February until Lee Taemin says so. I think that’s when his life force is the most powerful, so you have to strike while the iron is hot.

And I’m just convinced Taemin doesn’t know how to make bad music. He’s consistently on point but maturing as an artist at the same time. I’m so proud of my SHINee bias.

This music video is an experience and a half, and it’s so beautiful from start to finish. Taemin has excellent proportions, so pretty much anything you put him in is going to be editorial.

Taemin’s music video fashion (I should make a post talking about some day) is simple. He doesn’t do too much with accessories like SF9, for example.

He’s a dancer, so he’s not going to wear anything too restrictive. Generally, he’s usually wearing solid colors or basic clothing staples like leather jackets and skinny jeans.

He purposely uses his surroundings in videos along with the song and choreography to tell 95% of the story. That remaining 5% consist of clothes, hair, and accessories.

When you factor all that in that why Taemin’s videos especially with “Want” look and feel so Avant Garde compared to other Kpop videos. *Kanye West shrug* It’s just a SHINee thing.

I loveeeeeeeeeee he wore a red suit again. The video he shot for Thirsty is one of my all-time favorite videos. That’s another Taemin/SHINee thing I enjoy.

I’m sentimental af, so I liveeee for artist referencing their own work in new work. It tells me that it wasn’t just a one-off thing you don’t have to revisit. It’s all connected and has a deep meaning to it.

1.) MONSTA X – Alligator

Full offense boys but y’all had me starving with ‘Dramarama’ and ‘Shoot Out’. I barely listen to The Connect, The Code, and Take.1 albums. I hated Take.2 album. Thankfully ‘Play It Cool’ is a bop and a half and so is ‘Alligator’.

I say all that because I’ve been drifting away from Monsta X more for NCT Nuest and Wanna One too. So, this is kind of a reunion for me. Monsta X was like, “We miss you. Please stop giving NCT all your time and money.” And I was like, “Make better albums.” And their response was, “Get with the times binch.

You’re never getting 2015-2017 MX back.”  And so…here we are with a semi compromise. Monsta X gave me two songs that could have been a part of Beautiful/Shine Forever era and they still have a stan. I was never planning on getting rid of my Monbebe bong anytime soon. I’m in too deep.

Monsta X has always stood out to me because they’ve always been trendsetters. I should also do a fashion evolution of Monsta X because if you look back at Trespass (probably their worst dressed music video except for Wonho’s military look. ICONIC!!!) and compare it to Alligator. Fashion wise, it’s like that freshman year vs senior year meme. Same losers, better understanding of personal style.

Monsta X set a lot of trends in newer men’s Kpop fashion. I see a ton of similarities to VIXX. Monsta X was out here wearing harness, exposing their backs and wearing BDSM leather pants out here a good year to almost two years before other boy groups hopped on the bandwagon and made it mainstream.

I love that about Monsta X though. I love their experimentation yet promise to make fans happy becoming better. Ever since ‘All In’ I’d say Starship and MX starting capitalizing on the sexier image for the group instead of the cringe hip hop look they initially went for in ‘Trespass’.

‘Alligator’ continues the luxurious feel of Beautiful and Shoot Out but with Monsta X’s unique twist. I screamed at Wonho’s leather tassel jacket. I love when punk!Wonho comes out to play.  I love Hyungwon’s leopard shirt with black skinny jean.

Simple yet effective. Shownu’s looks alternative from soft boyfriend to step on me now and I love the duality. I liked Minhyuk’s bandana because it’s a reference to previous MX videos. I.M’s black and white stripe pants!!! BINCH!!!

Wonho’s gold slinky shirt, leather pants and chain things around his thighs had me on the floor. Kihyun’s oversized sweater, silver glasses, and jeans were also simple but perfect.

I think his blazer and jeans look in the first group look is perfect for him, Same with Minhyuk and Hyungwon. They look good regardless, but it’s always nice when other members get to shine.

Jooheon’s all black look with the leather jacket is a blessing idk if we deserved. OMG I almost forgot about his pleather coat! What the hell was that all about?! Punk!Jooheon is amazing too. I.M’s leopard coat you already know I was going to be in love with.

I also really need that red fluffy sweater he’s wearing. There’s really nothing I can complain about style wise. Everyone is styled perfectly to their proportions and there aren’t any bad hairstyles. This video is 3:20 minutes of Monsta X being better than everyone else and that’s okay.

There’s about half the number of groups and soloist in this post compared to part 1, but I only cut down this post by 171 words…lmao.

Two down, one more to go! I hope to have part 3 up next Wednesday. Then we’ll be back on a somewhat normal posting schedule. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Next time you hear from me, Blackpink will have been in my area and I’ll be a changed woman.

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Take care!


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