I wish I could have come up with a shorter title than 2019 First Quarter Kpop Music Video Fashion Review: Part 1. But I felt this was the only title I liked that explained what this series is about. So here we are. Let’s get started with my honorable mentions.

“I’m Okay” by iKON was a slower paced song that I actually enjoyed. I like iKON’s songs that sound like this, but I don’t usually check for them.

I was incredibly impressed with the styling in this video. They played it safe, but they all looked good. I wasn’t sure if “Lonely Night” by KNK was going to be a bop or not but they also looked good as well. The maroon suits, all black, and the black and white looks were my favorite of the video. I live for well fitted suits.

VERIVERY’s “Ring Ring Ring” is a total bop and the sporty vibrant colors fit the music video vibe so well. I thought these outfits would be easily worn in real life. I also got “Aju Nice” vibes with all the confertti.

Gfriend’s “Sunrise” was another beautifully shot music video with them all looking cute. Actually, I don’t think Gfriend has ever had a music video where I didn’t like the styling. One day I’ll review “Fingertip”.

Now let’s get into my 12 favorite music video fashion choices of January. Every month will have a different amount of faves. They will be in order of best to absolute favorite.

12.) Roh Taehyun – I Wanna Know

I love Taehyun and I was excited for his solo. I was curious to how “I Wanna Know” would sound considering he’s a part of JBJ and Hotshot.

I’d say “I Wanna Know” has more of a JBJ sound to it. It’s one of my favorite songs released this year.My favorite look in the video is the orange and dark wash denim. I love when guys wear berets and I need the trend to continue.

The rest of the video has athletic wear vibe that suits the choreography and the overall theme of the music video. Not my favorite fashion genre, but I respect it.

11.) Junoflo – Statues

Ignoring dude with the dreads, I ADORE the matching leopard print coats. I want one of these coats!!

Also, “2 things that I never give, up or a fuck” is a permanent mood. That’s all I wanted to discuss with this one. I’m a sucker for cheetah print coats.

10.) WJSN – La La Love

WJSN really can do no wrong. They released another bop and look stunning doing it. This music video gave me “Lady Marmalade” vibes. I enjoyed the circus concept this time around.

9.) NeonPunch – TicToc

I didn’t have too high of expectations for “TicToc”. My opinion was changed quickly when I saw their iridescent and red plastic outfits. I screamed.

I love they took that risk of not just one costumey outfit for the video, but two. The song is super catchy, and I need to finish listening to the rest of the mini album.

8.) CLC – NO

I was scared for CLC’s comeback, but they ended up getting their first music show win and released two of my favorite b-sides ever, “I Need You” and “Breakdown”. No isn’t one of my favorite CLC title tracks.

“Black Dress” is more of a dance/cluby song whereas I’d expect ‘No’ such a political jam to be played at special occasions like feminism rallies or some other intense moment.

Like I’ll jam to it when it’s on, but it isn’t something I’d regularly play. Anyway, on to the clothes! There are two main looks in the video. One is a bunch of Versace pieces like Twice wore in “Yes or Yes”.

The second is an all-black look. Both I think represent the concept of doing and wearing what you want because you like it, not to please others. I love the message, and Yeeun’s short blonde hair is iconic.

7.) Cherry Bullet – Q&A

Hands down one of the best debuts this year. I love “Q&A” so much and listen to it daily. It’s sooooo catchy and the girls look like they’re having so much fun performing it. The “Q&A” video is creative and there isn’t an outfit in this video I wouldn’t wear.

I love it when the outfits in the video are actually wearable in real life. Whether it’s cosplay or outfit inspiration. They do wear altered designer clothes that isn’t affordable for most like Jiwon’s MSGM pleated sequin midi skirt.

That was shortened into a mini skirt. But Hayoon’s blue velvet shirt is from Forever 21. I just love the mix of high-low fashion in this video.

6.) Astro – All Night

Astro weren’t playin games with this comeback and all of their hard work put into paid off.

“All Night” is one of my favorite songs and “All Light”, the album, is one of my favorite releases this year. I got a bit of NU’EST “Love Paint” , VIXX “Scentist”, and VIXX “Shangri-La” vibes from this video.  Like the hanging roses in bags instantly reminded me of VIXX “Scentist”.

All four videos have unique traits to it. Actually, I wonder if the director is the same? Anyway those were the main three videos I thought of while watching ‘All Night’.

I love Astro’s music video set. It’s just soooo pretty. The pastel color hair works well with the bright floral concept.

I’m a big fan of the trend of male idols wearing these faux Chanel blazers. I usually hate beige group looks but I think it works well in this video.

The beige reminds me of colors you see gardeners or zoologist wear, so it still connects with the overall theme. The all white group look is my favorite of the video.

5.) SEVENTEEN – Home

I have some complaints about this era. I felt they could have kept the boring ballad that is “Home” and gave us “Getting Closer” or “Good to Me” as official title tracks.

“Home” did get them like 14 music show wins, so I guess they know what they’re doing lmao. Style wise Seventeen keeps improving every comeback. This is my favorite music video fashion they’ve had to date.

I love the use of berets (again) especially on my mans S.Coups. He really had NO BUSINESS looking that amazing with a perm and oversize sweater (that Wonho also wears at a fanmeet. They really put both of my faves in the same damn sweater. They’re trying to kill me).

There a lot of oversized outfits in this video which is on trend. I think this is a good collection of where menswear is right now. Like this is very editorial.

You can pause just about any scene and it could be a part of a Vogue spread. The set is minimal but interesting to look at.

Especially where there’s 13 people on screen in most scenes. When doesn’t Seventeen look amazing though?

4.) WayV – Regular

Is this cheating? Although WayV is a part of NCT, technically this is Cpop. But who cares, this is my blog, and we’re gonna talk about WayV. Like most, I had mixed feelings about “Regular” being WayV’s debut song.

I wanted them to have an original song with “Regular” as a b-side to perform on music shows or something.

It really doesn’t matter what language “Regular” is in, it’s just not one of my favorite NCT title tracks. Same with “Simon Says”. It’s grown on me a little bit more but I’m not recommending it to new fan as one of their best you know?

Anyway, let’s talk about the breathtaking visuals and styling in the Chinese version of “Regular”.

Lucas’ suit is perfectly tailor to him, and I screamed during my first viewing of the video. Ten’s velvet suit thing he was in was…a lot. Very expected of the flamboyant legend. Then Kun…man..King Kun’s blonde hair and his suit is perfect.

My favorite thing about this video is that everyone is styled so well. It’s an accurate representation of their personalities but dramatized for the video. Everyone’s hair and makeup enhance their features.

There are some fashion forward looks in the video but there really isn’t a point in the video where I was like man, they should have done this instead of ____.

I liked the references to NCT 2018 like the zoom in shots and them on a stage in Calvin Klein western shirts like the NCT 2018 photoshoot. Oh and of course the glitching out in scenes.

The dream sequence concept still is hanging on, even though SM hasn’t really mentioned it as much as they did for the NCTmentary videos.

3.) LUNA – Do You Love Me

Queen Luna released one of THE BEST R&B SONGS OF ALL TIME THIS YEAR AND EVERYONE SLEPT ON HER AGAIN I’M SO SALTY. I just want to know why? Is it because y’all hate talented, beautiful women? Y’all don’t want a hardworking veteran to get her time in the spotlight? Do I need to come to y’alls house to personally spread the word of our earthly goddess that is miss Park Sunyoung?!!!

 Okay, now that I got that out of my system. Let’s talk about one of the most aesthetically creative music videos that kicked off 2019.

Do you love me kind of reminds me of Jonghyun’s “Fortune Cookie” video. Like, the two parallel each other. Luna’s makeup was one of the FIRST things that caught my attention. It’s so soft, simple and feminine.

It just enhances her natural features, but is also on trend. I’m such a sucker for hoop earring and pink. The vintage clothes!!! You know what? This video has big Depop energy.

To me, the video goes by so quickly. There isn’t really a story to it. It’s just a 3:15 minute video of Luna being beautiful, showing off her clothes, and jamming to her song, and that’s perfectly fine.

2.) ONEUS – Valkyrie

Another surprise debut and title track song I wasn’t expecting to love instantly. I was unironically shook by the visuals and styling in this video.

This was a PRODUCTION. Where did this money come from? I have so many questions. The song is a banger, the album is good from start to finish. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on them.

Style wise…man…

I have so many words, but none at the same time. The textures!! Their stylist is a genius. They mixed metal chains and beads with snake print, solids with metallics.

One of the dudes has on this like black feather button up shirt and embroidered pants to match (2:14).

They had a leather military/band uniform group look. They brought out embordered suits. Their boots looked futuristic af.

Their stylist incorporated numerous music video concepts like school boy, posh punk, and military into a set that looks something of 2011 Kpop video.  I am incredibly impressed. Wowwww. They really did that™.

1.) ATEEZ – Say My Name

Ateez was a group I don’t really care about. I didn’t like this song on first listen, but now I’ve grown to love it and ATEEZ.  I was blown away by the styling in ‘Say My Name’. The first member we see, Hongjoong, is walking in wearing a fur coat. The fashion from there continues to be over the top.

I had some difficulty deciding between ONEUS or ATEEZ for this spot. I ultimately chose ATEEZ because this whole video screams luxury. I hate mullets.

We know that, but everything else hair, clothing, accessories, makeup is on point. Similar to Seventeen, I felt you could pause this video at any point and get a scene you’d see in Vogue.

There’s also an awesome mix of athletic wear mixed with streetwear and regular designer pieces. There’s also a hint of like punk and cowboy vibes. I don’t know how their stylist put it all together.

Everyone manages to stand out but look cohesive at the same time. That what excellent group styling is to me. This is the level I want all my fave boy groups to be on fashion wise. Well done!

OMG that was so much commentary! I’m happy I got it all out, though. Finally. Part two almost has more honorable mentions than music videos to discuss, lol.

It will be a shorter post. I’m not sure how short because a 500-word post is short for me. So maybe 1,000? No promises though. I have a lot to say. I will try to have most of it written out Saturday.

I’m seeing NCT 127 tomorrow, and I’m soooooooooooooo excited! I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Follow me on Twitter.

Take care!


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