This month kinda wasn’t it…

Compared to the June post I wrote yesterday, I just felt like I was hitting more duds in July. A lot of okay or ight songs for me. An honorable mention goes to Moon Jongup.

I didn’t like his title “Us” but I did enjoy “Photo”, “Find”, and “Goup”. Also, does he look different to anyone else. I feel like something changed appearance wise, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Maybe he just lost weight. Anyway, I didn’t want to link all the videos. Plus, I don’t really have much to say other than I liked them.

This month I have 7 groups and soloists, so I think this is gonna be a short post. Let’s get started!

WOODZ – Sun or Suck

For an OST, this song slaps. Normally, OST for Kdramas are pretty boring. But every once in a while you get a non ballad and I love to see it.

I thought this was just a Woodz song at first. Like one, he just decided to drop. It sounds so consistent with his previous releases.

I like when a collaboration or OST still sounds like something the artist(s) would release on their own.

SF9 – Teardrop

SF9 just continues to slay with these releases. I love they keep releasing these club bops. The only other notes I wrote was Mannequin Challenge.

It works well here. They look amazing, and I like the way this music video was filmed. Love a good grayscale moment.

The Boyz – Drink It

Another annoying Universe app exclusive. I almost didn’t embed the preview. But I got vampy vibes just from hearing the song.

So finally seeing visuals for it make me feel good for being right about the concept, lol. I wish this would have been their official comeback post Mnet Kingdom. I’m not a fan of Thrill Ride at all.

OnlyOneOf – ? (questiOn mark)

“?” and the rest of Produced by [myself] just slaps. Ooo stays, bringing the jams. I’m said Love is no longer in the group. I was just starting to get to know them more, too.

LØREN – Need

I’m really impressed with this song. I had low expectations, but he had me hooked by the chorus. I don’t listen to a ton of K-rock.

But I added this to my saves. Maybe I need to check for LØREN more.

Jinyoung – Dive

A fooking TUUUUUNNNNEEEEE. Idk why, but I didn’t expect to enjoy “Dive”. I thought Jinyoung was gonna pull a D.O and giving me boring ballads once he returned to music.

But no. He gave me the mid-tempo bop I wanted. So now I gotta listen to it every day to make it up to him lmaooo.

Jinyoung has been my fave from Got7 pretty much since after I saw them in concert. I swerved from Jackson’s lane to his and never really went back.

I love that he’s been getting more acting roles, but I hope Jinyoung continues to give us tunes every once in a while too. “Dive” is perfect for summer. A great, refreshing tune.

Dreamcatcher – BEcause

It’s been sooooo long since I’ve loved a Dreamcatcher title track on my first listen. It feels like home. Summer Holiday is such a different vibe than what we usually get from Dreamcatcher.

I love the switch up. We been knewn they were queens of duality, but now we have hard evidence. “Whistle”, “Alldaylong”, and “Airplane” are my fave b-sides. I

‘ll have to pick up the physical copy of this album. I love it so much.

And that’s it for July. A pretty slow month. I think August will be much more full. I need to catch up, so I can go back to having these monthly posts up on the first or so of the following month.

I’m back in the writing mood, so expect more frequent updates. As for the podcast, I think I’m back to putting that on hold. I’m not really seeing the numbers I’d like on there.

I’d rather put that extra energy into the blog for now. I’m sure y’all won’t mind.

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Until next time!

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