I’m lowering my expectations, but I’m also willfully optimistic at the same time.

…. This year wasn’t it. You don’t need me to say it. But I feel like some progress was made. Personally, my New Year’s Resolution list was partially achieved.

I did get back to regularly exercising. I still haven’t finished level 1 of my Talk to Me in Korean book (we’re migrating that to the January 2022 to-do list, lol).

I did write more on ATK. I wrote 26 more post this year than in 2020. Hopefully I can double my output again in 2022. So idk I think I had a pretty successful year. Not bad for a girl with no talent.

My biggest thing for 2021 was to get back to hobbies and taking time to rest. I really want to crank that up next year.

Setting aside more time to practice Korean, write more blog post, get back to crocheting and knitting, continue to improve my health by eating healthier, and I wanna learn how to play the ukulele.

Those are my goals for 2022. I’ll be 28, and I need 28 Ashliegh to have more fun than 27 Ashliegh, she’s suffering 😃 

But enough about me (for now) let’s talk about what I wish for the world of Kpop in 2020 for 2021:

10.) SHINee Comeback & Album

This did happen, and in my last post, I talked a bit about my overall feelings. I’m so happy we got a SHINee comeback before Taemin enlisted. That in itself was a win for Shawols.

9.) Key Solo Comeback

Also happened. I didn’t like it as much as his first album, but I did like it. It went more into the 80s sound than R&B. So that’s literally just my own personal taste. Phenomenal album objectively.

8.) CIX Full Length Album

Lmaoooo again this happened, but I didn’t like it that much. Maybe there’s a downside to my wishes being granted.

7.) TXT Full Length Album

So I get confused on what get considered a full length studio album when it comes to Kpop versus Western music. Normally, an album with 10 or more songs is considered full length. Anything below that is an ep/mini album.

However, I think The Dream Chapter: Magic is considered their first full length album. So I guess what I meant by this was a second full length album. Which did happen (The Chaos Chapter: Freeze) and I also didn’t care for it lmaooo.

6.) Jus2 Comeback

Finally getting to the things that didn’t happen. So I’m super excited, as a former Ahgase, to see the members continue to support and interact with each other. But I’m okay with not getting a Jus2 comeback because I love Yugyeom’s solo album so much.

That’s the cost I’m willing to pay. If I had to choose, I’d rather have that than the subunit. JayB is supposed to release a new album soon, so I’ll check that out. I expect it to be good. His stuff has been pretty good. I just don’t really keep up with him anymore.

5 – 2 I’m Just Lumping All The BTS Stuff Together

2021 was not a good year for my relationship with BTS. I was really hoping they’d just go back to focusing on making good music and stop trying to pander to the West.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I mean yeah I’m happy about their achievements and record-breaking, but if I don’t like the music, I’m just not interested in keeping up with the other.

I still want to see a regular full length BTS album, proper promotions of solo and subunit projects, but I’m just nowhere near as interested in that or BTS like I was in 2019, definitely 2020. Maybe a return to old will change that. But for now I’m back to casually stanning.

1.5) Honorable Mentions

Seventeen did go back to using their person accounts on insta. We didn’t get Wonho his first music show win yet, but he did get some award show wins. ATEEZ merch is improving.

1.) Live, In Person Concerts

Sorta? It was kind of a mix. I’ve bought tickets for two in person tickets for 2022 which is way more than what I could say for 2021.

Okay, on to my wishlist for 2022. This was also kind of difficult for me to compile. I feel like my expectations are soooo low. I’m just not feeling that ambitious or creative, but here we go.

So the lower something is on this (like ranked 8) the more likely I think it will happen. The higher up (like 3) the less likely. Let’s go!

10.) Minho Solo Album

From what I remember, “I’m Home” was released before Minho did his enlistment. “Heartbreak” is his most recent release. And that’s all the solo music we have from him, atm.

Soooo in 2022 he’s gotta be on the solo music release next year for SM. I want a continuation of “Heartbreak” and some slower paced songs like “I’m Home”. I have complete faith in Rap God Minho.

9.) Zion.T Album

I said this in the December faves post, but I really want more music from him. It’s been quiet for too long.

8.) Stray Kids US Tour

So I didn’t watch the video they did, but I did see this tweet:

So this is pretty much confirmed. It’s just a matter of when they’re gonna announce it. I’m thinking spring, like April or May, to give time for Twice to come back from their tour and Stray Kids to have another comeback to have some more music to tour with. I’m so hypeeee.

7.) DRIPPIN Full Length Album

Because it’s just time. I know they’re confirmed to have a comeback in January. Ya girl is ready.

6.) EVERGLOW US Tour And Full Length Album

Everglow toured in the US right before lockdowns. I still kick myself for not seeing them when they were in Atlanta, but I’m ready now.

I didn’t care for Return of The Girl, but I love their rest of their music to date. I’m hoping next year we continue to get frequently releases from them, including a full length album.

5.) Wonho US Tour (And #1stMusicShowWin)

Wonho has talked about wanting to tour in the US (and other places). Plus, he’s signed to an American label as well, so it’s just a matter of time.

4.) Chungha US Tour

Chungha has already been to the US for KCON, but I want to see her on her own tour. I also see this happening as long as concerts don’t get fully cancelled again like the height of the panorama.

3.) In Person KCON

KCON in LA (I haven’t been to New York’s) was such a blast. I miss having such a large event for Kpoppies to meet and mingle.

Like with concerts in general, I see this happening if it’s safe to do so, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce it and then have to move to online.

2.) TXT In The Soop

I haven’t finished Seventeen in the Soop, but what I have watched I loved.

So now I want, no, need to see them struggle to plan meals, play soccer, and take naps while other members are playing board games. Then I want Enhypen to be in the soop after them.

1.) Dean Comeback

A single, album, collab, ANYTHING!!! The industry needs Dean’s solo music. It hasn’t been the same since he’s been mia.

I heard he’s been helping out younger artist get established, so that’s good. Along with him continuing to work behind the scenes on producing and writing like he always has.

But I miss his own music. I saw a post on Reddit where he said he’s working on new music and plans to release it next year. Here’s the Koreaboo link to read the exact post.

So those are my wishes for 2022. I think all these have excellent likelihoods of happening compared to my 2021 list. For the blog next year, things will mostly be the same.

I want to keep improving on here. Posting more frequently with topics I think y’all will be interested in. I will take a short break in January for a few weeks. So make sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram for updates.

What were some of your favorite moments in Kpop this year? What wishes do you have for 2022? I hope y’all have a good NYE and take time to rest and do something nice for yourselves. See y’all next year!


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