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It’s the 10-year anniversary of numerous things. My high school graduation, the world ending (again), pop legend Carly Rae Jepsen released “Call Me Maybe”, and 3rd gen Kpop got its start.

EXID, EXO, BTOB, AOA, B.A.P, NU’EST, VIXX, and a ton more. It’s kinda wild how many of my favorite groups debuted this year.

If you look at the 2012 in South Korean music page on Wikipedia, you can see a full list of everyone, including soloist and major events like MAMA.

I’ll eventually do a best of EXO, AOA, and others. But today I wanna talk about one of my top 3 favorite girl groups, EXID.

My first introduction to EXID was with their 2014 release “Up & Down”. With “Ah Yeah” being my first comeback as a LEGGO (EXID fandom name) in April 2015.

I followed a lot of EXID tumblr accounts during 2015-2018ish then the fandom starts to fall apart on there.

There are a few active blogs, but not as many during their peak, unfortunately. Makes sense considering the girls have mostly been doing individual activities. And people move on to other groups.

On August 13th EXID held a 10-year anniversary reunion broadcast. I missed it, but I did see the ot5 picture on Instagram teasing the reunion.

And then the other picture of them together. It also reminded me to check out some of Hyelin’s YouTube videos.

I forgot she does a lot of YouTube videos now (there are subs, thank God). I missed her and the rest of EXID. I’ve been wanting to do a fave EXID songs article for some time now, so their anniversary is the perfect time.

Well, it’s a bit past their debut anniversary (I can’t believe I’m just discovering Lee Soohyuk is in this music video, lol).

But we’re not that far from the 10-year anniversary of their first comeback song, “I Feel Good“, which was released August 14th (or was uploaded to YouTube on that date) is painfully 2012 but still sounds good.

I think their anniversary celebration was planned this way on purpose. EXID had a lineup change to make a long story short, and “I Feel Good” is the lineup we’re used to seeing.

Anyway, here’s 12 of my favorite EXID songs.

Two of the songs aren’t group songs, but I’m including them because one of them I still listen to weekly, and the other I listened to daily when it was new.

Let’s start!

Every Night

I remember, for the longest time, LEGGO wanted another song like “Every Night”. It’s sooo good. A midtempo song. We love a plot driven music video. The styling is cute and simple.

I think if you’re used to more fast-paced, loud EXID songs, I highly recommend starting here. Idk why there was this mindset of EXID only having one sound. They’re so versatile and experimental. They have the range!!

Night Rather Than Day

To continue the midtempo vibes, I want to talk a bit about “Night Rather Than Day”. I loved this era so much. I wanted to cosplay their colorful blazer skirt fit for KCON.

But I didn’t end up going that year (rip). I love Hyelin getting a chance to shine vocally during this era. Solji was gone for health reasons. But I think the girls were able to do a phenomenal job arranging things around with the group in her absence.


Picking the pace up a bit with one of my favorite songs and music videos ever. If you haven’t read my L.I.E review, check it out here.

I think this is still my favorite EXID era. I was deep in my LEGGO era here. I love Eclipse, but nothing ever touched Street for me. Such a fantastic album from start to finish.

Hot Pink

I actually listen to the remix version more. I like the arrangement and pacing more. The original is slower and a little less dancy for me. I do love the music video for “Hot Pink”.

I think about Hani’s swampy green hair all the time. But I wish the remix version was the official version. Actually, after “L.I.E” I think “Hot Pink” is my second favorite EXID music video.

Up & Down

The classic, iconique…wait, let me get someone else to say it for me.

There really isn’t anything like this song in Kpop (minus “Ah Yeah) that even comes close to this song. No one is doin it like them. STILL.

This was a MOMENT. You had to BE THERE to fully experience the hype and popularity once this song blew up. The best way I can describe it is what happened to Brave Girls recently with “Rollin”.

But like 6 years earlier. This was so unheard of. And truly was a game changer for the girls. When I first heard the song, I loved it. I loved the wacky imagery, it kinda reminded me of Orange Caramel. It was just so fun and different.

Ah Yeah

My favorite thing about “Ah Yeah” minus it slapping just as hard as “Up and Down”, was how mad it made people. There were tons of complaints of it being a rip-off of “Up and Down”.

But they found a formula that worked and took advantage of it while it was still relevant. They gave the people what they wanted, then made other music afterwards. But people were salty about it. I was living for it. I still love “Ah Yeah”.

I forgot how much EXID love horns in their songs, lol.

Okay, next!


One of my favorite EXID b-sides. I used to listen to this song soooo much. It’s still a comfort song. So, EXID made a music video for the Chinese version of “Cream”.

So someone on YouTube just put the Korean version over the Chinese music video. This is another gem off Street album. I think now we’re just gonna talk about more Street songs.

They slap. There’s an excellent balance of slow songs, uptempo, midtempo. It’s such a solid representation of what EXID can do. That album is my response to any who says EXID only make music that sounds like “Ah Yeah” and “Up and Down”.

Are You Hungry?

So the first thing you’re probably gonna think, is “Uh hey? Momoland??? What the hell?” Yeah, EXID, well Jeonghwa and Hyelin specifically, used that instrumental first for “Are You Hungry”. I don’t really remember any controversy about it.

People use the same instrumentals all the time. And these are two VERY different songs. I love both for different reasons. I just knew I needed to do some explaining if you’re more familar with “Bboom Bboom” (which I suspect). Idk maybe you don’t know either, lol.

Anyway, I loved “Are You Hungry?” from the first few seconds. I wish we got more music from maknae line. Like an official subunit release with a mini album. That would have been so much fun. They looked like they had a blast performing this song live.

Don’t Want a Drive

Street opens with “Don’t Want a Drive”. It’s such a chill song. If you haven’t heard the studio version, highly recommend, of course. I just realized the album is called street, and they have a song with drive in the title. 6 years later, lmao.


We’re jumping all around in this article. Back to ot4 holdin it down while Solji got better. I love the retro late 80s, early 90s Hip Hop vibes this era had.

Sound wise, I love they made a retro song still sound like EXID. I feel like some groups just take a genre, and suddenly they’re that genre for a comeback or two. They don’t know how to make their own twist on that sound. The sound wears them.

This comeback so such an unexpected turn. If there’s one thing about EXID, is that they’re gonna try different things and keep it interesting every time you see them.


The sirens/horns and DDD give me “Ah Yeah” callbacks. But the rest of the song doesn’t rely heavily on that. I remember being obessed with this styling in the music video. They look so good. I loved Hani’s pink lilac hair so much.


Saving the best for last. I know technically this is a LE song, but it’s my favorite EXID indvidual/solo song. I STILL listen to this song multiple times a week. It’s one of my emotional support songs.

We love love love a midtempo chill R&B song. LE is known as the music genius for the group. She’s a phenominal rapper, producer, and lyricist. I rediscovered this quote HyunA made about LE:

about four years ago, i got to know an unnie name LE. two years later i recieved my first rap that unnie made. i learned the rap from her…”–”she’s my master. when i’m lacking confidence, she finds it for me. when it comes to my voice my confidence falls, she’d say “it’s good when you know your own voice.” she says these kinds of words. she’s not only good on the work side, i just really like her as a friend.

This post was made back in 2015 on Tumblr and idk the exact source (interview) this was from, I’m thinking this had to been around A+ or A’wesome era.

I think the rap Hyuna is talking about is for “Blacklist” off A Talk (the “Red” album). But this stood out to me because LE is so talented and well versed in everything. I don’t think she gets enough credit or respect.

That actually goes for the rest of EXID too. I don’t think EXID as a girl group and as individual members get enough respect and credit for their contributions to Kpop.

They all have different gifts that would dearly be missed if they weren’t in EXID. I liked that Jeonghwa started getting more lines and opportunities to do more than just be a visual.

Hyelin was able to showcase her vocals more during Solji’s absence and when Solji came back, Hyelin still got a lot of lines.

It wasn’t like okay, now you go back to having a few backing vocals here and there. I think overall, unnie line is known for their contributions to the group, but maknae line gets a bit slept on.

Also, towards the end of regular actives, you start seeing more solo and unit songs on their albums. I like that too. I think the girls started having even more influence in their music, which is wonderful.

I forgot to mention in the beginning, they just had a concert in Japan. This concert was originally supposed to happen back in 2020. I’m jealous of y’all who attended that in person.

TLDR: Title track wise, my top 3 are “Up and Down”, “Night Rather Than Day”, and “L.I.E”.

Fave b-side is “Cream” and non-group song (meaning solos and subunits), is “Velvet”. A clearer order. I don’t think I articulated that well talking about each song, lol.

I still have so much love for EXID. I need y’all new to Kpop to check them out IMMEDIATELY. I’ve super excited to see what they continue to do outside the group.

Whenever they come back for a proper ot5 comeback, you will likely hear me screaming about it from your house, lol.

Idk why, but I had the BIGGEST (I’m using bold and all caps so much today, apologies) writer’s block that I have finally worked through.

I probably should have just worked on another project, but instead I hit my reading goal for the year (follow me on GoodReads if you use it. I tried Storygram and I didn’t find it that user-friendly) and worked, lol.

But now that the block is over, I’m gonna be back on schedule. Well, like a new article every few days. Like when I’m a functional member of society, lol. Next post is August faves.

I’m planning on having that up either tomorrow or Wednesday. With the WJSN post finally up Friday or Saturday. I’m determined to get a bunch of posts out this month to make up for the silence last month.

Seoul Fashion Week Insta account posted the dates for 2023 S/S which is 10/11-10/15 and that always takes a lot of time to get completed.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post! Let me know your fave EXID songs, members, anything related to EXID really. I wanna chat with other LEGGO 😭.

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Take care y’all!

See ya next post!


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