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My Other Fave Taemin Songs

Basically Want era onwards🪩

Alright, we’ve made it to the finale of this Taemin series! We’ve covered my thoughts on Ace, Press It, and Move. So now I want to talk about the remaining Taemin eras all together. I didn’t realize how few songs I have saved that are newer Taemin songs.

So this article might be the shortest of the bunch. I thought Move was going to be like 500 words, but it did ended up being around 1600. So I guess we’ll see how long or not this one will be. Let’s get into it!

Under My Skin

Do you ever forget about a song? And then once you hear it again, you’re like, “Oh yeahhh. I love this sooong.” That was me listening to “Under My Skin” for the first time in like three or four years. I can’t tell you the last time I heard this song or thought about it. And it’s a shame because it’s such a phenomenal song.

I wasn’t expecting to start this post off with another Japanese song, after ending the last Taemin article with a Japanese song. Well, sorta. The drama and emotion in Taemin’s Japanese songs just feel so serene and surreal. It feels like you’re in a fantasy film or something. I just love it.

I’m gonna blame Spotify for hiding this song from me. I forgot how much it slaps. It’s still a midtempo song, but the instrumentals and Taemin’s vocal performance is just perfect.

I like the slight change in sound (like production and instrumentals), Taemin’s Japanese songs are for the Japanese audience. I don’t know how to describe it, other than like melodramatic. It feels like everything is just so much bigger and needs an orchestra. Very theatric feel.

I looked at who worked on this song and no surprise to me, Mr. Junji Ishiwatari is back. He just gets it. Knocks it out of the park every time.

If you don’t remember from my Your Number article, he wrote the lyrics for “Your Number” along with a few other SM artists Japanese songs. We have another fave lyricists returning on the self-titled Taemin album, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Music video wise, I like these solo Taemin videos. It reminds me of those posts on Tumblr that talk about listening to a song and looking out of the window like you’re the main character of a movie or show. It just enhances the drama of it all.

Style wise, again, no complaints. We have the typical Taemin uniform going on. We love a monochrome moment, turtlenecks, and sliver jewelry, which I haven’t mentioned at all.

Mostly because I don’t pay much attention to jewelry it when it comes to outfits. It’s always my last thing I think about. I think about shoes and purses waaay before jewelry. I love jewelry, but it’s not something I personally would build a look around.

Anyway, I have noticed in watching all these music videos over the past like month, Taemin almost exclusively wears silver jewelry.

He likes his rings, his cross earring or some type of handing earring. Sometimes he’ll break out a nose ring, but yeah, mans loves his jewelry.

We also have another dark blonde Taemin look. And I’ve said this way too many times now, but I love blonde Taemin.

I think he’s genuinely one of the few idols, that really pulls blonde off extremely well. I also can’t say with confidence I prefer his black or blonde hair more than the other.

I almost forgot to mention, we also have some odd filter and almost fish eye lens again. I like that too.

Into The Rhythm

“Into The Rhythm” sounds a bit more like something I’d expect out of a Korean release, because it’s much more of a dance track, compared to the dramatic slightly slower paced “Under My Skin”.

This song feels so short to me. Right as it’s getting really good, and you think there’s gonna be like 30 more seconds for some more verses, it’s over.

Sara Sakurai is back with a lyrics credit on another SHINee related Japanese song. She worked on “Sayonara Hitori” and the Japanese version of “Press Your Number” which is on this album, along with her other songs she worked on like “Eclipse”, and “Holy Water”.

“Sayonara Hitori” is also on this album, forgot about that. Actually, if you look at the lyric writing section, half of these songs just bounce between Sara Sakurai and Junji Ishiwatari. It’s funny, but you love to see it.


I couldn’t wait to talk about Want era. I love love love “Want” and “Artistic Groove”. Of Taemin’s more recent releases, I’d easily have these two in my top 10 all-time favorite Taemin songs.

I think part of my hype this era was just me being excited about loving more than one song from a Taemin album, lmao.

Granted, it was three this time, but beggars can’t be choosers. And a banger for a title track is enough for me sometimes. And we can’t go wrong with Kenzie on the track.

I love the “hot hot”, I love the instrumentals, it’s just such a catchy song. We get some strong “Move” and other small callbacks visually in “Want”.

There’s something so engaging about Taemin being portrayed as a mob boss, but just so unrealistic, I can’t help but to laugh.

But I like the aesthetic of it, so joke’s on me, I guess. I’d also like to point out, he’s wearing some gold jewelry finally! * throws confetti * That’s a cute necklace in the thumbnail. Pun intended, I want it.

Wait, how have I managed to go this long and not talk about the Taemin “T” pose he does? Or that wiggle dance move.

“Want” is just that girl. Almost four-year-old song and it sounds like it dropped like a week ago.

Artistic Groove

The way both of these songs pair so well together. I don’t remember if I knew he performed this song with “Want”. But I love that pairing. I don’t really have anything special to say about this song. I just love it.

It feels like a warm hug. A shearling coat. I just love having a chill song you can do anything too. You don’t need to have a specific mood for this song. It’s equal opportunity. You can’t go wrong with it.

Never Forever

The guitar and the way he sings, “never forever babe”. Sold. Throw it in that bag.

I feel like one of the songs off Move I didn’t care about (“Back To You” maybe, idk), sounds similar to this song, but “Never Forever” is the stronger version.

It’s also a short song. And I’m just noticing that. But it doesn’t feel like it’s short. Good song. A bit underrated, maybe? I never see anyone talk about it much.


I’ve talked about “Criminal” already in its own article. Most of my thoughts are still the same on it lol. That post held up pretty well.

I love “Criminal” but I wasn’t a big fan of Never Gonna Dance Again era. The music video still gives me chills.

Black Rose

Okay werk. I had no idea there was a live performance version of this song. Wait, is this one of the panorama concerts?

Anyway, I love it when Taemin gives us something different that still slaps. I’ve never not liked this song, despite never really listening to it. Spotify, I’m blaming you again.

I wouldn’t hate another song like “Black Rose”.


Another song I never listen to despite really liking it.

This and “Artistic Groove” are just songs you can just jam too. Never a wrong time to put these songs on.

So that’s the end of my fave (newer) Taemin songs. I did leave three songs off this list: “Day and Night” from MOVE-ing, “Exclusive” Korean version from Never Gonna Dance Again Act 2, and “Light” from Advice.

I was suuper close to putting “Light” on this list, but honestly, I don’t think I’ve thought about this song since 2021. It’s good.

My favorite out of this batch, but I don’t listen to it much. And it feels weird to include a song that I didn’t listen to much at release or years later on this list.

So it’s going in this honorable mentions segment, lol. “Day and Night” and “Exclusive” are just, like, fine Taemin songs. I’m not gonna fight to defend their honor, but I’m gonna think before skipping it on shuffle.

I said this during my Move article, but even the Taemin songs I don’t care about, still are listenable and decent. What a man.

I’ve done it. I’ve actually finally talked a normal amount about Taemin on this blog, lmao. Y’all, I really miss this man. Creating this series while waiting got Taemin to come back from his military stuff was fun.

I hope y’all enjoyed reading these posts. If you were looking for somewhere to start with Taemin’s solo music, I hope I was able to steer you in the right direction. You gotta tell me your fave Taemin songs in the comments.

Idk what the next article is gonna be. My content calendar is such a mess. I organize it, and somehow it gets worse. *sings* Me, I’m the problem, it’s me, lmaooo.

Anyway, until next post…

Take care!


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