Another busy month in the word of Kpop, huh.

I got the idea to write this blog post after catching up some new releases back on the 23rd. I was originally going to just review Blackpink, Heize and Seventeen’s new music videos all in one post. But yeah, after catching up on everything, I decided it would be easier to compile my thoughts on the best and worst comebacks in June 2020. So let’s get started with the worst.

10.) Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park, HAON – GANG Official Remix

According to some comments under this video, this song is really popular in South Korea, but I CAN’T get past the instruments in this song. It just starts out loud.

There’s a bunch of laser bumblebee like noises underneath mumble rap. Jay Park saves the song but temporarily. It’s an assault on your ears. Maybe I’m just getting old, lmao.

9.) GIDONGDAE(기동대) – Party Like This

I know this is their pre-debut, but I hate it. There’s too much autotune and the rest of the song sounds generic. I like the summer/beachy vibes in the video.

And the styling for the guys are alright. Nothing noteworthy. This release doesn’t make me excited for any future releases.

8.) BLACKPINK – How You Like That

I’ve expressed my disappointment with “How You Like That” briefly on Tumblr, but I think a decent amount of Blinks are getting fed up with how formulaic Blackpink’s music has become. I saw someone on Reddit refer to HYLT as “DDU-DU DDU-DU” part 3 with “Kill This Love” being “DDU-DU DDU-DU” part 2.

I’m tired of horns replacing actual choruses with lyrics. The styling, hair and makeup in How You Like That is great. I don’t have any complaints about that. This is another pre-release, so hopefully the official comeback is better, but I have slim hope. I’d recommend going back to Sour Candy.

7.) MOMOLAND – Starry Night

Boring. Just flat out boring. I love the styling, and I like how it’s shot as a Polaroid picture of the girls. But they could have kept this song. I’d rather have a full comeback than a filler, boring release like “Starry Night”.

6.) Ha Sungwoon – Get Ready

Get Ready is the last of my worst list. I ranked Sungwoon the highest because I had 3 favorite songs off his Twilight Zone mini album. I would have picked “Curiou’s” as the title track over Get Ready.

Twinkle Twinkle” and “Lazy Lover” are my other faves off the album, but I see why they weren’t chosen as title tracks. I love orange hair on Sungwoon and the styling in “Get Ready” was fine. But I gotta dock points off for this song.

5.) Seventeen – Left & Right

Love Seungcheol in the thumbnail.  So “Left & Right” is kinda the opposite of how I feel towards Ha Sungwoon’s release. I loved Sungwoon’s album more than the title track. With Seventeen, I love “Left & Right” as a title track, but I didn’t like Heng:garae mini album.

It might grow on me down the road, but right now it’s my least favorite album of theirs. Mini album aside, I love everything about “Left & Right”. Most importantly, I’m happy S.Coups is back promoting with the group. That’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

4.) TXT – Puma

Lime highlighter hair Yeonjun, that’s all. Send tweet.

“Puma” slaaappppss. When I first listened to The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY I was flabbergasted. It’s soooooooo good. TXT is barely a year old but has managed to release 2 of my all-time favorite mini albums in Kpop. I’m STILL shocked at how good their debut album, The Dream Chapter Star is. I got a kick out of the use of leopard print for one of the group looks.

Their stylist saw the opportunity to make a cat reference and took it. TXT has quickly become one of my favorite boygroups and I can’t wait for more music from them.

3.) Heize – Lyricist/ 일이 너무 잘 돼 (Things are going well)

If you’re not a Heize fan in 2020…what are you doing? What are you doing with your life? Listening to Heize’s music is an easily attainable luxury that will improve your life. So after watching this video, check out her other music. PLEASE.

Anyway, I really enjoy music videos where they include 2 songs like Heize did for “Lyricist” and “Things are going well”. Music videos back in the early to mid 2000s used to do that a lot, but you don’t really see it much anymore.

The rest of the Lyricist mini album continues this jazzy airy summer sound, so if you like that, you’ll love the rest of this album.

2.) AB6IX – 답을 줘 (THE ANSWER)

After losing their leader and having to rerecord everything for this comeback, AB6IX really delivered with this one.

So far I’ve enjoyed at least one song if not more off their previous releases, but The Answer just hits differently. As I mentioned on Twitter, I want Daehwi’s yellow Versace sweater in The Answer. It’s so cute!

Honorable Mentions

Before I get to the number one best June 2020 comeback, I want to mention some other releases that got cut from this list.

The Solutions – Dance With Me Not that fond of the song but what kept me watching was the video itself.

클래디 (ClaD) – Mon paris Dean meets Lofi Hip Hop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study To.

JUN. K “THIS IS NOT A SONG, 1929 Another amazing power ballad from king Jun.K.

IZ*ONE (아이즈원) – 환상동화 (Secret Story of the Swan) Not my favorite title track IZ*ONE song but I did like a couple of songs from the mini album. I’m a big fan of the orange group look and the white group look.

SUNMI – 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam) Another bop. Love the styling again.

Hwasa – Maria Also slaps. The mini album just became available for me, so I haven’t check it out yet.

1.) VICTON – Mayday

I haven’t liked a Victon song in a long time. Mostly because they’ve been releasing more ballads. And y’all know I’m not much of a ballad binch. So when I clicked on “Mayday”, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the gray oversized military uniforms they wear throughout “Mayday”.

In my notes, I wrote, “Good used of farting horns in chorus.” One of my biggest complaints with groups like Stray Kids and Ateez is their songs don’t have choruses with actual lyrics. It’s just a bunch of loud farting horns. It’s not just those groups.

A lot of songs in Kpop rely on this, and I’m over it. Victon used their farting horns responsibly, lol. I haven’t checked out the rest of the mini album “Mayday” is from, but this made me interested in listening to it.

Alright, so that was my Top 10 Best & Worst June 2020 Comebacks. What did y’all think? I may do another one for July. This was fun to put together. If there’s anyone you think I missed or have someone you’d like me to review, let me know below. Follow me on Twitter.

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