Music Video Fashion: Sistar I Like That

WOW! I miss Sistar :/

S-I-S-T-A-R Sistar, the queens of summer comebacks gifted us with I Like That on the first day of summer, June 20th.


Let’s look at the many looks of I Like That. Starting off with Dasom in a mandarin orange satin dress.

From the front you think it’s going to look similar in the back. Once she turns around you see a thinner, deep v. It’s has 50s elegance with a modern twist.

Next we get a glimpse of the first group outfit, the pink crop tops, high waist shorts and mesh skirt cover up.


I think this look is really cute. It gives me Greek goddess vibes.

Especially on Bora


*Insert heart eyes emoji here*

Next we have a glimpse of Hyolyn in a satin two piece long sleeved crop top and high waist shorts. She looks so cute in this outfit.


After Hyolyn’s look we see Dasom again, but this time she is in a long white robe.


Looking fabulous again.

Then we get another glimpse of Bora, also in white.


And back to Hyolyn, now wearing a multicolored tunic.


Finally, we see a solo shot of Soyou!!

Laying on flower petals in a nude lace dress, worth the wait lol.

Next look is the second group look. Bora is the first member we see in it during her rap verse.


Then it switches between this look and my favorite look in the music video, a black lace and satin dress.


Then we go back to OT4

For the last look we get a group night gown/pajamas look. I really love this because we see more of the silk look we see throughout the music video mixed with black.


When I was first going through this music video I knew it would take a few times to make sure I captured all the looks (there’s 11 in total). Which worked out great because I love the song, so I got to keep scrolling back through and listen to it more. I hope you enjoy I Like That as much as I do. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Originally posted on my old blog Style Cookie Jar on June 23rd 2016

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