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I Like The Clothes More Than The Song

It was difficult coming up with a coherent title for this.

While catching up on new Kpop releases this month, I had this realization that we were a lot of songs I didn’t like but I did want to talk about the fashion choices within the video itself. So that’s how I came up with the idea for this blog post. I narrowed it down to five particular videos that were released in August 2020.

 I’m still looking forward to the last comebacks to come out this month like Blackpink, Sori, and Kim Yohan’s debut. But I’ll talk about those later. So for now let’s get into my five, in no particular order, favorite songs that were released in August where I like the clothes more than the song.

MCND – Nanana

I’m not familar with MCND but “nanana” is an alright song. I don’t like the chorus but the rest of the song is good. What really caught my attention was the yellow group look they were in the first ten seconds of the video. This is one of the best styling I’ve seen of athletic wear for an entire group to date in a Kpop music video.

There’s so many layers to each member’s look. They’re the brands I recognized immediately was Nerdy, Adidas, and Nike. I like when groups mix different brands together in one look. There’s a member, I believe it’s BIC, wears a belt bag and dances with it on. I like how that’s still a trend. Another member, Castle J, I think, wears a yellow headband with his vest and hoodie look. There’s a mix of shorts, sweat pants, and leggings in this yellow look. There’s a lot going on and if you’re interested they recently preformed “nanana” on M Countdown wearing this look.

The yellow group look is my favorite but I’m also a fan of the group look in the thumbnail of “nanana”. I love the black leather fringe jacked. The other leather jacket pair with acid wash jeans. There’s a red tie dye look in “nanana” as well that I’m not sure if I love it ironically or if I genuinely like the uniqueness. There’s one last group look in here that includes mixed patterns and a lot of black, red, and orange. It’s my least favorite look overall but there are some aspects of it I like. One example of this is the partial kilt pants.

Hyolyn – Say My Name

“Say My Name” is a boring song. I feel like it’s missing a few ingredients to make me like it. Maybe I’m just looking for another “Paradise” or “Slow” from Hyolyn but “Say My Name” wasn’t what I wanted. The three main looks I like in “Say My Name” was the first look where she’s wearing a Champion tube top and blue sparkly sweatpants (minus the neon green shoes), the white shorts and tube top look, and the orange shirt dress with the snake print boots.

Now on the last look, I like it items included in that look but I wouldn’t have styled them all together like that.   I liked that Hyolyn was adventurous with her looks for this music video but I think it was a visual representation of the song. Flamboyant but boring.

Hur Hyun Jun – Baragi

Okay so disclaimer first. I watched the official video of “Baragi” a few days before writing this blog post. I’m not sure why but it appears Hyunjun has privated the video. I don’t know if he’s having issues with the company that made the video or what but one of his fans saved the video. Which is a total shame because as much as I don’t care for the song, this video is stunning in 1080p. So hopefully that goes public again soon.

So “Baragi” is by the member formerly known as Hwall from The Boyz. I saw on Kpopmap they had this listed as Le Petit Prince. And yeah he pretty much keeps that prince/royal theme in his clothes throughout “Baragi”. I don’t have a particular look that’s my absolute favorite. I guess the white ruffle shirt with the black trousers would be the first that comes to mind. I just knew I had to talk about this video and the aesthetic somewhere.

Dreamcatcher – Boca

Dreamcatcher is one of my favorite groups to talk about on Ash Talks Kpop. Even if I’m not totally in love with a title track of theirs, I’m guaranteed to love the styling. I think “Boca” will grow on me but for now I want to talk about the clothes.

Let me start with Gahyeon. I loooooovvveeee pink hair on her and her black belt skirt she wears in the belted group look. Actually that group look is easily my favorite Dreamcatcher look to date. It’s the perfect mix of punk and Kpop uniforms. I’d wear any outfit from that group look. It’s top tier. The gowns in “Boca” are beautiful as well. The red and black group look they wear in this video as well? *Chef kiss* Their stylist just GETS IT.

SuperM – 100

You know who doesn’t get it though? SM Entertainment. What the hell is this assault on my ears? I hate “100”. I didn’t think SM could make a song worse than “Jopping”. At least “Jopping” was fun and brought back the fun random English lyrics we got in old school Kpop (or hell even as recent as 2015-2017 EXO tbh).

“100” sounds like they literally threw some shit on the wall and was like, “Yep, this is the winner lads. Get your vacation homes picked out because we’ll never have to work again when this moneymaker drops.” I’m mad they brought out my faves (excluding Kai, I don’t care what that man does in his free time) for this shit.

Rant aside, didn’t they look ABSOLUTELY FOOKIN AMAZING in this video? That’s one thing I do really have to praise for this chaotic mess of a song. The Todoroki hair on Taeyong? I FOOKING CONIC. Yee haw agenda Taemin? Livvvvviiiingggg for it. Dark hair Lucas? Just shoot me now. I even love the racer leather outfits the guys wear throughout “100”.

Visually everything is well done. Call me old-fashioned but I like box set music videos in Kpop. So I don’t have a problem with that either. I just hate this song and I wish they would have just dropped “Dangerous Woman” instead. I hope “Tiger Inside” is better but my expectations are floor level at this point.

Alriiiight got another top 5 blog post out for y’all. What do you think of these songs? Let me know below. Looking at my lineup of topics for the next couple of post, I think the next one is going to be a full fashion review. So please look forward to that! Until then, take care.


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