Or alternatively, Ash is catching up on everything that’s been released over the last two weeks because she’s been busy and  took a small break.

After spending hours working on the pilot episode for the AshTalkKpop Podcast, I released I needed a bit of a break from creating. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to do next.

And I know that’s not much of a break if you’re still “working” to some capacity. I’m an air sun, moon, and rising with two of those placements in Gemini, so I can’t help but to have my mind set on 1000 at all times. Really it’s a mix of brainstorming, stumbling across a topic accidentally, and maybe remembering to write down my good idea(s) and specific notes about it before my mind drifts to something else.

So I’m back with another mixed matched bundle of reviews from various artist over the last two weeks or so that I didn’t cover in the podcast ep. So if you’re looking for my thoughts on earlier July releases, check out this post.

Alright, let’s get into it!

Going in order of release (for the most part) let’s start with BOYHOOD.

BOYHOOD – Retro Love

So when I first ran across this in my last post, I believe I said I thought BOYHOOD was a group, but I wasn’t sure. Yeah, I was wrong lol. I really like “Retro Love” because he nailed the 80s old summer pop sound. It’s almost New Wave. I love the editing of the video to look like it’s on VHS. No bad at all.

I don’t know much on BOYHOOD/Nam Dohyun outside him being Nam Taehyun (formerly of Winner, now in his own band South Club) younger brother. I know he also participated in South Club for a bit before going on to Produce X 101. It’ll be exciting to see what direction musically his solo career goes in.

Kang Daniel – Waves & Who U Are

I have a looooooottt to say about this song and comeback. I’m almost disgusted but how amazing Magenta era has been so far. I thought, “yeah, I’ll probably like Magenta.

But it’s not going to compare to like “Open Up” or any of Daniel’s previous iconic moments during Wanna One/Produce 101.” I was wrong. I WAS SO WRONG DANIEL I’M SORRY FOR UNDERESTIMATING YOU SWEETIE.

I actually liked “Touchin” but I kinda forgot about it until recently. It’s so catchy. And I was reminded about why I love the style of Daniel’s solo music when listening to it again. It’s something you play when you’re in the mood to dance or just wanna vibe.

I say this a lot, but I’m not a ballad type of gal. I wanna dance and have a good time. Life is sad enough already. When Drake said,” I know shorty, and she doesn’t want no slow song.” That’s me! I can’t find a lyric that describes my taste in music better.

And that’s mostly the music Daniel makes, and I appreciate that. So Daniel drops “Touchin” in 2019 (and re-released it on Cyan in 2020?) and managed to not only duplicate success but improved on something I thought couldn’t get better. And that song is the prerelease “Waves” featuring Simon Dominic and Jamie.

“Waves” is flawless. I love the instrumental. I love Jamie’s voice and her rap(? I’m gonna call it that). I think it suits her so well, and I’m happy she’s thriving post 15& JYPE fookery. I usually enjoy Simon Dominic features and “Waves” just adds to the library of bops he’s been a part of.

Last but not least, Daniel is amazing in this. I like that he’s embracing singing more than rapping. I never felt that was a good role for him in Wanna One compared to Woojin and Guanlin. Daniel looks amazing, and I like the choreo in the video too. I’ve been listening to “Waves” nonstop since it’s been out.

And “Who U Are” just keeps the same energy as “Waves”. I love it just as much. I didn’t mention it before, but I like the styling in both videos. I love black hair on Daniel and idk if it was on purpose, but I liked the black outfits worn in “Who U Are” and “Waves”.

I just feel a different energy this comeback. I feel like there’s a new confidence in Daniel regarding the direction he’s taking his life and music, and we love to see it. So if you haven’t checked either song out yet, do it now. You won’t regret it.

ONEUS – Come Back Home

“Come Back Home” isn’t a bad song. It’s just not what I wanted and that’s another song like “Valkyrie” lol. So I will keep waiting and dropping back in on ONEUS until they give me what I want.

Ravi feat Ha Sungwoon – Paradise

Hated the song, but the scenery and the lads looked good. I haven’t really liked a Ravi solo song since “DamnRa” and that was like 4 years ago.

Soyou – Gotta Go

“Gotta Go” is alright. I feel like they’re relying too heavily on the horns to make the chorus memorable and I don’t like it.


It’s so funny that “INCEPTION” became the catalyst to me getting into ATEEZ. My intial reaction was, “eh it’s pretty good” to “this song is my everything and I need more music like it” so quickly. I loveee the styling in “INCEPTION”.

Got my fave things like rings, harness, and black leather pants. The effects in “INCEPTION” were really cool too. I love the transitions between the water scenes and them dancing in the classroom. I’m a big fan of this post-apocalyptic school boy vibe throughout “INCEPTION”. I’m looking forward to “THANXX” when that comes out.


Oh, man, do I love the looks in “NUNU NANA”. I’ve been a casual Jessi fan for a few years now, but her being label mates with HyunA I feel like has really cranked up the dial for me.

I want to do a fashion review of “NUNU NANA” in the future. I like “NUNU NANA” has like a fun, cluby song. Well, I don’t go to clubs, but I jam in the car to songs like this.

Rocket Punch – Juicy

“Cute video, bad song.” – My first reaction notes.

I remember not being impressed with the chorus, but I’m happy to see more fun summer songs. Maybe I’ll like their next song.


I didn’t like “ULLAELI KKOLLAELI” but the music video is wild from start to finish. It reminds me a lot of Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” music video.


A Japanese release that seemed to drop out of nowhere despite me seeing at least one person saying OT5 was coming back soon. I’m always surprised how much English is used in JPN releases when it comes to Kpop groups.

I was shook to hear LE and Hani use English for like the first 2 minutes of the song. I like “B.L.E.S.S.E.D” but it’s not a song I’m gonna revisit or save on Spotify. I’m happy seeing the girls together again for a video. So mission accomplished I guess.

WayV – Bad Alive English* Version

I’m pretty sure I hear Korean in this lol but yeah it’s mostly English. It doesn’t matter because WayV only releases thot bops. I’m always hype for WayV releases, and “Bad Alive (English Ver.)” is another song I’ve had on replay. I love it so much. Blue hair Kun is my new favorite Kun. I didn’t think he could look better.

Actually, on the topic of styling in this video… It’s kind of all over the place. I don’t even know why they bothered to put a blazer on Ten, we still see his abs lmao. I love Xiaojun’s pink hair. I was surprised by how well blond suits Hendery.

Dark hair Lucas is my fave Lucas. WinWin and YangYang also continued to annoy me by how handsome they are. I like Ten’s blond hair too.

The black outfits are alright. I feel the same about the other outfit in “Bad Alive”. Both looks are okay, but not my favorite looks I’ve seen WayV in.

Okayyyyy. I think that’s enough for today. There were some other groups I thought about bringing up, but I cut them because I either didn’t have a ton to say or…wait, no, that’s it. Didn’t feel like adding additional word count. So on that note, I’ll talk you y’all next post.

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