I don’t think this list will be too surprising. Maybe a bit controversial but what else is new lol.

2020 was a very wild year. Thankfully, we had some gems to get us through these wild times. Most of my favorite Kpop releases I had on repeat most of the year are not surprisingly on some of my favorite albums this year. However, I do want to shout out a few favorite songs of 2020 that weren’t included on this album list:

BTS – My Time

BTS – Ego 

BTS – Black Swan 

DRIPPIN – Overdrive 

OnlyOneOf – a sOng Of ice&fire

TWICE – Shadow

SuperM – Dangerous Woman

Got7 – Breath

Monsta X – Guess Who

KANTO – Out of the Blue

Yeah, I didn’t put Map Of The Soul: 7 on here. I’ll go into more details in my Kpop 2021 Wishlist post, but long story short, MOTS7 is one of my least favorite BTS albums. It wouldn’t be fair to put a lackluster album on my favorite albums list when I really revisit 3/20 songs, not including “Boy With Love”, “Make It Right”, and “Dionysus”.

I think I may have missed one or two song, but these I can say were on repeat at least twice before I moved on to another song on Spotify.

I linked Kanto’s song because I noticed the video has no view, what the hell? Help my fellow 94’liner Gemini out, he’s great!

So let’s get started with the albums!

20.) Agust D – D-2

Even though I didn’t include BTS’s album on here, I’d be fake Army to not give Suga the proper praise he desevers for D-2.

대취타 (Daechwita) is such a banger and the music video is so rewatchable. I find that rare in Kpop. There aren’t too many videos I love so much, I go back to rewatch just to enjoy the experience. I think “Daechwita”is still my favorite song off D-2.

19.) GFRIEND – Walpurgis Night

I’ve sung the praises of “Mago” and Walpurgis Night so many times now. I doubt it’s a surprise to see it on this list. My favorite song from Walpurgis Night is “Better Me”.

18.) Wonho – Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me

“WITH YOU” is still my favorite b-side from Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me. But I always go back to “Open Mind” the most.

I feel like there’s this common trend with a lot of these albums. My favorite song tends to be the title track. I’ve said this before, but I’m so excited to see what else Wonho has to showcase.

17.) WEi – IDENTY: First Sight

And another one! I can’t stop coming back to “Twlight”. I’m still so impressed with WEi’s debut and album. I’m excited for their first comeback next year.

16.) Red Velvet – IRENE & SEULGI – Monster

I talked about their debut on the first episode of my podcast (timestamp: 56:43 – 1:02:00 Irene & Seulgi Monster & Naughty Review) but I love it. “Monster” is my least favorite song off the album, but I played the crap out of “Naughty”.

15.) TXT – Minisode 1:Blue Hour

Another album I’ve talked about already in depth. Idk if it’s fair, but I have both of TXT’s 2020 mini albums on this list, just a heads-up.

14.) Baekhyun – Delight

Delight is such a different vibe from City Lights, and at first I wasn’t sure if I’d like that. However, after hearing the first few seconds of “Candy” I knew I’d have it on repeat for weeks. I still like City Lights as a whole album more than Delight, but for Baekhyun to release two phenomenal albums so close together? King shit.

13.) SF9 – First Collection

First Collection was the first album I listened to for about a month straight every day. It’s so catchy and continues the dance/edm sound SF9 has been leaning on over the last year or so.

12.) GWSN – The Keys

I don’t really listen to “BAZOOKA” but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the b-sides on the Keys. “Tweaks~ Heavy cloud but no rain” is one of my favorite songs released this year. The Keys are my favorite GWSN album to date.

11.) The Boyz – REVEAL

As I mentioned before, “The Stealer” was the song that brought me back to The Boyz. When I went back to the list to Reveal, I was, for a lack of a better term, shook. “Salty” is my favorite song from the album. It’s probably my most listened to The Boyz song at the moment.

10.) Kang Daniel – MAGENTA

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I LOVE Daniel’s upbeat club music he’s been making. Can’t wait for more in 2021. See my in depth discussion of Magenta here.

9.)ATEEZ – ZERO : FEVER Part. 1

Ah yes, the start of my ATEEZ addiction. I gotta give it to the lads, they helped me get through the summer part of quarantine.

I still listen to “INCEPTION” and “THANXX” daily and no I’m not sick of either yet. I’m ready, so ready, for their next comeback.

8.) TWICE – Eyes Wide Open

I’ve also talked sooo much about how much I love this album and Twice era. If you missed my music review, you can check that out here.

7.) Everglow – -77.82X-78.29

I still have “LA DI DA” on repeat as well. “No Good Reason” is still my favorite b-side off -77.82X-78.29. Still don’t know how to pronounce this album, though, lol.

6.) CIX – Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time

I’m still obessed with Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time as well. Read more about it here.

5.) Park Jihoon – Message

Honestly, except for with HER by Crush, every song in my top 5 albums I listen to on repeat daily. “GOTCHA” is just so damn catchy.

4.) Crush – with HER

So the reason why this album is an exception to the rule is because I’m so busy relistening to other songs, I haven’t really revisted this album as much as I’d like. I have a Khiphop & R&B playlist on Spotify and with HER pops up reguarly on shuffle there.

But if I’m not listening to that playlist, I don’t really listen to this album. It doesn’t mean I don’t love it, though. I love when Crush gives us a pure R&B album like this.

3.) TXT – The Dream Chapter: Eternity

I blast this song and many others from The Dream Chapter: Eternity in my car. I was already a TXT fan, but The Dream Chapter: Eternity brought me back to them.

I couldn’t stop listening to this album, and it still pops up the most when I put my music on shuffle. Easily one of my favorite title tracks of theirs.

2.) NCT 127 – Neo Zone

After SF9’s album, I listened to Neo Zone on repeat for days. Well not “Kick It” because fook that song. Love the video though.

I love when NCT 127 does what they do best, and it’s R&B/dance tracks like “Love Me Now” and “Love Song”. Oh, and “Sit Down”. I do like when rapline has fun.

1.) KAI – Kai

I’m shocked to have Kai’s first mini album as my favorite album of 2020. If you had told me on December 31st, 2019, that I would be as obsessed with Kai I’d laugh so hard in your face. But I guess that just sums up 2020. Although, 2015 me would have been like, “Uh yeah, of course he’s my king.” lmaooooo.

I’ve talked about Kai already here. And really a month or so later, my thoughts are the same. If anything, my love for it has grown even more since.

Idk how that’s possible. So yeah. I think, having a man I once loved and now tolerate make my favorite Kpop album of the year, is the perfect juxtaposition and summary of 2020 for me.

So what were y’alls fave albums this year? Leave me those and your favorite songs below! I didn’t make one of these videos in 2019, but moving forward I’ll continue making these.

I love reflecting back on all the music I listened to this year and sharing my unwanted opinions with y’all lol. The last post this year is the 2021 wishlist.

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