Oooo it’s been a while since I’ve done a music video fashion review, huh?

Since my first watch of “MAGO”, I’ve been dying to talk about how stunning and perfectly styled everyone is in the music video.

I’ve talked about how much I love the influence of retro concepts this year in Kpop. It’s been all over the songs and in different music videos. “MAGO” is another example of it done right.

So there’s three main group looks and one that I’m listing under individual look. I also want to briefly talk about the styling in the teaser images as well. So let’s get started! I feel like this might be a long one.

Teaser Photos

I’m obsessed with the styling of both concepts of the teasers. But this one I wanted to talk about first.

I highly recommend checking out GFRIEND’s social media accounts along with GFRIEND United for more pictures. Shout out to Gfriend United for keeping track of everything Gfriend related. It was sooo helpful for me when I was working on this post. 

Anyway, I love how bright the clothing is in these photos. The set reminds me a bit of American Apparel’s ads. They also have an editoral vibe to them. I feel like this set is something that Nylon Magazine would put together. It’s just a fun, stylish feel to it. Back to the clothes.

Umji and SinB’s looks are my favorites here. But I could wear each outfit every day for a week. I love monochrome looks so much. I’m a huge fan of mini aline skirts, knitted crop tops, and cropped sweaters. Umji’s look literally checks off 4 of my favorite fashion things in one look. Their stylist’s mind!!!

SinB’s look is my favorite out of the two though. I love the citrus energy in her look a tad bit more than Umji’s all lilac look. Well, all lilac except for the mute green velvet chunky headband. That’s cute too. I noticed the colors the girls wear match very well.

They either sit near each other on the color wheel (analogous) or are across from each other (complementary). It’s simple, but it works. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to this group look. It’s simple and cute.

Back to miss SinB, her outfit is basically Umji’s, but warm colored paired with some complementary (purple) sneakers. I actually like the choice of Umji’s white sneakers. I didn’t notice it until now, but I think that’s why she’s in the middle.

It breaks things up, despite both she and Eunha wearing lilac. Speaking of Eunha, I love her look as well. I’m kinda on the fence about her oversized blazer.

I kinda wish there was a belt or something to make this look a little more interesting. Same with Sowon’s monochrome look. I love the blue, but it’s kinda boring without a third item.

 Yerin’s look works great because she’s wearing a different color shirt with her skirt and blazer. Eunha’s dress just blends in together. Yuju’s dress is super cute, and I like she doesn’t have a jacket or sweater with it. Maybe that’s want I want for Eunha’s look, lol.

Man, when I first saw these teasers, I knew I had to buy a physical copy. Eventually I’ll get both versions. But this version’s higher priority. I love the working woman, grown, and established vibe in these pictures.

It’s the same thing I’ve been saying about Twice. I love seeing these girl groups that are mostly associated with their cute/schoolgirl/cheerleader concepts showing a mature side to them. I think it’s relatable to their fans because they’re older too now.

I could have easily made a post covering both of these concepts in fuller depth, but I want to keep this kinda short. My favorite looks are Umji’s exaggerated white collar and cuffs on her black and white suit, and Eunha’s crocodile pencil skirt and white silk blouse.

And this time she got a belt, ayyyyy. Again, I’d wear everything they wore here. They look absolutely stunning. One of my favorite photoshoots in Kpop.

Okay, let’s get to the music video.

Look 1

I took the pictures for each look from Gfriend’s official IG. The Individual group look picture is from GFRIEND United, who got it from Naver. Oh, and one more thing, I’m not going to talk about where the girl’s clothing is from. I’m just gonna direct y’all to gfriendgf on IG because they have almost all the items on there.

You get better shots of the girl’s outfits in “MAGO” but I liked this particular picture because it was difficult to find a picture with all of them standing together in this group look. I love how glittery and showy this group look is, but it doesn’t look tacky.

Sometimes stage clothes look awful in person. But I feel like these are glittery enough where you could wear any of these items to a party or to the club and not look tacky.

Screamed when Eunha showed up on screen in her sliver mini dress. It’s so so so cute. You can tell she was feelin herself. I’m also a big fan of the wide leg pants on SinB, Yerin, and Sowon. The cropped tops are a plus. I want a version of this look with all the girls in that look.

Look 2

Another look that had me screaming. I know some fashion peeps are over the Chanel tweed look because it’s boring or whatever. But there’s just something so classic about it, I could never be tired of it.

Again, I’d be happy with any look here to magically appear in my closet. Love the Mary Janes and knee-high socks. The hair accessories are perfect.

They even squeezed in some of the body chains that are trendy at the moment. I have no complaints. I have no suggestions for improvement. Just perfect!

Look 3

As much as I love the first two looks, this third look is my favorite overall. They just hit it out of the park with the retro aesthetic here.

I love in “MAGO” when the music video image quality changes, and it’s sparkly and kinda blurry with the confetti raining from the ceiling. I can’t even decide on a favorite member look here. I just LOVE this look and scene so much.

Look 4

So I’m combining two pictures to cover the individual looks. This section is more about Yerin, SinB, Sowon, and Yuju. Yerin’s look and scene was my favorite of the individual look. It was totally my style and aesthetic.

I love SinB’s sparkly red jumpsuit. The girls have actually performed “MAGO” with them all wearing a similar look. Sowon’s cocktail dress really me want one too. Yuju’s outfit for her pole dance scenes is super cute, too. I really want her top.

I hope y’all enjoyed this review! What was your favorite outfit from “MAGO”? Let me know in the comments. I can’t believe this is the last music video fashion post of 2020! I had a blast working on all these this year, and I’m looking forward to the interesting looks the stylists will give us in 2021.

 I’ll be taking a short blogging break and be back in January. I’m not 100% sure what the first post will be yet. I’ve seen some official statements of comebacks and debuts in January. So depending on who catches my attention first, I’ll cover them.

I tried out some different things for the first full year of AshTalksKpop. I’m proud of everything. Thank you again for keeping up with the site this year. Next up is 10 of my favorite Kpop Christmas songs.

Until then,

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