April 5, 2020 Edit; In moving over from KFashionBias to Ash Talks Kpop, I’ve somehow lost my gifs for this post and a few others. So instead I decided to reformat a few posts to where it is mostly text with the music video below.

Between personal issues and technical issues, I’ve finally getting to What by Dreamcatcher. They really don’t disappoint, huh. I’ve loved all their title tracks so far, and they were AMAZING at KCON LA 2018.

After seeing them live, I was determined to learn more about them and stan properly. Today’s post covers three main looks. I couldn’t come up with any clever names for these looks, so I’m just going with group look 1, group look 2, and individual looks. So, let’s get started!

Group Look 1

This first group look is an example of a group project where the members are being graded individually. They would get a passing grade, but Yoohyeon’s outfit would have got points taken away from the group.

There’s a lot going on here. We got plaid, snake print, fish net, patent, denim, a corset, and a harness, just to name a few of the textures we’re looking at.

One of the things I noticed about this scene compared to the other group look is that the majority of these outfits are darker to contrast the bright room they’re dancing in.

Siyeon’s outfit is my second favorite look out of this group look. I really want this skirt. I like that the front of is a shiny silver and the back is black.

I love the stylist included the harness to give this look an edgier vibe. I think the boots work, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Jiu’s boots being swapped.

Speaking of Jiu, I loooovveee those shorts. I think they’re supposed to be graffiti hearts. I’m also in love with Sua’s snake print skirt. I need that in my closet. And OMMGGGGGGG DAMI’S OUTFIT!!!!!!!

I’m heavily Dami biased, but this outfit is everything! One of my favorite trends is the jacket and skirt suit in both casual and formal settings in womenswear’s.

I haven’t gotten a suit or two yet, but it’s high on my list. Dami’s outfit is my favorite of all the looks in the music video.

I would be satisfied wearing any of these outfits, except for Yoohyeon’s look.  I’m not why they gave her such a bulky dress compared to the other girl’s fitted looks.

I would have rather they gave her Handong’s outfit in this live stage or put her in a dress like Gahyeon.

Group Look 2

So, if the first look was a group project being graded individually, this second look is a project where everyone is graded the same way. I feel like the stylist (or stylists) had a better idea of a uniform concept without being too boring.

There are still different textures and accessories, but I like the execution of all of their outfits more. It’s hard to mess up black and white.

And I think because there are different colors like Sua’s iridescent crop top if you even consider that a color and Dami’s red boots. But overall, this look plays with more neutral colors.

They redeemed themselves for doing Yoohyeon dirty in the first group look. She looks so much better. I love the chains hanging from her belt loops and the knee-high boots.

 I don’t have a favorite outfit out of the seven here. So, I guess that’s a downside of this look when talking about it as a whole compared to the first look.

The first one gained a stronger response from me. But individually, I don’t feel like any of these outfits are anything I would kill to have hanging in my closet.

Individual Looks


 Going in order of appearance, let’s talk about Jiu’s look first. Technically we get a glimpse of Yoohyeon first, but it’s one of those blink, and you’ll miss it shots. The baggy look was well executed.

I love the slight masculine look of the oversized flannel suit paired with heels and a bralette. I wish it wasn’t this acid washed bralette, though.

I wish they would have picked something lace to fit the dream/nightmare concept more.


Yoohyeon gets two individual looks. I love this floral dress. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a nightgown, but it’s beautiful.

It looks like it would be cool and silky feeling on your skin. The lighting in this scene makes it hard to see exact details. Idk what color these shoes are. I think they’re sliver?

Yoohyeon’s Second Look

This outfit is cute, but it confuses me. I think Yoohyeon is wearing black high-waisted shorts with floral tights underneath.

But these scenes happen so fast in the music video, and we don’t really get too long of pauses to fully analyze most of the outfits in this video.

And then I believe she’s wearing a cropped blouse with this look. Not bad, but I like the dress more.


Another member where it was hard to get screenshots of her look. It’s a cute outfit, but we don’t really get a lot of time with it. That’s pretty much all I got on this one.


This outfit had so much potential, but we got even less of a look at it. Is she even wearing shoes here?


This is my favorite of the individual looks. Again, I love the modern take on the 80s power suit. I also love animal print, so this look is two for two for me.

And the award for best catalog modeling in a music video goes to Siyeon. Oh, yeah, and her nails also match the white in this outfit. I love that detail.

You can’t see that here, but I noticed it while rewatching the video.


Her pantsuit was so cute, but we got like half a second to see it. Another missed opportunity.

So, what do y’all think of the looks in ‘What’? I’ve been enjoying the live stage performances and their outfits they’ve been wearing. If you haven’t yet, checked out ‘What’ below. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Follow me on Twitter. I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Take care!


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