Finally, a fashion review on Seventeen.

Seventeen’s third album “An Ode” was released on September 16th and I haven’t stopped listening to at least one song from it since then.

I always look forward to Seventeen’s releases and with Hit being the prerelease song, I knew that if the rest of the album has a similar sound, it will be one of my favorite albums of the year. And I was right.

And Asia Artist Awards agree its worthy of praise too. They awarded Seventeen with Album of the Year (their first Daesang). So what about their title track from the album, Fear? The song, choreography, the clothes, hair, makeup…it’s pure perfection.

Speaking of the clothes, there are three main looks in this video. Two group looks and one individual look. So let’s get started!

Look 1: Suit Up

Let me start by saying this is one of the few reviews I’ve done where I’ve loved every look included in the video, and I have no complaints or changes I’d make. This first look is pretty difficult to screw up considering it’s Seventeen in fitted black suits.

There are small variations in the members looks. Hoshi has a white feather on his jacket. Joshua has a feather on his jacket and a brooch near his collar.

Both of them have black shirts under their jackets, however, Hoshi has a long pussybow collar on his shirt.

Vernon has a more standard black suit with a white shirt and black tie, but he also has a feather on his jacket. From what I can make out, everyone has two of the following; a feather, brooch, a regular silk tie, or pussybow collar.

Shirts are either white (it looks like Jun, Vernon, and The8) or black (everyone else). And I’m very pleased with this look.

It’s classy, mature, and they easily stand out in this white room they’re dancing in. I don’t have much to say hair or makeup wise other than Vernon’s blue/sliver hair suits him so well. I love the color on him.

Look 2: Did You See My Waist? (Cummerbund)

Raise your hand if you have no idea what a cummerbund is or that this material guys sometimes wear with tuxedos has a name. You do now.  While putting this post together, I had no idea what to call this second look.

During my first watch I noticed this deep v cut in the neckline of their silky almost leather textured shirts, black pants, and this fabric defining their waists.

On my fifth or so watch of “Fear” I thought about V/Taehyung’s line in “Mic Drop”, “Did you see my bag?” and I knew I had to include that into this post somehow.

I discovered the cummerbund name through my Fashionpedia book by Fashionary. It’s a wonderful guide I use when I don’t know or forget the name of something, like a specific neckline or pattern name.

Anyway my favorite part of this look is the fabric and colors of the shirts Seventeen wears here. This scene is so masculine compared to Seventeen’s older, brighter music videos. Like if you had shown me this video after “Mansae” in 2015, I’d be so confused.

One of Seventeen’s strong points is their duality. They can make bright songs like “Mansae” but also kick you in the feels with something darker and mature like “Getting Closer”. * Insert obligatory get you a man who can do both joke here*

I don’t know. This scene just hit so hard because this is Seventeen now, and they keep evolving into a better group with every comeback, and I keep thinking, “How can they beat this song or album?”

What I really mean is, “Okay, at some point they’re going to make something bad and completely fall off like other groups I’ve loved for years.”

But that’s just not Seventeen. Even my least favorite title track “BOOMBOOM” still goes off. They know how to experiment with their sound, but keep it true to what they like and know they fans enjoy. That’s why they’re in my top 5 fave boygroups.

 Getting back to the actual outfits in this scene. They kinda look like waiters at an Italian restaurant, but I love it.

Everything is well-fitted and there are some slight variations of shirt colors, but the color scheme is pleasing on the eyes.

Look 3: Individual Members

So, Seventeen has 13 members in their group, and a big problem for fans of groups with 5+ members is distribution. How do you divide up lines, center parts in choreography, talking time in interviews, etc.  Well, fortunately this was planned out really well in advance.

Seventeen’s three teams (performance, rap line hip hop, and vocals) clearly defines a member’s position. So, I’m not mad that there aren’t 13 individual looks in “Fear”. Reason one is because the video is about 4 minutes long and has a storyline, don’t ask me what it is because I don’t know.

So, for the plot of the video and with line distributions in “Fear” only certain members were going to have more of a spotlight than others.

This has always been the case and Seventeen works hard to give members that may not have a solo line they sing or rap, the attention in other ways like having a center part in the choreography.

They also have solo songs the different teams put together that slap. The second reason I’m okay with this is because my second male ultimate bias S.Coups had a solo/individual look, so I’m good. Anytime S.Coups getting additional recognition for his existence, I’m more than happy for him.

But um, let’s get into the looks because there’s a lot going on here. The theme of putting Seventeen in well-fitted suits is still a thing. Starting from top left to top right of my gifs here let’s talk about my mans Seungcheol.

He’s wearing this black, tan, red, and white partial floral suit jacket. It’s kind of hard to make out if that’s actually a flower on the side of his jacket or if it’s tie-dye.

Black hair Seungcheol is my favorite and I like this dapper part they gave him here. It’s so boss and mature. It gives me so much life.

Joshua just looks too elegant in this glitter scene. I’m so happy they gave it to him. He’s wearing this paisley sliver and black jacket to go with his suit.

Similarly to Seungcheol’s look, I wish we had more angles to appreciate this outfit. This is very much Vernon’s era, huh. Is that fair? I don’t know if that’s fair.

But it is what is it. I’m a big fan of Vernon getting all this attention. His second look here isn’t that different from the first group look, but it’s more casual.

This is a look I could see him or another member wear to an award show. His suit is also paisley print, but it’s solid black, and I’m kinda screaming internally about it as I type.

I used to love that print in that exact color when I was younger. Some of my Myspace themes were that exact paring. I really like this sliver tie he’s wearing here. I like how it holds its own next to Vernon’s blue hair and the paisley jacket.

Jeonghan definitely steals the show whenever he’s on screen in “Fear”. It’s like time stops for Jeonghan to show off, and I love it. I love his red and white suit jacket.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a jacket with this print. Then in the second shot, he just wears the thin lacy shirt with the collar rolled all the way up.

I just love the change to red and yellow in that gif. I had to include it. Lastly, the first individual look is Wonwoo’s. Wonwoo’s suit jacket and shirt remind me a little bit of something from the 1800s. I think it’s the bronze color and the fluffy collar. We don’t get many angles of this look either, and it’s unfortunate.

I finally got this done! I’ve been delaying this for weeks. The year/decade ends in two and a half days, and I’m determined to talk about Red Velvet’s Psycho. I hope y’all enjoyed this Seventeen post.

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