Music Video Fashion: Twice Yes or Yes

You’ve got two choices…

April 5, 2020 Edit; In moving over from KFashionBias to Ash Talks Kpop, I’ve somehow lost my gifs for this post and a few others. So instead I decided to reformat a few posts to where it is mostly text with the music video below.

I love Twice. I’ve been a stan since debut and they’re easily one of my favorite girl groups. Seeing them live at KCON only cemented my love for them. Like many Once that wanted a Like Ooh Ahh part two and have been asking for years now, I think it’s safe to say ‘Yes or Yes’ is JYP finally giving the people what they wanted. I’m obsessed with the song. And as usual Twice delivered with more cute looks. Today we’re covering the two group looks and their individual outfits. So, let’s get started!

Group Look 1: Plaid Paradise

One of the best parts about writing on larger girl groups is that it’s so much easier to find out what brands they’re wearing. If you don’t already recognize them. In this first look the two brands that stuck out to me first were Versace and Moschino.

Tzuyu is wearing Moschino pants and an Alexander Wang crop top. A not so subtle throwback to her LOA outfit. Jihyo’s dress stood out to me so much. It’s so adorable and I needed to know where I could buy it. It’s from Current Mood. I’m not familiar with this brand but I’ll have to check out their other items now that I know who they are. In fact, they’re so many items @jypetwiceclothess has tagged on Instagram if you love Twice’s style and don’t follow them, uh you should get on that.

Overall, I loovvvveeeee this group look. I love everyone’s outfits here except for this expensive ass harness Chaeyoung has on. I’m just not a fan of this leather fringe harness look. I didn’t like it on Sunmi and I haven’t been a fan of it on any other idol really.

Twice has the duality to pull off any concept. I think they’re most well known for their cuter concepts like Cheer Up but there really isn’t a concept Twice couldn’t successfully do.

Individual Looks

Let’s start with Dahyun. I love her new hair! It suits her so well. I couldn’t stop looking at it and her Versace beret. It was hard to tell if Dahyun was wearing a white dress or a white skirt and blouse, but it looked cute in the coin. I could make out the white boots she has on and those are cute too. I’m not sure what brand they are though.

Jeongyeon’s chauffer outfit was cute. She had on a Karl x Kaia Zip Off Blazer that I would wear in real life. It fits with that suit and skirt combination that’s really trendy right now that I love. Chaeyoung’s dress here looks really cute, but we don’t really get much of a good look of it in“Yes or Yes’. This also happens with Nayeon and Mina. Nayeon’s outfit was a straight missed opportunity. I think she was wearing a black overall like dress in the cutest white ruffled blouse.

Mina looked like they just threw a sparkly hoody on her and called it a day. Jihyo was wearing another Versace piece I think pretty much everyone wore Versace at some point in the video lol.  I loved that they made this cardigan look like a sweater tucked in her black a-line skirt and black ankle boots.

Momo’s look was perfectly styled for her. Momo obviously has on Chanel earrings. Her oversized denim jacket from Diesel and an Alexander Wang crop top. I really love the chain straps on this top. I want to make a similar top with sleeves like this.

I thought it was interesting they gave Tzuyu three distinct outfits like they did. The first look was a dress by YCH and at first, I hated it. It looks too big on Tzuyu like it’s going to consume her once the camera pans away. After seeing the full dress I didn’t hate it as much. I still think it was the weakest outfit in the entire music video because it didn’t do anything to enhance or play off Tzuyu’s beauty.

The pink dress was one of my favorites from ‘Yes or Yes’. I’m still not sure what brand it’s from but I need it. The final look is something I’d expect them to put Tzuyu in. They never miss an opportunity to put her in a crop top lol. Actually her baggy black construction pants actual reminds me of a pair one of my best friends has been wearing around a lot lately. I think their stylist is stalking us..jk.

My favorite outfit from the video was also styled on my favorite member so when I saw her, I nearly fell out on the floor. I love they put Sana in a Moschino pink suit. I greatly appreciate the fanservice. They paired her suit with red heels, and she wore a shirt that said California that was similar to a crop top I wore in LA when I got to see Twice in person. It was a part of my Twice inspired look for KCON. So basically, she saw my confession in LA and responded to me in ‘Yes or Yes’ so we’re married now. Sorry guys. Okay I think that covers everyone. Let’s get to the last look!

Group Look 2 : ….

I don’t know what to call this group look. I do know I hate it. It’s very colorful and a mix and match of designer productions. As a whole I don’t like this look because it’s a bit all over the place. There isn’t much of a consistent color scheme or theme. It was like the stylist decided to put them in clothes sent to the girls by numerous designers and called it a day. Not my favorite of Twice’s outfits. You can probably tell how little I care for this group look by the small amounts of gifs and screenshots lol.

Alriiiigght just about 1000 words. What do y’all think of ‘Yes or Yes’? Do you love it or hate it? Do you even like Twice? Let me know in the comments how you’re feeling. I think I’m caught up on newer releases I wanted to cover. I’m not sure who I’ll cover next. So I guess y’all will just have to check back in and see. I want to try to actually post on Sunday this upcoming week. So let’s see if I can meet a deadline lololol. Take care!


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