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As y’all know, Wonho is one of my ultimate Kpop faves. So of course I’m excited for his follow-up to Love Synonym #1: Right For Me with Love Synonym #2: Right For Us. I was watching YouTube around midnight, one of those walking around Tokyo or Seoul videos, and I saw the music video for “Lose” was up. So I watched it immediately. And surprise surprise I loved it from the jump.

There’s so much to unpack with “Lose”. Let’s start with the music. “Lose” is a slower tempo song compared of “Open Mind”. A bit more emo, but something you can still dance in the club (or in your room) to. I don’t know if I’d say I prefer it over “Open Mind”. I think I’ll need to listen to it more before I decide which I like more.

“Devil” is my favorite song on the album at the moment. I love the slight flow switch up about halfway through the song. “BEST SHOT” has a call back to the intro to “Open Mind” and then dabbles in 90s r&b. I love that. “WENEED” is another love song to WENEE (the official fandom name of Wonho fans/stans).

It’s so sweet and thoughtful. I think the midtempo beat with the lyrics work better for me than “Losing You”. I’ve talked about how the ballad needed to be done, so we can move forward with the bops. And I like that Wonho was like, “Wait, I’m not done thanking Wenee for being there for me. Let me make another song talking about it.”

I love the duet with Kiiara on “Ain’t About You”. The two work so well with each other. It’s not another one of those awkward East meets West collaborations. Kiiara sounded like she had fun on the track and put effort into it. “Flash” is the last song on the album and is the slowest song on Love Synonym #2: Right For Us. I like it. It’s my least favorite on there, but I’ll listen to it again.

Love Synonym #2: Right For Us is so much more consistent throughout the album compared to Love Synonym #1: Right For Me. Right For Me was much more experimental, whereas Right For Us feels like Wonho had a defined sound for this album.

It’s my favorite album out of the two. I know I’m going to be relistening to the whole thing throughout the year. Whereas with Right For Me, I only relistened to like two songs from the album constantly. Alright, so let’s get into the looks!

Look 1

So Wonho kicks of “Lose” in this all black look. I love the continuation of Wonho wearing things he knows Wenee like. He’s very self-aware and in tune with his image. Like, even the casual listener would say, “Yeah, that’s something I’d expect him to wear.”

Anyway, back to this fit. My favorite part of this outfit is the sweater he’s wearing. I love the fit of it. It’s almost worn like an off shoulder sweater or shirt. I love the buttons on it. I like that it’s tucked into his pants. You just see this giant sliver belt buckle. I mean, that’s the first thing my eyes trail to…it’s difficult to ignore it. It reminds me of those big Texas buckles. But not as dramatic. Or tacky.

The pants! I love these leather pleather tight pants on Kpop boys! It’s bare minimum, the lowest hanging fruit, but it gives me life every time. I don’t remember if I’ve said it before, but black hair is my favorite on Wonho.

Look 2

This second look is also pretty simple. I think Wonho is wearing the same pants here. The thin white shirt and water is such a strong duo in Kpop. I like the use of it in “Lose” because it’s such an emotional song and video.

Also, Wonho is a pisces sun (I haven’t actually looked into his chart, now I’m curious) and that’s a water sign. I’m not sure if that has any significance to anything. But it is something I noticed. Man might just like the color blue and water a lot lmao.

Look 3

Wonho abs. I’d say half of the looks in “Lose” is Wonho not wearing a shirt, but has a jacket on. wonho_outfits on Instagram has found a few of the exact items he wears in the teaser pics and in the music video. So keep an eye on them and some other idol fashion accounts because I’m sure they’ll have more items as they find them.

I like this look. I don’t have anything in particular to say about it. I like the colors in this scene. Blue and orange are complementary colors. Blue and red is a common pairing color wise. I do think it’s a funny detail that the dancers are also shirtless. I like the consistency there.

Look 4

We see this look more towards the end of “Lose” but I’m including it now, so I don’t get confused like I did on my Hyuna “Good Girl” post. Another classic Kpop boy look and I love it. It’s a formula that works well for Wonho. He likes it, I love it.

This is another scene with water. And I think this is the same orange and blue room we saw earlier, but destroyed and darker. Looks like a painting now.

Look 5

Look 5 is my second favorite look in “Lose”. I’m a sucker for bejeweled clothing. I love a good suit. Wonho is wearing a suit covered bejeweled flames in this video is a pairing I didn’t realize I needed in my life until now. What will they come up with next?

I hope he performs this look live.

Look 6

I gasped when I saw this look for the first time. This is my favorite outfit in “Lose”. I haven’t talked much about the accessories Wonho wears throughout the music video. Mostly because it’s smaller items like necklaces or bracelets. You can’t avoid them here, though. The hat and gloves help make this look so impactful.

I love these oddly cut sweaters Wonho’s stylist(s) keep finding for him. We love a big muscly arm moment. Yeah, this scene and look is just perfect.

Look 7

This look is a blink, and you’ll miss it. I like it. I like the rusted acid wash pattern on this denim jacket. More black pants, can’t go wrong with that.

Look 8

Alright, our last look of the video! I love this biker jacket. They really kept Wonho’s wardrobe pretty simple this time for “Lose”. I think “Open Mind” had like 13 different outfits. That was wild. So this time around, it definitely made things easier for me.

I really enjoyed “Lose” and if you haven’t watched it or heard Wonho’s new album, go check it out!! He wasn’t effected by the Kakao M/Spotify spat that’s going on at the moment. I really hope they get that worked out soon.

Okay, so I’m sooooo behind on my reviews. My initial plan is to focus more on posts this week. So there may or may not be a podcast episode up this week. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I hope y’all are doing okay. I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts on Wonho’s comeback in the comments below.

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Wonho Love Synonym Part 2

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