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I feel like I talk a lot about WJSN on here. I’ve done a few music video fashion posts. But for some reason, I thought I had more articles on here talking about my fave WJSN songs. So, awhile back, I decided I wanted to make an article covering my favorite WJSN songs (as of writing). I think I’ll make an update post when there are more songs out I want to add.

For example, I was thinking about adding some songs from Summer Special [Flip That], LOONA’s most recent mini album (also as of writing), but I think I’ll either add to that post in a big update. Or I’ll just make a post that’s titled something like, “10 MORE Of My Fave LOONA Songs” or something like that.

When I came up for the idea for this series, I didn’t really have a plan for new releases from active groups, lol. So we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, let’s get into 10 of my fave WJSN songs.


A classic! I listened to this song and album so much during their debut. I haven’t watched the music video in so long. The nostalgia hit hard. I miss Chinaline. I miss ot13. “MoMoMo” is such a fun and cute debut song.

WJSN has such a unique sound to them. I always said there’s a touch of 8bit video game sound in their music. It’s always been super dancey and upbeat. They didn’t miss at debut, and they still don’t six years later.

Catch Me

So they actually did one of those dual debut things. The first time I watched and experience “Catch Me” I was hooked. I already love the brighter and cute “MoMoMo” and they hit you with a banger like this.

I like the call back to the room they were in for “MoMoMo”. The choreography is so good. The camera moves around so much and there are so many things going on, all at once. To showcase their duality from the jump was such a power move.


“Secret” is the perfect example of 8bit video game music. I still love the pink, peachy color pallet in this music video. And space and magic, love a good space and magic theme.

They used to do some astrology stuff, but they ended up dropping the concept. I wish we could have seen more with that as an astrology loving and following girl.


One of my favorite things about “Happy” beside the songs being a bop, is the cheerleader theme. I remember thinking it was perfect for them, because of how many members there are. It literally is a cheer squad size group, lol.

I love the second half of the video where the girls get divided up between cheer and dodgeball members. Cheng Xiao is the referee, and then you also have some of the girls as paramedics.

I forgot how chaotic their music videos used to be. I’ve had so much fun revisiting these videos. I still listen to the songs a lot, but I haven’t watched the videos in forever.


Oh, this song slappps. It’s a subtle banger. A jam maybe? More than a tune. There’s a bit of a retro sound to it, but I LOVE when WJSN gives us a song to vibe to in the club or silent disco. I remember having mixed feelings about this album as a whole. But I loved “Babyface” from the jump.

I Wish

Still one of my favorite title tracks and music videos from the girls. Again, the pink and pastel colors fit my aesthetic perfectly. I remember I had my Tumblr blog set to this music video for my profile aesthetic.

Like I had Cheng Xiao or the rainbow sky as the main picture and then the rest of my blog was a light pink. I was obsessed with this era. “I Wish” is so damn catchy, too.

“Happy” is an earworm song for sure. But I will just randomly sing out, “tell me whyyy” and do the arm dance. You can help but to dance to this song, idc.

Dreams Come True

I swear I did a review or something on this song. I think I just talked about it a lot with one of my friends. Once you get past the weird filter on “Dreams Comes True” music video, it’s good. I love the “trust, trust in me” part in the choreography.

And when they have levels in the choreo too. I forgot how much I love WJSN’s choreo, wtf. This is another song I’ll randomly get stuck in my head too.

La La Love

I think “La La Love” is my third favorite WJSN title track. “I Wish” and “Secret” being my first and second. The “staaaay” part. Gets stuck in my head too. And of course the “la la la love” parts too.

Such a good song. A bit of a forgetable music video for me. The carnival theme is fine. And they look amazing. I love the sequin group look.


This song ties for my favorite WJSN song. As You Wish is such a goooood album. They put crack in this song. I’d use the Lady Gaga gif again, but I can’t use it in THREE articles in a row, lol. So I’m going to use one of my fave J-Hope gifs to describe me when this song comes on:

Period. If there’s one song you check out after reading this article, it needs to be this one if you want something upbeat to dance to.

Full Moon

Ah, “Full Moon”, the other favorite WJSN song. I had this as a Tumblr username for a bit. This song also full of crack. Deep-fried in crack. It’s a little bit slower pace than “Luckitty-cat”. But you can still bop to it.

The way WJSN just dropped this album and didn’t blow up in Korea is wild to me. Not that they aren’t known at all. They’re just very slept on, which is why I was (and still am) happy they won Queendom this past season. It what they deserve.


YTeen – Do Better

So idk how long you, the reader, have been a Kpoppie, but once upon a time WJSN and Monsta X did a collab. It flopped mostly because of salty stans on both sides. But I loveeeed this song and wished we had more collabs between the two groups. But alas, we can never have anything nice in Kpop for long.

My favorite part in “Do Better” is Jooheon’s, “gorl I’m doin much better than the other boys” part. I love his delivery and the line itself. I love watching everyone dance and have fun. I just had to mention this song here. Idk if I’m gonna ever talk about it in a Monsta X article. I should do a fave Monsta X article too.

I still want a WSJN solo world tour, with an Atlanta stop, of course. While working on this post, I had a reawakening in my love for WJSN. I miss being a stan. I’ve been following them consistently since debut, but I realize I really missed interacting with more of their stuff (vlogs, Vlives, variety shows, etc).

I need to change my ways, get back into the Ujung life. So if you are an Ujung, tell me your fave WJSN videos to watch. Also, tell me your fave songs and member(s).

Cheng Xiao is my favorite member still, but when it comes to members active in the group, I’m not really sure. I had a Dawon phase for a while, and I can’t pass up liking an Exy pic. I love Yeoreum a lot too. It’s so hard to pick, lol.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed this post. Next up is SHINee 1 of 1.

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