They’re finally back!!!!?????

It feels like it’s been decades since fromis_9 had a comeback. FUN FACTORY was released on June 4th of 2019 with “FUN!” as the title track. “FUN!” is my least favorite fromis_9 title track to date. But I did love “LOVE RUMPUMPUM”. But that was that last musical release we got from them. The time has flown by, and I was starting to think we wouldn’t see them on stage again until 2021. 

So on September 1st I was surprised and excited to see a teaser picture for a fromis_9 2020 comeback. And on September 16th My Little Society, fromis_9’s third mini album, was released and I love it. My favorite song besides “Feel Good” is “Weather”.
“Feel Good (Secret Code)” I’ll be referring to it just as “Feel Good” is a back to basics upbeat fromis_9 song. It’s exactly what I wanted from them.
Clothing wise I knew the girls would look cute. Not even 5 seconds into “Feel Good” music video, the girls came out swinging. Which speaking of there’s three looks in the video. Let’s get started with my favorite group look.

Look 1: On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

“Feel Good” and My Little Society came out on a Wednesday, so it works. This group looks is my favorite, and it’s the first group look we see. I think their stylist does too because this look takes up half of the video.

I don’t have a particular member look that I love more than the others. But I love the halter top Seoyeon wears here. It was the first look to grab my attention. It’s so cute and perfect for summer.

Everyone’s outfit is cute and on trend. I keep wondering when the belted shirt/blazer with no pants look will die, but it’s still hanging on. I’m surprised they included some western/cowboy fringe for Hayoung’s outfit. Saerom’s look is a bit retro with her wide leg hounds tooth pants. Also, a fave item here. I’m also here for Gyuri’s knee-high white boots.
The makeup for this look is pretty light and simple. I love a good heavy pink blush look like what the girls have in this scene. Same with the accessories. Jisun’s ribbon in her half up half down hair is cute. I don’t think it really matches her two-piece outfit.
But I still like it. There’s a heavy use of prints and shades of pink and purple in this group look. So maybe Jisun’s ribbon was supposed to complement another member’s look, not her own.
Idk this look just has a lot of my favorite things all blended into one group look; knee-high boots, two piece tops and skirts, wide leg pants, fringe, etc. So of course this was going to be a win for me.

Look 2: Individual Looks

So this group look is basically a group look with non-matching outfits. I also included some solo scenes in here as well because it all goes by so fast. I’ll have another section later for other solo scenes, but this tackles the bulk of it.

My favorite looks here are the monochrome ones like Saerom’s blue look, Chaeyoung’s all red look (the boots are to die for), and Gyuri’s red and black look. I love Nakyung’s kimono/coverup too. The colors remind me of a koi fishpond.

Jiwon’s bouclé jacket and black skirt is super cute. I wish they didn’t include this giant ribbon with her outfit, though. Why couldn’t they include a statement earring instead. They could have easily included a long chain like earring instead to get the point across.

Jiheon’s mini buns here are so cute. I’m okay with her outfit. It’s not as dressy as the others, but it works. It’s her hair here is what catches my eyes. Hayoung’s dress here is really cute too. I’m gonna keep an eye out to see where it’s from.

Jisun’s ruffle dress is cute, but we don’t get too many view of it either. Seoyeon’s orange dress is actually my least favorite of the monochrome looks. I love the heels though. Something’s just off with the dress for me.

Look 3: Black, White, & Denim

Omg this look was the hardest to get screenshots for. I really love this group look. Objectively, this is probably the better themed look between the two included in “Feel Good”. It’s an excellent mix of cool girl but still girly.

The shapes and fabrics in this look makes my eyes wander and want more. I could go into in depth detail of each member’s look here and explain why I like it so much.

But for time I’ll keep it short. I love the Doc Martins, baggy pants, skirts, skorts, gloves, shorts, crop tops, everything works together so well. *chef kiss*

Other Shots I Got

Most of these are solo shots of either the pink group look or their individual look. But I couldn’t exclude them for this post. I didn’t mention it earlier, but there’s a cool film edit they use throughout “Feel Good”.

As a photography nerd, I appreciate the creativity. You can see more details in some of the close up shots like earnings, chokers, and shoes.

Alright, got the shortish review done for “Feel Good”. What’s y’alls take on “Feel Good”? fromis_9 is currently promoting as 8 because Seoyeon has a leg injury.

I hope she gets well soon and next comeback will be ot9 all the way through. If you’ve listened to My Little Society, tell me what your fave song off it is. You can also send me request on there too. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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