This was a strange year musically. It was easier for my to put together my favorite songs versus compiling my favorite albums. I actually had to find another album to add to my list I started back in January.

I feel like this is the first time since I’ve started doing these where that has happened, lol. So I have these in order of most listened to albums.

The ones that I kept going back to listen to, the songs that popped up on shuffle frequently, and the ones I couldn’t stop talking about. Let’s get into it!

20.) JUST B – = (Neun)

I was amazed to put Just B on this list. I was thrilled to finally have a solid start to finish project from them that I could vouch for.

I’ve been keeping my eye on them for a while now, and I’ve felt like there was a lot of potential just waiting to be showcased. And now I’ve got iron clad proof of it.

“Night Stroll” is currently my favorite songs form = (Neun). I haven’t listened to it much since release (the album as a whole) but I think it’ll pop up more next year for me.

19.) Rocket Punch – YELLOW PUNCH

I’d probably have this album up further, if I listened to it more throughout the year. It’s very good, and I still love “Chiquita” and “Red Balloon” the most out of the songs on YELLOW PUNCH. I don’t really have anything additional to add from my February post.

18.) NU’EST – The Best Album ‘Need & Bubble’

This album was my last minute addition, lol. I actually listened to this album a lot this year. I’m kinda cheating with this one, because the songs I’ve been listening to are remasters of old ass songs I’ve been listening to for years already.

There is no difference to me between “Look (a starlight night)” 2022, and “Look (a starlight night)” 2016. It’s the same damn song. Still slaps, but it’s the same song, lol.

And the title track, “Again” isn’t even a song I really listen too much. But it’s not a top 20 if you don’t have 20 items, so here we are. It’s like a free space slot in bingo.

17.) HEIZE – Undo

I did listen to this album a bit after release, but over all I haven’t revisited it much. I’m still in love with the styling in “Undo” and the song itself.

I have listened to “Distance” the most out of my favorite saved songs from Undo. I think I’ll listen to this more going into the new year. It’s super rainy in Georgia during January, and that’s when I want to listen to music like this.

16.) DPR IAN – Moodswings In To Order

I can’t skip this genius album. I listen to “Mood” the most. Or rather, “Mood” pops up the most on shuffle. Idk what that’s about, but I’m good with it. I didn’t listen to this album on repeat, but I really do love and appreciate all the hard work and love that was clearly put into this album.

15.) Moonbyul – 6equence

I feel like so many of these albums that were released in January/February I listened to a lot then just stopped listening to, and haven’t gone back to them again. No particular reason. I do need to bring this album, 6equence, back into rotation. I miss it.

14.) SF9 – The Wave OF9

This album is wonderful. I’m nowhere near a SF9 stan account on here like I used to be, but I loved having an SF9 project that from start to finish, I loved 100%.

“OK OK” and “Scream” are still my most listened to songs. They’re having a comeback in about two weeks and I’m super hyped for it.

13.) Kim Wooseok – DESIRE [Reve]

DESIRE is another album I’ve listened too off and on this year. It’s recently popped back up in my Spotify stuff. “Shame” is officially my favorite song from the album. “Ghostin” is my second fave. Actually, “Switch” I never listen to, lol. My thoughts haven’t changed much on this album, either. Still great.

12.) MIRAE – Ourturn

I’ve been listing off different groups I want to listen to more in 2023, and Mirae is totally on that list. Ourturn is my favorite album to date from them.

“Daydreamin'” was included in my fave songs list of 2022. I’m stocked to see what they’re gonna do next.

11.) BVNDIT – Re-Original

Another group I included in my fave songs post. I’m absolutely devastated that bvndit is no longer active. When the news dropped, I was disappointed. But as more time goes on, the worse I feel about it.

2022 was an incredibly difficult year for girl groups and girl group stans. Groups just got yeeted for no reason, concerts being cancelled, people filing lawsuits and shit. It’s wild out here.

“Don’t Mess With Me” is my favorite song off the album, it’s my most listened to song. “Venom” being my second most listened to. I especially love listening to “Venom” in the car. Or working out. It’s a great workout song. I keep talking about those songs, because they’re my favorite.

“Jiggy” is a fun, upbeat song. The horns stand out the most to me. It feels like it was made to sit at the table to “Venom” but as the less in your face song. “Awaken” has some Latin instruments in it, and it just sounds different from the rest of the album greatly.

Re-Original is just full of songs to dance to and have fun. No slow songs, just bops. They made this for people like me, lol.

I was going to include Re-Original on this list, but it sucks this is their last release. All the members have terminated their contracts with MNH (high key hope Chungha leaves them as well), but I hope wherever they end up next, they’re successful.

10.) fromis_9 – Midnight Guess

Man, I love this album so much. And yet, I still feel like I didn’t listen to it enough, lol. We love it when the girls make an album, you can press play, and walk away and leave it. I’ve said this numerous times about fromis_9, but they just don’t miss. Even when they release something I think is okay, it still slaps.

“Hush Hush” and “DM” are still my top two songs from Midnight Guest. I really just recommend putting it on and doing chores and just have a good time with it. You won’t regret it.

9.) Minho – CHASE

Ecstatic scratches the surface to how I felt when Minho’s solo was officially announced. I think I’ve been asking for this for a year consistently, lol. Releasing it around his birthday, just makes the most sense.

Not only is my favorite Minho solo song, “Heartbreak” the album ender, we got a FOOKIN SONG with GEMINI, who I’ve been putting on my fave monthly releases for most of 2022. “Runaway” was crafted with me in mind!! It also happens to be the only song Minho has lyric credits on. And of course LDN Noise has arrangement credits on it.

My second favorite song on CHASE. A similar vibe to “Heartbreak”, “Runaway” is like a sister song in tempo and heavy R&B aspects. I mean, the entire album relies heavily on R&B, perfect for me, and is midtempo, also perfect for me.

“Waterfall” with Lim Kim is probably my third favorite song. I’ve been listening to it a ton. I was shocked to see Cha Cha Malone has credits on “Waterfall”, I feel like I haven’t seen him on a track in a minute. It’s probably me just not checking and catching it, lol.

The title “Chase” is dramatic with its heavy bassline and synth, loveee a good bassline and synth moment. Mr. Minho just fookin knocked it out of the park with this release. Everything I want in an R&B Kpop album.


I’ve been talking nonstop about “RUN2U” and “Butterfly”, my two favorite songs from the phenomenal album that is YOUNG-LUV.COM. I think “I Want U Baby” is my third fave song from this album. I’ve done an entire blog post on this album, you can check that out here.

But I love love LOVE this album, and I’m seriously considering Tier Maker for my favorite albums next year, ranking it my 7th fave isn’t enough, I gotta put it in S tier.

7.) Apink – Horn

Another group I’ve been talking about alll year. This time we’re gonna put “Nothing” on here. I love the song so much. It’s probably my third most listened to song from Horn. It’s so nice being back in my Pink Panda era.

Apink have just released banger, after banger, after banger. I need to know what’s in the water over there. And maybe certain groups can go there and drink some of it, lol.

They are those girls and they continue to be. Can’t wait for more.

6.) VIVIZ – Beam Of Prism

LOL, I can’t stop talking about how great VIVIZ is. I’ve also done a full review on this album already. I was tempted to put Summer Vibe on here too, but I stopped myself. Let’s say that’s album 21. I think we’re due for another album from the girlies.

5.) DKB – Autumn

I’ve said already how this album has altered my perception of DKB for the better. I already liked them, but this really made me take them more seriously. They’re higher up on my boygroups I could replace in my stan list when someone falls off list, lol.

This is my favorite album of theirs to date. I can’t decide if “Autumn” or “24/7” is my favorite song from this album, but “Peep My Show” is definitely my third fave off the album. Another album I gotta get the physical of next Kpop store visit.

4.) OnlyOneOf – Instinct,Pt.2

If “skinz” wasn’t on here, this album would be in my top 3 albums of the year, lmao. Literally ignoring that damn song, Instinct, Pt.2 is flawless.

I’m claiming it now, 2023 OOO will be in my top artist on my Spotify Wrapped next year. I feel like there’s gonna be tons of new music from them. They’re gonna be booked and busy.

3.) SEVENTEEN – Face The Sun

Now, why isn’t there an official audio version of “Shadow”? HYBE, get your shit together 🙄. LOL anyway, it was difficult to decide where I was gonna place these last 3 albums. I’d recommend all of them equally my favorite album of the year, because they all have similar traits that are just green flags for me.

I won’t blab as much about my love for Face The Sun since I’ve basically had done that in two articles already. Long story short, not only did this album slowly grow into a regularly listened to album, it also brought me back into Carat life.

I reaaaally missed being an active Carat. And! They’ve announced season 2 of Seventeen in the Soop. I gotta finish season 1 😅.

2.) CIX – ‘OK’ Episode 1: OK Not

I was gonna link the official audio, but… Hyunsuk thumbnail? I can’t pass that up. I like these songs that sound a little bit folk, with the strings. I’ve talked about my love of CIX and ‘OK’ Episode 1: OK Not a countless amount now for the last two days, lol. So I’ll keep this short as well.

CIX is at their best for me, when they stick to the basics, which they usually do. Things like heavy R&B influence and midtempo pacing. Slight experimentation like they did with “Jungle”, but nothing too tropical house/Kygo sounding stuff, “Wave” is the most I can take with that sound, lol.

Basically I want the same, but slightly different, and CIX is great at doing that for me. OK’ Episode 1: OK Not is a return to the norm for the better and I love it.

1.) Jiselle – Therapy Session

And we’ve reached number 1!!! Miss Jiselle had my jammin to Therapy Session pretty much all year. The most I could go without listening to one of the songs from the album was maybe 3 days, lol.

It’s just so fantastic. Another album where you press play and walk away. You can exercise to it, clean, journal, knit, drive, whatever. There’s never a bad time to listen to it.

I’m gonna be on the stan Jiselle train until the wheels fall off. I love her music soooo much, and I want everyone to listen to it. I need her to get more recognition, so she can go on tour and I can see her perform these songs live, lol.

Another post down! I was so stressed about this one. I had no idea how I was going to rank these albums until about an hour before I sat down to write this article. I even revised it a few times while creating it.

What were y’alls favorite Kpop albums of the year? Let me know in the comments. We’ve got one more post of 2022, the wishlist! I also don’t know what I’m going to put on there, either. I’m torn between keeping my expectations low and reaching for the stars with my list, lol.

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Until next post!

Ash 🎧

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